Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nani’s Barsi…
It was shown that Adi was on his way to Diwan mansion…
Rubel was restless to see Adi coming in..
Ar harish’s house.. Avantika complains because harish was too slow in getting ready.
Shanky comes and they too leave for Diwan mansion.
Sheila asks anuj to call up avantika and ask when she is going to come.
Anuj calls her…and later tells Sheila that they are on their way…
Kaira Cries looking at Nani’s photo and leaves without having prasad. And a Sasuji-Bahu rani part was shown ( LOL the best MIL-DIL relationship )
Rubel refuese to take prasad from Pankudi and shouts at her….And asks Sheila Why Avantika and Adi wr still absent …
Just then Adi Enters and Nanaji calls him… Pankudi hears nanaji calling him and she hides…
Adi tells the reason for his arrival and sheila stops him asking him to come inside making Nani’s Barsi an excuse.. Pankudi gets worried… But Adi asks mami to give him Prasad there and still refuses to get inside the house
Finally after a lot of pleading from Sheila…he gets in gives respect to Nani Adi gets the signature from Rubel.. and when he was about to leave..he sees 2 missed calls of Pankudi on his phone and calls her back…. just then panku’s phone started ringing
He was suprised to here Pankudi’s phone ring tone and stops…..
before adi could react…Kaira comes ..and they both have a sweet time
Avantika harish and Shanky were performing nani’s Barsi in Harish’s house….! (LOL Again Theire plan flopped)
Harish questions avantika why she said yes to anuj when she was actually not going… avantika says she does not trust anuj…
Again scene shiftto Adi and Kaira…both were talking out side the house…. remembering the childhood memories and all…. Adi plans to take her somewhere..and they both leave ..

Sheila pretends to work and praises shanky so that Pankudi will here. Pankudi comes and takes the vacuum cleaner from her and starts cleaning…. just then anuj comes with mud under his shoe ..he says sorry and … (poor Panku again had to clean)
At the very moment Avantika calls Pankudi… And tells her that she wanted to share somthing wid her… She tells her that she performed Nani’s barsi in her house.. Sheila hears his and she was making faces ( arrrghh )… avantika asks what noise was coming from background…
(Vacuum cleaner was on) …
pankudi gets worried… A=But tells her the truth that she was cleaning… Avantika doesnt mind at all and disconnects the call..
Preeti and Nanaji talks..( preeti gets to know that shanky doesnot stay in DM anymore)
Later it was shown that Sheila and Rubel were making plans against pankudi

Precap : Adi tells Pankudi that he knows Pankudi went to Diwan mansion. Pankudi was shocked. (Avantika was present too)

Update Credit to: Nia

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