Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Avantika asking PaYa regarding Dadi and Adi offering to talk to Dadi for Avantika but Avantika says she will do it herself.

Avantika calls Dadi and calls her Maa, Dadi is visibly pleased and says she is hearing this Maa word after ages, they both exchange pleasantries and Avantika says Dadi to say anything if she needs there at Allahabad where she went on the occasion of Kumbh Mela

Dadi assures Avantika that she is well and says if there arises any need or if she face problems, she will let Avantika know and then call ends, PaYa looks happily from the side, now Vedika comes down with Preeti, and Preeti and others waves Vedika goodbye, Adi says if he can send her off to airport in his car but Vedika says she will take a taxi and goes off.


the Diwan Mansion, Pankuri accosts Geeta and asks her regarding her talks with Preeti. Geeta says she made her insecurities clear to Preeti and she is now fearing of losing Kailash and so has asked Preeti to stay away from Kailash, as at this age, she has no options to go elsewhere, Pankuri feels bad but then says nothing

At Kullu, Kailash approaches Dibakar Bhaisaab and asks his permission to meet Dada Ji (his father) once and allow him to seek mercy from him. Govardhan comes up and taunts him but Dibakar finally allows him in and hugs him.

Later, Kailash asks pardon for his misdeeds Dada Ji says in all these years he never thought of meeting them even once, and Dada Ji missed him and sometimes got angry with him as well but finally he is happy now that the misunderstandings have been sorted out, and asks him to stay here.

Kailash says he has based his business in Chandigarh and won’t be able to return to the house, but Dada Ji still requests him to come often here with his wife Vedika.

Kailash tries calling Vedika but doesn’t get up to her, and she is quite unreachable

Pushkar has a hearty chat with Kailash and Dibakar joins them too. Govardhan comes up and tries to talk with Dibakar regarding the land deed of Kailash and how they were thinking of selling them off but Dibakar quickly hushes him up and says he is not in a mood to discuss all these at this point of time

Pankuri was talking to her Mom when Avantika comes up and shows willingness to talk with Ambika, Pankuri gives the phone, and Ambika thanks Avantika for finally accepting Pankuri as her Bahu and they exchanges pleasantries and the conversation ends on a sweet note.

PaYa talks about Kailash-Preeti’s affairs, Adi states that Kailash-Vedika are not in love and so they shouldn’t let Preeti go away from Kailash’s life, in fact they should try to bring together the lives of Kailash-Preeti. Pankuri says it is quite okay for Vedika to get insecure as she will be left all alone to fend for herself and any lady would have done the same thing to retain her husband, but Adi says it is not the time to think with reason and says they should think about the fact that though Kailash-Vedika are together but still they aren’t in love, and Kailash only cares for Vedika but actually he still loves preeti and so they should unite the two

Pankuri asks Adi to think from Vedika’s prospective and asks him to take himself as Kailash and think Pankuri as Vedika and then decide the issue.

Episode ends.

precap–> PaYa was about to talk with Preeti when Kailash’s call comes, Preeti is in two minds whether to receive the call or not, and PaYa watches intently

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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