Pyaar hai ya sazaa part 11 & 12

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As kushi left the room arnav went to poolside gazing the brightest star.. And kushi too went to balcony of her room gazing the same star

Arnav : Maa.. I can’t see Kushi like this.. I know she didn’t do it purposely

Kushi : Maa.. I know I hurt arnav a lot.. He hates when I hide anything from him par aapko pata haina mein sab Kuch nahi bata sakti use woh seha nahi paayenge ( but you know I can’t tell him everything he cannot withstand it)

Arnav : I feel like engulfing her into a hug & forget everything but that day..

Kushi : I know I shouldn’t have hid that Sooraj’s matter I regret it


Kushi was being dragged around holy fire that’s when police arrived at the mehra farm house & enraged Arnav storm in there only to witness the most horrifying scene of his life

Arnav : Kushi…..!!!

Kushi : Arnav…

Police arrest the few people present there.. ( there were just some goons arranged by sooraj mehra & lawyer to register the marriage ) Kushi run into Arnav’s embrace crying bitterly he comfort her for a second soon his eyes fall on that jerk sooraj

Arnav : Aman… ( withdraw from hug & hold kushi’s hand )

Aman hurriedly walk to Arnav & hold kushi

Arnav : take her to the car..

Both didn’t deny kushi quietly walked with aman.. Now Arnav was beating hell out of sooraj no police could stop him.. Neither they dared after seeing the fury in his eyes.. Aman return safely dropping kushi in car

Aman : ASR he will die.. ( in a lowest possible tone)

Arnav : do you think he still have a right to live after touching my kushi..

Aman : Please.. We’ve a better way to handle this

Arnav leave that sooraj & try to calm himself but no much use..

Flashback ends..

Kushi : he saw that no wonder his anger had no bound I know he was hurt if I had told him everything earlier I wouldn’t have landed there.. I know he was sacred to see me in that state

Arnav : definitely I was angry to see the scene but I would’ve forgiven her seeing those tears & purpose behind her act but..


Aman : ( holding sooraj’s collar) where is Tia

Arnav notice someone knocking the door of the adjacent room & both rush there as soon as door opens terrified girl hugs aman into a bone crushing hug tears unstoppable from her eyes muttering sorry to him

Arnav saw all the things scattered in that room so both kushi & tia were kept here & then his eyes fell on a star he moved towards it..

Aman was highly dejected by her she too was equally responsible with kushi today she had also betrayed him he asked a women police to take her to car & moved towards Arnav..

There was a paper in Arnav’s hand it was letter written by kushi probably when she was dragged here for marriage..

Letter read – ” I’m sorry arnav I had no other choice but to end my life.. I shouldn’t have believed that monster & shouldn’t have hid anything from you.. I’m sorry.. I can’t let him touch me.. I’m only yours so I’m ending my life forgive me I love you.. ”

There was a poison bottle too beside this.. & a ring he gave her.. So she had planned to die leaving him all alone if this marriage occurred.. How could she how dare she.. He crumpled the paper & threw that poison bottle.. Aman knew the worst was yet to come those feary eyes of Arnav spoke volume ( kushi never got to know arnav saw that letter she thinks he’s angry because she hid sooraj’s matter from him & landed herself in trouble )

Flashback ends..

Kushi : I didn’t do it purposely maa.. You know na that sooraj had proposed me but i rejected but when I got to know he had a cancer & had only 2 months to live how could I deny his mother from helping them fulfill his last wish of having me beside him as a friend..

Arnav : that was all a lie & she believed it.. Damn.. I was on a business trip & she hid all her meets with that bastard..

Kushi : never in my dreams I thought he was only faking it all to get me.. Thank God Arnav saved me on time.. I would’ve died if that monster married me but Arnav got hell angry & he’s still angry on me..

Arnav : I’m not angry because she hid truth I’m angry she thought of ending her life how could she maa..

Kushi would’ve continued her session with Arnav’s Maa but her phone ring..

Kushi : yes tia.. Are the papers ready.. Pause.. I need those at any cost pause.. I’m coming .. Pause.. Fine..

Arnav : ( gazing a star) enough of this distance between us now.. I can no longer punish her I’ll plan the best new year for her..

Kushi : ( to herself) I’m sure arnav will be awake.. How shall I leave the house now.. But I need to prepare those fake reports & have to get them to bank locker..


City outskirts – A lonely farm house..

A girl was sleeping cuddling a cute teddy it was given to her by someone very special.. It made her feel his presence but soon her sleep was blew off when a beast was banging her door

” PIYA…” loud scream..

Her heart skipped a beat.. Was it just her nightmare or was he really here.. Her confusion was cleared with another scream..

” open the damn door ”

Soon she grabbed the phone & called someone but that person didn’t pick the phone.. She then remembered he had owed not to see her talk to her again in his life.. Smiling at her own fate she called her saviour the only person she can trust on & rely on..

Arnav’s phone rang..

Arnav : piya..! ( he received the call ) pause .. What.. ? Damn.. Pause.. I’ll be there don’t worry.. & no matter what do not open the doo.. ( bang.. )

Piya hear a noise of breaking of door the beast had entered she can’t let him inside her room.. Arnav had heard it but one more voice confused him he heard a cry.. He had no time to waste the beast was out of cage & he need to rush..

Kushi saw Arnav speeding out of shantivan from her balcony but where.? she had no time to think she had lot of work to do tonight to save the biggest secret she & Anjali have hid from him.. she too sprinted out of Kundra mansion..

Piya calmed the cry & moved out of her room locking it… The sight infront of her sent shivers down her body.. His eyes all red spitting fire.. He truly was a beast

Piya : Rk.!

RK : bilkul sahi superstar RK.. ( yep right its superstar RK..)

He was out of his senses she could see it but what made her stand infront of him wasn’t she afraid of this beast.. No.. She had seen even worse in him but no matter what she knew he wouldn’t cross his limit

She held his hand & dragged him to adjacent room

Piya : why are you here..

RK : why you are here.. ( piya become silent she can’t tell him that..) Shaadi karne.. ( to get married..)

He ask with heavy heart.. So he believed in those false media reports that stated –

” Former Bollywood Queen back to India after a year just to get married ”

Rk : will you marry me.. ( she just stare him.. He sign knowing its impossible ) who is he..?

Piya : No one.. I’m not marrying anyone.. I’m just here for a last time.. I’m here to visit all those places where I spent 27 years of my life.. And then I’m gone forever..

RK clutch her shoulders

Rk : why..? Why are you doing this.. ( tears flow from her eyes.. His strong hold was hurting her) why you showed me all those dreams.. Why dammit..

Piya : what dreams.. Which dreams.. When did I cross that limit of friend with you.. I don’t know what made you think I love you RK.. Trust me I never..

This enrages RK.. He scream pinning her to the wall..

Rk : don’t lie.. Don’t you dare lie again

Piya : No.. I’m not neither I lied a year back nor am I now..

He leave her & take out his mobile.. Showing her his chat with girl named angel.. Realisation struck her mind.. She knew who that angel was.. And she now knew why RK misunderstood her..

Rk : now don’t tell me it isn’t you.. The thoughts you shared are exactly the same angel shared same words.. Same feelings..

She was numb.. Yes he was right same words same feelings but not same person.. Angel was her best friend.. Her guide.. She was like her sister.. Piya shared her thoughts with RK but never in her darkest dream she thought he will misunderstand this & her life will be messed to this extent..

RK : ( shaking her) Answer me.. ( he scream)

Piya : I’m not angel.. Not your angel..

Before they could continue arnav storm in dragging RK away from her..

Rk : Arnav she.. I..

Arnav : shut up.. Its enough for today..

Rk was in a shock & was heavily drunk too.. He couldn’t do much under a strong hold of arnav.. Arnav turned at piya..

Piya : I heard a cry from your room.. ( piya was about to rush to her room) driver will take you to some safe place.. I’ll meet tomorrow..

She nod & they leave..

Next morning

Pragya was studying the reports of Anjali ( fake one which kushi created) Arnav was worried while kushi & Anjali tensed..

Pragya : Arnav she’s been treated since a year.. But why di what made you so depressed

Anjali look at kushi..

Kushi : actually.. You people remember a boy krissh from orphanage.. Di was very attached to him na..

Madhu : he was adopted later by some couple right..

Sanskar : they even shifted to Goa..

Kushi : yes.. But accidentally he drowned in beach year back & huh.. He’s no more..

Abhi : ( side hugging Anjali) Di you should have told us na.. Why suffered alone..

Arnav : ( ignoring kushi & Anjali) pragya study the reports & I need a solution to her problem..

Anjali : Chote hum..

Arnav walk out angrily..

Later in afternoon

Arnav hurried in to the kundra mansion but he was late.. A very hard slap reached down on RK’s cheeks sending shivers down the people standing in that room..

Raj : do you have any idea what the consequences could have been.. There was a small shop adjacent to road what would have happened if you ran on it

And one more slap.. Rk stumbled back

Raj : tumse kadhe nahi ho raha tha.. Kis himmat se gaadi ko haat lagaya ( you couldn’t even stand properly.. How dare you drive a car)

Before he could pounce more Arnav rushed into the room..

Arnav : Uncle..

Everyone took a sign of relief now Arnav will handle.. After a brief discussion & assurance from Arnav that it wouldn’t repeat Raj calmed

Arnav ; uncle.. New year party.. Only family members..

Raj : Not after the scene you people created yesterday..

Anjali : but uncle we have invited snow white ( gaayu) already.. She was so excited ab use boora lag jayega.. ( now she’ll feel bad) Please… ( she make the most innocent face)

Raj : fine but no alcohol.. ( he leave..)

RK : what? No alcohol.. Toh party kyun satsang chala jaaye ( then why party let’s go to temple)

Precap : New year celebration.. Some arshi secrets revealed & Arshi romance

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