Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Payal saying I m the bahu but everyone gets the importance. Nani’s friends hav to leave the outhouse.Nilofer asks the daughters not to go on terrace. Sheela comes there with food. Ayesha turns and gets tensed. Sheela says I m the bahu and owner of the house, I brought food for you. Ayesha wears the veil soon. The power also goes. Sheela says power does not go much, sit lets talk. Payal turns of the lights to trouble them. Payal comes there. Nilofer tells about her daughters. Sheela asks why is she wearing burqa in darkness. Nilofer says she does Parda. Sheela says in house? Ruksaar says sometimes in sleep too.

Sheela says she talks less. Ayesha says let the matter end, then I will say. Payal asks when will you leave. Nilofer says we are going Dubai soon. Sheela says maybe the power went from our house.Ruksaar says Ayesha can check the fuse box as she knows all electricity works. Ayesha checks the box and the power comes. Payal comes to see Ayesha. Ayesha leaves. Avantika waits for Adi and says I decided I will also go back with him, don’t know how he manages alone. Harish says you are saying this.

He says I don’t think you will need to go alone, as Adi will not go back. She asks why. He says I will fight with him. She says how can you do this. He wants our support, he is our child. He says yes, I know but we need to bring him on right path. She says I will do what I want. Nilofer has dinner and talks about Sheela and Payal. Nani comes there and says I came to see are you all fine.

Nilofer says we are trying. Nafisa tells about Ayesha. Nani sees them fighting. Nani says Adi can come anytime now, so be careful. She leaves. Nani calls Harish and asks his plan. She says Adi will be coming. Harish says I think we should train Ayesha soon. Avantika comes and he gets shocked. Harish lies and she leaves. Ayesha sits outside at night. Ayesha sees Adi coming and thinks he is a thief. She says I will not do him steal anything.

Adi enters the house and brings a dog. Everyone come out and see whose is it. Rubel says it must be Adi and his dog Gabbar. Nani gets worried. Ayesha hides and comes to know its Adi. Anuj hugs Adi. Nani hugs Adi and cries. She says you always surprise us. Sheela says now I won’t let you go anywhere. Adi says I will go again, but won’t go when I get Pankhudi. Rubel says he should have been in mountains, why did he come.

Adi says I know you are managing everything alone. Rubel says ask him to be quiet else I will slap him. Adi says so slap me. Rubel hugs Adi. Adi says I felt I saw Pankhudi. Rubel says its Nani’s guests. Nani asks Payal to meet Adi. Payal says good you are back. She says Rubel does not have time for me. Adi comes to his room and thinks about Pankhudi. Dooriyon se hui……………….plays……………

Adi calls Gabbar and Ayesha is mistaken that he is calling her. She scolds her for teasing him. Adi is shocked hearing Pankhudi’s voice.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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