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Last update ?
Shot 8 …
The Episode starts with bebe Armaan ria Anita and Surjeet having tea in Luthra house they are really very happy that wedding happen without any hurdle ..but bebe was constantly feeling restless ..
I think we all should take a rest it was so tiring day for us and yeah ofcourse we have to welcome Yuvi and natz Tomorrow na Anita said ..
Haan Anita you are right bebe you take rest where is Usha and Monu ? And Kunj ??? Surjeet asked ..
They will come soon Surjeet chachu Armaan said …
You both take rest bebe told to Surjeet and Anita and left with armia to their room who noticed her restlessness ..
What happen bebe why are you sweating have you took your medicine ria asked once they were in room ..
Yeah I took but still don’t know why I am having these weird feelings call Kunj call Usha and Monu and ask them to come back home bebe said panting while Armaan calmed her ..

Bebe bebe wait I am calling Armaan said calling Kunj while the phn was ringing ..
Why this boy is not picking my call Armaan said calling him repeatedly after sometimes someone picked the call ..
Hello Kunj where the hell are you Armaan asked angrily
Sorry sir but the person whose mobile is this had met with an accident half n hour ago and he was taken to hospital the man spoke from the other side ..
Whattttt Armaan screamed shocked while bebe and ria got worried ..
Which hospital ? Armaan asked and he got the address okay thanks take care of him I’ll be there soon Armaan said he was hell worried about Kunj ..
What happen armaan ? Bebe asked ..
Bebe Kunj Armaan said ..
Bol Na kya hua mere Kunj Ko and which hospital you are talking about is everything fine ??? Bebe asked ..
Calm down bebe Nothing to worry you don’t take tension I’ll come back soon armaan said bebe held his hand ..
Don’t lie to me tell me what happen bebe asked ..
Kunj …has met with an accident bebe Armaan said while ria and bebe were shocked …
Let’s go to hospital bebe said ..Armaan nodded ..
Ria you inform Anita Massi and Surjeet chachu armaan said ..
No don’t inform them they will be worried bebe said while ria too agreed with bebe and they left without informing them ..
@ Taneja Mansion ::
Usha and Manohar apologized while Leela and rt looks at each other unable to decide what to do as they have seen their twinkle nearer to death during Ayaan birth they have seen her crying and cursing herself for spoiling their reputation while ushar stands waiting for their answer when Manohar gets a call from ria he ignored it but ria kept on calling him ..finally he picked up the call .
What happen ria puttar I am busy right now I’ll talk to you later Manohar said ..
Papa ji Kunj met with an accident ria spoke from the other side quickly making Manohar shocked ..
What ?? He asked
Yes we are on the way to hospital ria informed while he was in state of trauma my Kunj ..he said while Usha asked him what happen ..
He …met with an accident Manohar said while all of them shocked the hell shocked person was twinkle ..
Ushar turned to leave worriedly when they saw twinkle there soon they left from there ..
Kunj ..Papa Kunj ..twinkle said tears started flowing from her eyes …I want to go hospital twinkle said …
Leela you take care of Ayaan and Elena i am taking twinkle to hospital rt said while Leela nodded ..
Come he said while twinkle left with him still crying ..kunj ..don’t know how he may be …she was crying n crying while rt was shocked to see her condition too…
Soon everyone reached hospital and they enquired about it ..
It’s on 2 floor the receptionist said while all ran and reached there and asked about Kunj …
He had been severely injuried and he is in ICU right now the same man who called Armaan told him while all heard him ..
Mera Kunj kya hogaya usey he was so happy today so excited after so long babaji plz don’t snatch his happiness bebe said folding her hands crying while twinkle heard her ..
It’s because of me Kunj is in this condition I shouldn’t have spoken to him in that way ye sab meri galti hai twinkle murmured to herself she recalled their Argument sometime before …I should have listen to you once ..she recalled Kunj words ..”YOU EXCLAIM TO LOVE ME BUT CANT SEE THIS PAIN IN MY EYES” plzz babaji don’t do anything to him ..I’ll die if anything happens to him because of me he is in this condition today twinkle said while rt heard her and consoled her ..
What happen twinkle puttar ?? He asked worried ..while Armaan was consoling Usha and bebe ria stands seeing them and Manohar was numb ..
Papa twinkle said and hugged him she narrated him about their argument ..because of me Papa he is inside today I broke his heart Papa twinkle said crying on rt shoulder ..
It’s not your fault twinkle and he will be fine rt stated ..
Nahi Papa it’s because of me only what I would have done Haan I have promised me kaise apna vaada Tod deti Papa I didn’t knew somet…hing like t…his w..ill happe..n with Ku…nj twinkle said her vision getting blurred and she fainted in rt arms ..while all looks at her ….
After sometime twinkle was in another ward her a drip injected in her hand while she opened her eyes her head feeling heavy ..she looked at rt and leela who was present there … slowly slowly she opened her eyes and her vision was cleared ..
I am here ? When I came twinkle asked while rt looks at her ..
You were telling me about Kunj and then fainted you know na you shouldn’t take any stress you know your health twinkle rt scolded her while twinkle looked at him…
Kunj she screamed trying to take off the needle from her hands …
Twinkle you are not going anywhere Leela said ..
No maa I can’t Kunj ..I have to see him twinkle said she harsly took the needle out and blood started oozing out of her hand.. while rt held her hand..
Twinkle his surgery is going on you take rest then go to him ..
No Papa plz let me go twinkle said and ran from there while Leela and rt looks at each other ..
Let her she is much worried about Kunj now Leela said ..
But Leela you also know about her health rt said ..
I know but I trust babaji too he will make everything fine Leela said while they too went from there ..

Whole night passed ..Kunj surgery was completed and doctor came out ..while Armaan asked him about Kunj …
Doctor how’s my brother ? Armaan asked him ..
He had been severely injuried we tried our level best but can’t say anything his condition is very severe …he will be under observation for sometime if he wakes up then we will go for another surgery or there are chances that he will slip into coma ..or said ..
Or what ??? Armaan said ..
Nothing we are trying our level best patient should respond to it then only anything can happen doctor said and while everyone was worried ..
.twinkle who came there heard that too …she was broken too …
Can we see him ??? He asked doctor ..
No not now I’ll tell you after sometime he said and left while everyone was still worried ..
I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to him Manohar said ..
Papa now you all don’t take stress go home I’ll be here with Kunj Armaan said ..
No I can’t leave him Usha said …while all looked at them ..they were still waiting for doctor to tell them to see Kunj …
Anita calls Usha and asked her where they all are since last night …Usha unable to talk give the phone to ria ..
Wo maasi we are …she said while Armaan signed her not to tell them anything ..
Nothing maasi we will come soon ria said ..
What’s this yaar Yuvi and natz will be here in an hour I want you all back home pls Anita said ..
Ria told them the same while no one was ready to leave Kunj ..
You all should go I am here bebe to take care of him don’t worry Armaan said and forcefully send them back home ..while Leela and rt was with twinkle …Abeer comes there …
Maa Papa twinkle you all go home I’ll stay here he said looking at twinkle condition ..while rt looked at twinkle ..
No I am not going anywhere she said crying while Armaan too looks at her ..
Twinkle I think uncle and aunty is right even you are not fine Armaan said ..
No Armaan bhaiya I’ll not go twinkle said while rt signed them ..
Okay Papa you and maa go I’ll stay here with twinkle Abeer said ..while Leela and rt nodded and left back home …
@ Luthra mansion :
Everyone reached there having pale faces while they managed to fake smile so as to not spoil their happiness ..
So you all came Anita said why you all are looking so dull she asked while they nodded in no and went to freshen up ..
After sometime they heard car horn and Anita and Surjeet was excited they went towards the door and saw Yuvi coming out of car giving his hand to Natz who was looking very pretty they both reached the door and greeted them all while Anita done her gragpravesh and let them in ..
Where is Kunj and Armaan bhai ? Yuvi asked ..
Wo ..they went for somework ria told while they get busy with them ..
Doctor told them that they can see Kunj if they want while Armaan Abeer and twinkle looks at each other Armaan and abeer went inside and looked at Kunj who was lying lifelessly on bed attached with many machines and a breathing mask he had no movement in him …they felt bad for him while Armaan started crying and Abeer consoled him ..
Don’t take stress Armaan Kunj will be fine Abeer said ..
Can’t say anything Abeer doctors said he had very less chances …he is not showing any movement ..Armaan said while Abeer hugged him they went outside and twinkle went in who was very eager to see him …
Kunj…her hands shake while touching him Kunj get up na say something Kunj plzz get up scold me if you want plzz get up Kunj I can’t see you like this I know we are separated since long but atleast we were breathing we were living don’t do this Kunj don’t give me such big punishment twinkle said crying still there was no improvement in Kunj …Armaan and abeer took twinkle out as doctors came to check him they were feeling bad for both of them …time was passing but still they was no improvement in Kunj ..
Here at Luthra mansion Yuvi left to drop Natasha to her house while he went back to his house ..
Ria call Armaan and ask him about kunj Usha said while ria called and told Usha the same …
Mera bacha Usha said and was crying badly while Anita sees her and ask finally they told about Kunj accident while they were shocked too Yuvi who came back home heard them ..
Kunj …he said and ran to hospital while others too he went and saw Abeer Armaan and twinkle he didn’t got why twinkle and Abeer was here and twinkle condition was not less painful to see ..
Doctors are checking Kunj time to time monitoring his body index ..
Shit this case is deteriorating more if this happens we won’t be able to save him doctor talked they informed the same to others ..
Nahi plzz save my Kunj I beg you twinkle said folding her hands while Yuvi was worried and suspicious ..
Twinkle handle yourself Abeer said whole twinkle looked at him see na bhai what they are saying agar Kunj Ko kuch hogaya to how I’ll live what I’ll tell Ayaan ???when he will ask me about his father twinkle said making Yuvi shocked ..
What ? He asked looking at twinkle ..
Ayan is your and Kunj baby ? He asked twinkle nodded in yes ..
That means Kunj was your husband who left you Yuvi asked ..
Yes twinkle managed to say tell your brother to wake up na Yuvi twinkle said crying while Abeer and Yuvi was handling twinkle ..whose health was deteriorating too her body shivering with the thought of loosing Kunj …
Usha Manohar ria Surjeet bebe and Anita too reached there while Anita asked about twinkle and Abeer ..
Bebe narrated Anita and Surjeet about twinj they were shocked and angry with ushar for their wrong decision …
Everyone kept on visiting Kunj talking to him trying to make him response anyhow but are miserably failing in it …they all started loosing their hope a fear engulfed in their heart of losing Kunj forever it was tough time for all of them ..they were guilty regretting about hurting him …
Sometimes we realised the value of a person when he goes away from us it’s in human nature that they ignore the one who stays always infront of them and will regret when they leaves us …
Most pain was of Usha and Manohar who was seeing their kid in their state and twinkle as well as she held herself responsible for Kunj state but it was not even her mistake she didn’t knew that this will happen …
Yuvi went inside and saw Kunj he sat beside Kunj trying to talk to him ..kya baat hai Kunj tu toh bada chupa Rustom Nikla Haan Wahi to mein soch Raha tha tu meri wedding planner pe itna fida kyu hai saale..Bata nahi Sakta tha teri biwi hai wo …huh got wife got child but didn’t told me now don’t stay quiet I’ll not talk to you get up leave your drama Yuvi said by the end he too burst out crying knowing Kunj condition…
2 days went by everyone was trying their level best to make Kunj response somehow with their talks but everytime they are only getting disappointed ..
Manohar and Usha went inside and sees Kunj they were feeling very much hurt seeing their Kunj since 2 days like this ..
Kunj get up na Kunj don’t tease us Kunj plzz you didn’t even let me rectify my mistake forgive me Kunj that I didn’t understood you ..I didn’t understand your pain but when I got it and was going to return your happiness you decide to leave us Haan don’t do this Kunj forgive your Papa once Kunj plz wake up once I can’t see you like this more Kunj plz Manohar said helding his hand ..I helped you to walk by holding this hand but today because of me you re in this condition forgive your Papa once Usha tell him na get angry later but wake up pls Manohar said while Usha kept a hand on his shoulder they Hopes are getting low …chale yaha se you won’t be able to handle it more Usha said while Manohar left Kunj hand and got up wiping his tears they didn’t notice Kunj hand moved a bit they went out while Kunj fingers were moving …
Twinkle was present here since the time Kunj was shifted she didn’t even went back home and was being stubborn ..Here Ayaan was missing twinkle he hadn’t saw twinkle from 2 days and was crying ..when Meher called twinkle ..
Twinkle come back home na Ayaan is missing you yaar ..
I can’t come bhabhi give him to maa she will handle Aayan twinkle told ..
He is not staying with maa too Meher spoke from other side ..
I can’t come leaving Kunj you send Ayaan to hospital twinkle said and ended the call ..while at night everyone left back again only twinkle Armaan Yuvi was present while Abeer went to pick Ayaan soon he too came back to hospital …with Ayaan…as soon as he saw twinkle he jumped in her arms crying ..
Ayaan see Mumma is here don’t cry twinkle said rubbing his back while he was crying seeing twinkle after 2 days…Armaan looks at them shocked as they all thought Elena and Ayaan to be twins ..Yuvi noticed his face and asked about it ..
Twinkle told Mumma right ? But they are Abeer twins na ? Armaan asked ..
Nope bhai he is Kunj kid and she is Abeer bhai daughter Yuvi said while Armaan was shocked he looked at Ayaan who was crying uncontrollably …twinkle Went inside Kunj ward with Ayaan ..who hides his face in her dupatta …
Kunj plz get up plz atleast not for me but for Ayaan see how much he is scared Kunj get up for him I know Kunj you are angry with me that I didn’t heard Kunj but me kya Karti Kunj I knew that there was a reason why you didn’t stand for me and Ayaan that day that’s why I never questioned you and went away from you life so that you stays happy ..I didn’t listen to you because I was scared that my heart will melt again and I may broke that promise given to them that I’ll never unite with you I was helpless Kunj they had never left my hand how I would have broke their promise I didn’t knew you will do something like this plz wake up twinkle said and was crying Ayaan seeing her crying started crying too ..twinkle make him sit beside Kunj while he looks at Kunj see Kunj plz wake up for your baby atleast twinkle said …

she kept on looking at him with painful eyes and pleading lips who were constantly asking him to wake up once she kept on saying sorry begging him to look at her once while he was laying numb without any movement in it ..she sat there frozen but nerves going cold loosing her hope still she looked at him

Ayan started crying while Kunj started opening his eyes hearing Ayaan crying … twinkle hugged Ayaan rubbing his back when her eyes went on Kunj moving hand she looked at his face and was happy too see him opening his eyes was red his eyes carrying the pain ..
Kunj ..twinkle said and held his hand finally I am so sorry she said Ayaan too look at Kunj ..and Kunj was looking at them twinkle shouted happily while Armaan Abeer Yuvi rushed inside with doctor …they all were happy seeing Kunj …doctor checked him while twinkle stands in side with others .. we have to go for surgery as soon as possible doctor said …
I do..n’t w..ant to ..Kunj said making them shocked ..
Why ? Doctor asked ..
I do n’t wa..nt.. to he said ..
You all make him agree for surgery we have to operate him ASAP he told and left …
I want to talk to Kunj twinkle said while all looks at each other and nodded ..she gave Ayaan to Abeer and they left ..
W…hy …a re yo..u h…ere ??? ( Why are you here ???) He managed to say looking at twinkle…while twinkle sat beside him and held his hand
Why are you saying no for surgery ? Twinkle asked ..
I can..’t liv..e ..he said
You have gone mad Haan what you made your condition have you thought about anyone once about me Haan twinkle shouted with pain ..
Are I have . done it for you only remem..ber I not to di..sturb y..ou Kunj said twinkle was shocked while Kunj passed a feeble smile ..
I hate you Kunj how can you do this twinkle said tears flowing from her eyes her face had lost the charm ..dried tear marks was clearly visible on her face ..
I don’t know anything you are going to get fine twinkle stated ..
I can’t my bod..y is not me just like my.. fate Kunj ended he tired to lift his hand but was hell weak by now ..
I don’t know anything you gave to get fine or else twinkle said ..
Or.else what ? He asked ..
Or else I’ll kill myself I’ll commit suicide too twinkle stated angrily ..
Are y..ou whats t..his stupidity what about ..Kunj said ..
Yes I m mad and what you did wasn’t stupidity Haan twinkle said ..
No you can’t… do that Kunj said ..
Then you have to get fine Kunj or I don’t know how Ayaan will live without parents twinkle warned him she knows to get him on track …while Kunj was shocked with her stupid decision ..
Okay I’ll go for su..rgery b..ut I can’t say anything ..Kunj said ..
That you leave on our prayers you have to respond don’t forget you have a responsibility behind twinkle said she was trying to make herself strong but miserably failing ..she got up pecked on his forehead while he closed his eyes get well soon she murmured while her tears fall on his face he looked at her painfully …after she went out and surgery started everyone was informed about it and they started praying for Kunj ..
Plz babaji make Kunj fine plz babaji twinkle said praying for him while Ayaan was sleeping beside her she looked at him I am sorry Ayaan your Papa is in this condition because of me twinkle said she hugged Ayaan and was very much scared …while the rest were constantly praying for Kunj …
2 months later :::
A woman was sitting near the beach whose eyes red her pale face her lost smile she was looking at the water and was blinking her eyes slowly cool breeze touch her bare feets …she looked at water …
Hah life is so unpredictable …you can’t change what happened and you can change what’s going to happen ..
“Zindagi ke uss mood par aakhadi Hun
Jaha na peeche jaane ki khwahish hai
Aur naahi aage jaane ki gunjaish”

(I am at the stage of life where I don’t wanna look back and don’t have any desire left to go ahead)
I just want to go with the flow just like this water she said smiling weakly …her phn beeps she looked at msg and turned to leave when she collided with someone and he held her by waist they both looks at each other ..
Tum ..she said
Yes he replied pecking her forehead and tears roll down her cheeks ..
What you made your condition Haan he scolded her you doesn’t look at all like my Punjabi patakha he said ..
Kunj ..she said closing her said trying to leave but he back hugs her ..
Maut k muh se wapas laakar chod Rahi ho mujhe he asked ..
Nahi but I can’t forgive myself for that incident if anything would have happen to you she said breathing heavily while he hugged her tightly ..
I am fine twinkle look at me I am perfectly fine don’t blame yourself Kunj said while she looked at him
Still Kunj she said
No more twinkle Accept what it is
Let’s go of what it was
And have faith in what it will be ?? firstly we stayed apart for so long now I won’t be able to stay away from you from my baby Kunj said eyeing her ..and I know why you didn’t heard me once that day because you were scared that hearing me will melt your heart and you will end your break-ing your promise to Leela aunty and rt uncle Kunj said while twinkle looked on shocked …
How do you know that ?? She asked while he smiled … Mein teri khamushi na samjh saku to wo pyaar kaisa twinkle he ended
Flashback shows :::
Everyone prayers worked brining back Kunj but he was hell weak and was on bed rest as per doctors ..twinkle knowing that Kunj was fine left from the hospital with the guilt that it happen because of her …while Kunj was getting fine as the days passed by Yuvi Armaan everyone taking care of him Manohar and Usha was guilty and equally sad as twinkle
Tanejas and sarnas relation was improving Abeer Armaan became good friends so as ria and Meher …in this 2 months passed nearly while rt Leela visited them and ushar was shocked seeing them ..Kunj too came downstairs he started walking back …and sees them with the hope of seeing twinkle too ..
How are you Kunj ? Rt asked
I am fine uncle Kunj said ..they all sat in silence for sometime ..Leela signed rt to continue ..
On the day of your accident your parents came and begged us to return your happiness rt said making Kunj shocked he looked at ushar while bebe smiled ..
I think let’s end this enemity here because of is you both suffered alot Leela said while everyone agreed …Kunj didn’t believe what he heard ..
But twinkle ..she doesn’t trust me he said painfully ..
It’s nothing like that Kunj she was fulfilling the promise given to us the day she gave birth to Ayaan her condition too was as critical as yours when she got fine we were scared that ..that should not happen again with her so we asked her to promise that she will never unite with you no matter what and she agreed rt said while Kunj looked on …
Now enough of these things I am happy that everything was sorted now ..bebe said and smiled ..
Flashback ends
She hugged him tightly crying her heart out I am so sorry Kunj plz forgive me I missed you alott each n every second was hell for me without you she said while Kunj looked at her ..
Shh bas siyappa queen how much you will speak Kunj said hugging her back while they both stands in silence ..
Just go with the flow our happy life is waiting for us Kunj said he held her hand and took her where their family members are present ..
Manohar and Usha too apologized to twinkle ..and hugged her
Rt you were always proud of her na now it will be me who will be equally proud of twinkle Manohar said and rt smiled ..Kunj took Ayaan who was in Abeer arms ..twinkle went towards him while Kunj hugged both of them tightly and all smiled seeing them ..
Now it looks like a happy family Yuvi said sidehugging Natasha while all smiled
Twinkle and Kunj walked with Ayaan in middle who was taking his initial steps ..
They both smiled looking at him .. PYAAR HAI YA SAZA …saza khatam now it’s time for pyaar Kunj winked at twinkle and lifted Ayaan while they both kissed on his either side of cheeks …”having a happily ever after”
So yeah here I am with the last update of Phys though it was meant to end on 5 chapter only but it increased ..
I really loved it guys the comments on the last one was fantabulous thanks you all so much as everyone wanted happy enddding and some of them sad as they wanted them to know Kunj importance hope I may reached upto your expectations …
Plzz guys comments in the last post and tell me if you like the story ? …
Thanks to all who commented not just on last from the very first episode ..
Love you all ..
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye allahafiz ???

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    Jb tune 2 months later likha or jb Maine sad lines dekhi toh meko lga khin tune sad ending toh ni dedi ??but jb aagey read kiya toh saans ne saans aayi ..
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    Waiting for many more stories by you API..
    Come back soon with new stories…
    Take care ?
    Allah Hafiz

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