Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa (Part-3 and 4)

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Railway station..

Pragya : ( scream at peak of her voice ) ABHI…

due to her voice his fake hairs fly way & his googles fall down revealing who he is to all people

Girl : ( scream) OMG ABHI.. She fall unconscious..

Hearing her scream abhi leave pragya & she fall on floor..

Pragya : ouch.. Abhi.. Idiot..

Abhi ignore her & start waving at his fans & giving flying kisses..

Now all people recognise him before some crazy girls could approach him.. He drag pragya & both run away from there & stop only once they’re inside the car

Hotel room

Madhu angrily walk out of the room.. Rk follow her..

RK : Madhu.. Madhu..

She doesn’t stop & opens the car door but rk shut it pinning her to the car..

RK : Mandir mein bhagwan ko aur mandir ke bahar RK ko peet dikha kar koyi Nahi jaata ( no one walks out showing their back to RK)

Tears roll down her eyes.. Rk gets confused.. He leave her thinking he might have hurt her hand but her tears don’t stop.

RK : tum iss duniya ki akeli paheli ho Jo RK ki samjh se bahaar hai.. Arre ab toh hass do mein the RK apni khud ki burayi kar raha hoon.. ( you’re the only puzzle which RK couldn’t understand.. Oh come on at least smile now.. The RK is criticising himself..)

She sit in a car ignoring him & drive off


Sanskar : tell me princess.. Is it wise to run away from house

Both gaayu & swara realise that he got to know

Gaayu : huh.. Woh..

Sanskar : yes or no princess just one word

Swara : sanskar..

Sanskar : ( interrupt) I’m talking to my princess

Swara : I’ll explain please listen..

Sanskar : if you wanted to then you might have done that long before swara not now.. So let gaayu speak ( to gaayu) yes tell me is it fair

Gaayu : No..

Sanskar : so they realise their mistake now

Gaayu : yes..

Sanskar : what do you think they should do now

Gaayu : call their home & apologise

Sanskar : right.. My princess is smart.. So here’s my phone..

Gaayu look at swara.. Swara take the phone & call Aryan..

Aryan : bolo Sanskar

Swara : bhaiyya..

He cut the call..

Kundra mansion

Madhu : Kushi..! Stop running & drink it otherwise I’ll tell uncle

Kushi : who..? Hitler..!? He’s in pune you can only meet him tomorrow.. ( she hang her tongue out teasing madhu & run out only to collide on Arnav)

Arnav : Not Again..! Kushi stop acting like a kid..

Before kushi could speak madhu come to her & hold her ears..

Madhu : ( angrily) Kushi.. I’m warning you for the last time.. Drink it don’t mess with me more..

Kushi : I’m just back from long journey & upon that you’re giving me milk & now even scolding me not fair naa..

Before madhu could shout Arnav take the glass from her & make Kushi drink now she can’t deny him..

Rk come home..

RK : oh so you rushed from there to do this baby sitting

Madhu frown & turn her face looking into some files..

RK : arre I’m talking to you..

No response..

RK : Bigboss ki aadesh hai ki madhu apne sooje hue muh ki soojan kam kare aur RK se baat kare ( it’s bigboss order that madhu should stop frowning & talk to RK )

Kushi : but bhaiyya hitler toh pune mein hai.. Unhone kaise order de diya.. ( but Hitler is in pine how can he give orders)

RK : Me.. I’m bigboss here

Madhu : he’s not Hitler & you’re not bigboss.. & Arnav you stop staring your phone & support me here

Arnav : well she’s right uncle is not Hitler but ring master

Madhu : & all of you’re spoilt monkeys without any brain.. & why am I even talking to you.. You are disgusting RK.. you.. Huh.. ( she grit her teeth in frustration )

RK : why are you acting like my biwi or as if you’re my to be biwi.. Relax

Madhu : do you have any idea how worried maa is for you.. Har roz dua mangti hai tumhare liye unke liye toh sudhar jaav ( she pray everyday for you at least get wiser for her)

RK : Na kisi ki dua hume qubool na kisi ki baddua manzoor , RK apni marzi se jeete hai aur apni adaa se marenge

He gets a hit on his head..

RK : Maa.. It was just a dialogue.. Why do..

Rk’s mom ( nandiniji ) : how many times I’ve told you not to talk all this rubbish…

Kushi madhu & nandiniji start lecturing him..

Pragya : Surprise surprise..


Sanskar : you try once princess

Now gaayu call him..

Gaayu : hello papa..

He again cut the call.. She make sad face

Sanskar : oh don’t feel bad we will console him together ok now you continue watching the movie baby… Ok..

Gaayu leave & sanskar drag swara to other room

Swara : I’m sorry

Sanskar : this is the limit swara.. How can you just run away living note without giving him any address nothing that too for a week.. You’ve switched off your phone & didn’t even respond to his mails.. Are you out of your mind..

Swara : sorry

Sanskar : Sorry won’t mend anything.. You took 5 year kid with you all alone here.. How irresponsible.. Thank God I saw his mails & informed everything. Do you have any idea how worried he was..

Swara : I’m really sorry

Sanskar : no you’re not. If you were sorry you would’ve called him yourself..

He move out leaving behind guilty swara..

Kundra mansion

Everyone : Pragya..

Pragya move to them with a smile before anyone could hug her RK take her in embrace..

RK : Thanks for saving me from these specimens..

Pragya : you will never change..

RK : RK is too perfect to change you know..

Pragya move to Nandiniji & take her blessing

Pragya : ( scanning her face) you’re again worrying too much about these idiots.. Chill maa uncle is here to set them right.. These wrinkles won’t look good on you just smile..

nandiniji : ( smiling) you rest I’ll bring something to eat..

Pragya ; ( engulfing arshi into a hug ) o my love birds.. Share some love with me too..

Kushi : thank God you’re back too much seriousness was brewing up here for me to handle alone..

Arnav : nice to have you back we needed you badly here..

Pragya : what so happened that ASR couldn’t handle..

Arnav : your sissy mood

Pragya scanning arshi’s faces..

Pragya : how good you two are in hiding your inner dark secrets but don’t forget Dr Pragya is the best.. I can read your faces.. So still nothing is sorted between you two ah..?

Arnav : I’ve no idea what you’re talking about

Abhi : fuggi phursat main face reading karlena abhi apni behen par bhi toda concentrate karlo ( fuggi you can do face reading later for now concentrate on your sister)

An hour later..

Abhi & RK : What..!?

Abhi : don’t you think we should check it out..

RK : man.. He’s too fast.. He even got a daughter now..

Arnav : Shut up RK.. Let’s go there & check out what he’s up to


Gaayu : did he pick the phone..?

Swara : No..

Gaayu : won’t he talk to us then..?

Sanky : he will princess but you’ve to apologise first for your mistake na.. He have all right to get angry

Gaayu : for that he should talk to us na first

Sanky : he’s coming here for dinner

They hear a knock on door.. Gaayu run to open it

Kundra mansion

Madhu : so much changed in this year pragya..

Pragya : change is part of life di.. You’ve to accept it.. ( trying hard to control her tears)

Madhu : no need act strong infront of me.. I know my sister come here.. ( she gesture to hug)

Both start crying hugging each other..

Pragya : papa is cheater.. How can he leave like this..

Madhu : I know.. So let’s complain to maa together so that she can take his class there..

Both looking at the sky start complaining & even say they’re not talking to their father & atlast smile at their silliness..

Madhu : papa had a last wish

Pragya : I know di.. He wanted it all his life but..

Madhu : we’ve to search her pragya.. She’s doing this intentionally..

Pragya : its been 12 years. If she wanted then she would’ve come back when.. When papa.. Died..

Madhu : may be she didn’t know.. I think she don’t remember anything.. She was a kid &

Pragya : please di.. She ran away from house.. And she was 9 then.. She remember everything its just she doesn’t want to come back.. If she cared she would’ve come running to us.. She’s soo selfish.. I hate her di.. ( she say it with difficultly.. Again both start crying)

Madhu : why did she do this.. We spoilt Her by our love I suppose.. Choti where are you..

Kushi barge in with juice..

Kushi : oops.. I disturbed your sister time.. Anyway I don’t mind have this both of you..

Kushi notice tears in their eyes..

Kushi ; pragya di.. Why is my HKC ( Hitler ki chamchi) crying do you know with how much difficulty we made her smile..

Pragya : kushi ki bacchi.. You can see only her tears ah..?

Kushi ; if anyone is with madhu di.. They must be crying only because of her lectures.. What’s new in it.

Madhu : accha.. Rukho tum.. ( well.. Wait. )

Madhu start chasing kushi & pragya too join them now they’re running all over the house..


Gaayu open the door & shout papa.. But its not Aryan.. 3 most handsome men of Mumbai stand there..

Gaayu : Prince Ferdy…. ( she scream..)

Swasan run to the door..

Swara : RK.. ABHI.. ASR.. Oh God…

Gaayu jump on arnav.. He pick her up & she peck on his cheeks..

Gaayu : I love you..

Sanskar : ( stammer) bh.. Bhaiyya.. Aap..

Precap : Anjali birthday party

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