Pyaar ka Afsana ~~ Qubool Hai – (Episode 8)

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Hey guys, Iam Sorry for updating the episode late . I was busy with some other works , thus I couldn’t update the episode. Here is the 8th episode. A new character is added to the story.Hope you enjoy the episode. Please do give your suggestions and opinions in the comments .

Episode 8:-

A life changing turn for Sanam!

Same Night , Dilshad‘ s home, Punjab

Dilshad is in her room. She is thinking about what Seher told her. Dilshad- “ I know Sanam has sacrificed her dreams for the family. Iam happy if she choose her dream but I can’t let her go to Bhopal. That city is where I lost my children and my whole happiness “. Dilshad remembers seeing Tanveer killing Zoya and Asad  and seeing Najma dead.

Tears roll down from Dilshad’s eyes. Dilshad looks at the photo ( Dilshad with Asad , Zoya and Najma). Dilshad – “ I don’t know what to do ? Should I let her go to Bhopal? But how will I send her alone? Sanam has never gone out from Punjab alone”.

Next day ,morning , Punjab.

Sanam is cooking in their kitchen. Dilshad goes to her. Sanam see her and ask – “ Badi Ammi , Do want something?” . Dilshad – “ No dear. I need to talk you”. Sanam – “ Ok. Tell me “. Dilshad- “ Not here , let’s sit and talk “. Sanam – “ Ok, one minute. Let me off the stove “. Sanam switch off the stove . They sit on the chairs facing each other. Dilshad- “ What is your plan now? “ Sanam- “ About What ? “. Dilshad- “ About your life.. “ . Sanam – “ I hope you are not talking about marriage stuffs”. Dilshad – “ Yes, Iam not about your marriage but your job “. Sanam- “ I have talked to some money lenders. Once I get some money , I will restart our Dhabba. Don’t worry about it “. Dilshad – “ Ok. We have to start again from first. But will it make any change . Sanam, will you be able to reach your dreams by that ? “. Sanam – “ I know , it will take time but Iam confident that it will help us “. Dilshad – “ I know you can do it. But I think Seher is right . You should go to Bhopal and try your luck there. You should try to get that job in that big restaurant “.

Sanam gets surprised hearing this from her Badi Ammi. Whenever Seher use to say that they should go back to Bhopal , Dilshad use to say that Bhopal isn’t meant for us. Dilshad has grudge against the city as it took away all their happiness. Dilshad never disclosed the fact that their parents were murdered by their enemy . Dilshad told three of them that their parents died in an accident .

Sanam – “ What happened to you ? You are asking me to go to Bhopal . This is really shocking me. But won’t I go anywhere leaving you all here”. Dilshad gently hold her hand and looks Sanam . Dilshad- “ I don’t want you sacrifice your dreams anymore because of the family responsibilities. You have done a lot”. Sanam gets emotional and she holds Dilshad hand . Sanam- “ Badi Ammi, it wasn’t sacrifices. I did it with happiness, It was just my choice. I don’t regret it. Iam happy when I see you all happy. My family is my greatest wealth”.  Dilshad smiles and  says – “ I know. But it’s high time for you to do something that can help you fulfill your dreams. Until and unless we get out of  our comfort zone , we won’t grow in our life. I want you to try something beneficial “. Sanam – “ Badi Ammi, But .., “

Dilshad knows what Sanam is about to say. Since she has bought her up . Dilshad knows that Sanam won’t back off from her responsibilities and can’t stay away from the family. Even though Sanam is tough from outside she has soft heart. Dilshad knows how to make Sanam understand.

Dilshad – “ Sanam, I know that you can’t stay away from us. Thus I have decided that we will accompany you to Bhopal. So that we all can stay together”.

Sanam gets surprised by her words. As she never expected her Badi Ammi to say that .

Sanam – “ Really?”  Dilshad nods ‘yes’.  Dilshad – “ Its been years , when I came here with you all. But we can migrate back to Bhopal “. Sanam – “ But , How can we go back to Bhopal so fast? We need a house, other arrangements to live. Firstly , I should get that job. He asked me to participate in the test. There is no guarantee that I will get the job for sure”.

Then Seher comes to them hearing their conversation. Seher says – “ Sanam  is absolutely right. It’s not easy to find everything easily in Bhopal. There is another problem too. We can’t leave Punjab so easily. My certificate will come in this address, what about the rent we have given to the house owner? Badi Ammi, you and Haya have took some order for Dupattas and stitching some dress”. Sanam – “She is absolutely, right”. Seher – “ But wait there is another option “. Dilshad – “ What ? “  Seher – “ Sanam can go to Bhopal alone “. Dilshad – “ How will she go alone ?” Seher – “ She isn’t a baby. She can do that . Sanam ,you don’t worry about us . I will take of everything “. Sanam – “ That is my only concern . You don’t know to handle yourself well . Then how will take of the family “.

Seher looks her angrily as Sanam teased her . Seher – “ Sanam, you are really a ‘Akudu’. You think that only you are the only responsible in the world. Even Iam responsible, but you never gave me an opportunity to prove that “. Dilshad – “ You both are tough to handle. Why do fight always?” Seher – “ Sanam , the Ms.Perfectionist is at fault now  “.  Sanam – “ By the way, basically ‘the ‘ and ‘Ms. ‘ aren’t used together”. Seher – “ See her, she is busy finding faults. And Iam finding solutions for her problem”. Sanam- “I just corrected you because I don’t want you to get embarrassed infront anyone else “. Dilshad – “ Ok fine , Seher tell me what is your solution “. Seher – “ I talked to Safeena , she has a friend in Bhopal. Her name is Afeeza . Afeeza is living alone in a rented house there and she is ready to accommodate Sanam for few days. So her accommodation is ok. Once she get the job , we can migrate too. I will try to get a job there too. Things are sorted “. Sanam is impressed.

Dilshad – “ I didn’t  gave my nod on Sanam going to Bhopal. Then in what hope,  you did these arrangements in this less time? “. Seher –  “ Because I knew that you would agree to this . So I thought it will be good if arrangements are done before “. Dilshad- “ Smart! Now tell me Sanam , is she not responsible ? “ Sanam looks and says – “ Actually, she surprised me . I didn’t expected that Seher will do something smart. Nice “.   Dilshad- “ You can appreciate her well”.  Seher – “ Leave it , Badi Ammi . I have shyari on this – ‘Un se kya bade tareef ke umeed kare, Un se kya bade tareef ke umeed kare,Jo kheer banane waqt bhi ginn ke kismis daalti ho’ ( How can we expect better appreciation from someone who add dry grapes in sweet dishes after calculating it well ) “. Dilshad ( with smile ) – “ Wah ! Wah! “ . Seher ( with smile ) – “Shukriya , Shukriya !”.  Sanam smiles .

Aahil’s  office, Bhopal .

Aahil is doing some work. Rehaan is also there . Aahil and Rehaan is talking about  a deal. Then Aahil gets call from a girl. Aahil- “ Hey , Elina”.  Elina – “ Are you free tonight? My parents have come and they want to meet you “.  Aahil – “ Why ?” Elina – “ I told them that you are the love of my life and I wish to marry “. Aahil – “ What ?Love ? Marriage? Elina Iam not free tonight . Hello .. I can’t hear you .. hello.. “.  Rehaan – “ What happened Aahil Bhai ? Is any network issue?” Aahil- “ No, I had issue with Elina’s proposal. I just don’t get it, she is telling me that she loves me and want to marry… Seriously is she out her mind ?” Rehaan – “ Congratulations Aahil Bhai”. Aahil – “ Rehaan! Too funny”. Rehaan smiles. Aahil – “ Love , Marriage and all isn’t my cup of tea !”. Rehaan – “ Why are you getting too uncomfortable when it comes to commitment?” Aahil- “ I don’t want anyone too attached to like that . By the way, I just does healthy flirting and I just hang out with them . I haven’t cheated anyone , I always make it clear that Iam not interested in any commitments . Then why everyone is getting ready to marry me ?“.  Rehaan – “ Maybe they are liking your open mind nature”. Aahil- “ It’s nothing like that, by this time  I haven’t seen anyone who is serious about me by so called “ Love” . It’s just time pass for them too and they just give a shot by proposing for marriage. If gone it’s just a word , If their works strikes they can be Choti Begum of Bhopal “. Rehaan- “ Anyway , Iam not that expert in girls matter. But Iam surprised that you search for someone who loves you in every girl you meet . Not Bad”. Aahil gives look to Rehaan. Aahil – “ You are too cunning, Rehaan. I spoked many other thing you focused on this . I just spoke randomly. That doesn’t mean that I am searching for a true love”. Rehaan smiles and say – “ I didn’t mean that .. but if you want to take it like that then ..  “ . Aahil gets irritated. Aahil – “ I think we should stop talking about this  and as we are getting diverted from our work . One thing , If she calls you . Tell her that Iam out of town “. Rehaan agrees.

Night , Dilshad house , Punjab.

Sanam is standing near the window. Seher comes there while looking in her mobile phone and says – “ Sanam , I booked your ticket for Bhopal. It’s on two days after”. Haya is sitting on the bed sadly looking at Sanam. Sanam turns and say ( in a lower tone ) – “ You are in a hurry to send me away , Ha!!” Seher feels strange hearing it from Sanam. She notices her changed tone. Seher see Haya sitting sad . Seher keeps her phone on the table and walks towards Sanam. Seher keeps hands on Sanam’s shoulders. Seher – “ What happened? “ Sanam – “ I don’t know. Iam still not ready to go away from you all “. Seher – “ Chill, yaar. Don’t worry we will take of ourselves. You should take of yourself “. Sanam – “ I will miss fighting with you”. Seher looks on. Seher – “ Only fights !!” Sanam hugs her emotionally. Haya looks them. Sanam signs her to join. Haya comes and hug them. Sanam – “ I will miss everything, afterall my family is my life “. Seher – “ We will miss you too. As soon as possible we will get back together “.

Dilshad comes to the room and see this . She gets emotional. Dilshad ( in mind ) – “ I hope they love each other and be for each other always “.

They stand properly. Sanam see tears in Haya’s cheeks and she wipe it. Then they see Dilshad looking them happily. Dilshad speaks- “ No one cares about me. You all became big and doesn’t want to give me a hug”. They go towards Dilshad and hug her. Seher – “Mood became so sad .. sad .. Let’s make it better”. She takes her phone and play ‘Zindagii mileke banayege ‘ . Seher makes Dilshad dance with her, Haya makes Sanam to dance. They have a happy family moment.

After two days, Railway Station, Punjab .

Sanam is going to Bhopal.  Seher, Haya and Dilshad is there to see off her.  Sanam is having a luggage bag and hand bag. Dilshad – “ Be careful, take care of yourself “. Sanam – “ Ok , Badi Ammi. Don’t forget to have your medicines on time. Seher and Haya , take of Badi Ammi and yourself too.  Seher , don’t be impulsive and get into any problem.  Try to get vegetables from Hassan bhai. He will give in reasonable prices. Don’t forget to pay for electricity. If not payed on time they cut off the line . And .. “ . Seher – “ Sanam , I know everything. I have noted everything. I will check that . If you continue talking like this train will go “. Haya ask her to take care through signs . Dilshad- “ Sanam , please try to be calm. Control your anger. You are going to a place you don’t much apart from what I said. Call us daily”. Sanam nods. Seher – “ Its time now get in”. Sanam gets inside and stands near the door. Seher – “ I will miss you . All the best! ”. Sanam – “ Thank you. I will miss you all “. Train starts to move. Seher shouts – “ Afeeza will wait for you in the Bhopal station . Just call her once you reach there”. Sanam wave hands to them and they do it too. Dilshad is feeling unease but she doesn’t show it off until train is left.

Dilshad faints . Haya hold her. Seher calls her out. They take her to a nearby clinic. Doctor says that it is due low BP level. They take Dilshad to their home.

Seher says – “ You won’t do anything for now. Badi Ammi , be a good girl and take rest. Sanam has given me the responsibility “. Seher makes Dilshad lay on the bed. Dilshad – “ Iam ok , Seher. It’s just a silly thing”. Haya ( through signs) – “ It can be a silly thing for you but not for us. We don’t want to take any risk in your case”. Seher – “ She is absolutely right. Sanam has called me two times. I told her that you are Ok. Otherwise she will get worried. If you love us you should take rest”.

Next afternoon, Bhopal railway station.

Sanam reaches Bhopal . She looks out from the window as the train is approaching the station. She is curious as it was years ago she visited Bhopal. Train stops at station. She takes out her luggage and get down. Sanam looks around. Sanam takes out her phone and call Afeeza . Sanam (on call ) – “ I reached . Iam walking towards the exit area “. She comes out .  Sanam looks around again.  Sanam – “ This city is so big “. A girl see her and calls out. Girl – “ Sanam ?” Sanam turns towards her. The girl wave her hands. Sanam goes to her . Sanam – “ Afeeza ? Safeena’s friend ?” The girl nods ‘yes’. Sanam – “ Nice meeting you. Are you waiting here for long ? “ Afeeza- “ No , I got in traffic. I was worried that I will be late. Anyway, I could reach on time. Let’s go “. Sanam nods.Afeeza offers her help to take her bag but Sanam refuses. Afeeza looks for auto. Sanam ( in mind) – “ Iam starting a new journey from your place Ammi- Abbu. Please give me strength to face every challenges with confidence. I wish I could get back the lost happiness of our family from here again. Please Allah , Meri yeh dua Qubool karna (Accept my wish) “.

Precap :- Sanam goes to meet Ansari to his restaurant. She shows the card to watchman. She waits. Then Aahil’s car enters the premise passing her .

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  1. Hey Adhu. I read all the previous episodes of this ff and I must say they are really good. I haven’t watched the show though I read its story on wikipedia.
    Keep updating soon

    1. Adhu

      Thank you so much for the comment dear.😊. I will update soon.

  2. Jasminerahul

    loved dilshad telling sanam to go to Bhopal to pursue her dreams.I loved sanam saying that it wasn’t her sacrifice but she did it with happiness.I liked dilshad deciding that they all can accompany sanam.sad that it didn’t work out.hope sanam will have a comfortable life in afeeza’s house.omg elina wants to marry aahil. aahil asking that though he made it clear to all the girls that he is not interested in marriage still why they want to marry him was hilarious

  3. Adhu

    Thank you for the comment dear.
    Spoiler:- Dilshad and other sisters will come after some episodes for sure. And about Sanam’s life in Bhopal will be different from Punjab . Afeeza will be an important person in Sanam’s Bhopal life.

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