Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pankhudi going for Adi to the chamber office. Sameer gets movie tickets in Preeti’s bag and is shocked. Pankhudi’s mum misses Pankhudi and thinks shall we call her here to stay for some days. Vikram comes to meet Avantika. He says sorry I came with Adi here. Avantika says you want to humiliate me infront of Adi right. Vikram says I felt you have set priorities but now I feel …… Avantika says what? She says you want to say you will trouble Kaira right, you are a sick man. Kaira will be happy always, so I will give you the letter. Vikram smiles. Sheela says Kaira did not call us till now. She worries for Kaira.

Anuj says now she is Varun’s responsibility, now we don’t have to worry, and trust Varun, only then she will be happy. Vikram tells

Avantika that I love this chair, and then I met you, then this chair became valuable to me. Avantika signs on the letter. Adi says I will wait outside. Vikram asks him to stay. Vikram also signs on the papers. Avantika says I have given you this chair, but my eyes will be on you. She says I won’t let you misuse this chair. She leaves with Adi. Vikram says my foot and gets angry.

Adi and Avantika come out. Adi asks how did you decide suddenly. Pankhudi comes there. Adi asks her what is she doing there. She says I followed you. Adi gets annoyed. Avantika says you must understand, he might have any business related problem, go home. Pankhudi sees Vikram there and leaves. Sameer comes back home and says he gave the interview well. He says I can’t let things go out of control. He thinks about the tickets. He says I need this job, if I get it, then Preeti will leave her job. His dad asks whats the matter. Sameer says nothing and leaves.

Adi asks Avantika to come out. Avantika says we got into an argument about Kaira’s future. Harish convinced her saying what can Vikram do. He advised her to act smart and fool him. She says she did this to protect her family as they need time to handle him. Harish says the logic is we need to make Vikram that he is winning. We need to be careful and watch out his mistakes. Adi says we will win. Avantika says yes sure, we have to protect Kaira from Vikram. Adi says he won’t hurt her.

Pankhudi’s mum asks Bau ji to call Pankhudi in summer. Mama says yes, we always go there, she should also come. Bau ji says fine, I will talk to Nani. Avantika says I think we should talk to Pankhudi and tell her everything. Adi says we should sort out Preeti’s life first. Harish says why does she not leave this job. Adi says we should read her job contract once. Pankhudi is thinking. Sheela asks what happened. Sheela asks her to share everything with her and maybe she will help her. She says make a spy follow Adi and then we will know about his affair.

Pankhudi is silent. Sheela says think about it. Preeti comes home early and says lets go for movie, book tickets. He asks which movie, will you watch it again. He says don’t lie. She asks what is it. He shows her the movie tickets which he found in her bag. Preeti is shocked and says I did not go to watch any movie, trust me, are you doubting on me. Preeti gets a call from Avantika. Sheela asks Nani to sit with everyone and have a chat with her. Nani scolds her. Rubel comes and argues with her. Pankhudi calms down Rubel. She asks him to talk to Nani with respect. Nani leaves annoyed.

Rubel gets angry and says it will be good if we ask her to leave from here. Sheela thanks the Lord that her son supported her. Adi and Avantika tell Preeti and Sameer that Vikram is creating a problem in between them. Sameer says it means someone kept the movie tickets in her bag, I m sorry Preeti. Preeti says no need, I m angry on Vikram, he needs a slap. Adi says he is very smart, we have to be smart to deal with him. Avantika says Vikram made the contract smartly, if she resigns, she has to give penalty. Adi checks the papers and says I found something. Everyone look at him.

Rubel asks Adi about Rs. 25 crores. Adi lies to him and gets angry.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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