PYAAR HAI YA SAZA ?? TWINJ SS (SHOT 7) (happy bday Shalini di)


This shot is especially dedicated to Shalini di and kiya …Shalu di because it’s her bday bash and kiya she told me many times to post sorry babes ..posting it late …
So happy happy happiest birthday di may all of your dreams come true and prayers answered expect sidhant wala Haan he is mine ????
So yeah enjoy ???though the shot should have been happy as it your bday but I am gonna make you cry today ???…
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Shot 7 …
The shot starts with next day early morning everyone was awake and was he’ll excited for yuvisha wedding ..even they was damn excited ….the wedding was scheduled in the evening while the others were running here and there to check everything ..

As twinkle was the one planning this wedding she had a burden on her of making everything perfect she woke up early and went to arrange everything while she handed Ayaan too leela who happily went in her arms and twinkle left to see the work ..

Kunj also woke up early and was he’ll happy that finally it’s the day when he will share everything with twinkle he always waited for a single chance to explain himself and that’s what he is getting today he too went and helped her while she was stressed he cooled her down ..

Uff so many things are still pending this make up artist didn’t came mandap is needed to be decorated garlands who the hell gave the time of wedding in evening twinkle said ..

Twinkle calm down you can do it just calm yourself first and then start you work we have still much time left Kunj said and passed her a glass of juice while she looked at him ..

What happen ? Drink it you will feel better this will ease your stress he said while tears formed in her eyes recalling the time they spent together and how Kunj used to cool her down every then and now …while Kunj not getting any response seeing her constantly lost in something took the glass near her lips which brought her back while she drank the juice with his hands and was painfully looking at him while Kunj was happy spending some time with her ….

After then twinkle went to look for the meals and the other things while Kunj was checking out the mandap decorations …

Meher Abeer Natasha Ashish and Nandini Leela rt was together and they all decided the pre rituals before the wedding and went …

Natasha was sitting in the middle while the ladies were applying her haldi as a part to make her look more gorgeous everyone teases her while she was constantly blushing and then she went to take bath …

Twinkle was done with the work and looked at the things finally it’s all done she said and looked at Kunj who was coming towards her ..

Thanks she said while Kunj looked at her
For what ??? He asked ..
You left your brother and came here to help me that’s why twinkle said .

No need it’s my duty Kunj said smiling while twinkle felt bad for him ..
Go Yuvi needs you at this time twinkle said ..

Yeah you are right see you at the wedding Kunj said and left while twinkle too ..
She went in Natasha room and saw her she was dressed up beautifully ..

Haaye you are looking like an angel Natz twinkle said ..
Thanks for the complement and what’s this you are not ready till now Natasha Said..

Yeah I was checking everything I’ll get ready soon twinkle said and she smiled and hugged twinkle ..

Thank you so much twinkle for everything without you my wedding wouldn’t have been this kuch perfect Natasha said ..

Your welcome Dulhan she said while both laughed Nandini Leela Meher enter with Elena and Ayaan they both too looking cute …

Aww my babies it’s first wedding they are attending twinkle said and kissed their cheeks while all smiled ..Natasha Nandini and Meher have a lovely emotional moment while twinkle went to get ready ..
Next scene ::
Yuvi got ready with the help of Kunj and Armaan who were fulfilling their duty as brother they both looked at him and smiled ..

Never ever thought I’ll see you like this one day meri drama queen Kunj said while Yuvi smiled ..

Shut up he said nervousness all over his face ..while Surjeet Manohar Anita Usha bebe ria too came there and saw Kunj and Armaan teasing ..

Manohar Usha bebe was happy seeing Kunj and Armaan happy after long time and wished their happiness stay forever ..

So finally my son is ready Surjeet said while Yuvi nodded and hugged him ..Kunj looked at Manohar who looked back at him guilty but he turned his face ..and went in side

Wish I would have also seen my Kunj happy like Yuvi Manohar thought with painful eyes ..

Wish Papa you would have understand me once you cared for my happiness once Kunj too thought while bebe kept a hand on his shoulder ..

What happen puttar bebe asked while Kunj nodded in no ..
Nothing bebe he said smiling fakely as he too can’t never forget that day which changed him like anything ..

You are fine na ? Bebe asked ..
Yes bebe pray that I gets today what I want Kunj said while ushar too looks at them and Anita and Surjeet was busy admiring their little Yuvi ..

I pray that you gets whatever you want and your smile doesn’t fade away bebe said while Kunj smiled and sidehugged her ..

Oye khote bebe said and went too Yuvi while he touched her feets ..and she blessed him ..
You are looking hot bebe winked …

Haww bebe you should have said me before I would have left Natasha Yuvi too flirted while bebe pats him slightly and all smiled ..

Let’s go down its mahurat time Anita said they left downstairs where already Nandini Ashish Leela rt Ayaan Elena Abeer and other guests were waiting for them ..

Nandini Ashish greets them all while Kunj left Yuvi till mandap and priest asked them to call the bride ..

Yeah pandit ji they are coming Abeer said while Natasha came with twinkle and Meher on her sides ..while Yuvi smiled looking at her twinj too looks at each other a beautiful smile slaying on Kunj lips an unknown sparkle in his eyes while Manohar and Usha noticed his smile thy looked at each other …

Natasha went to mandap while Meher made her sat beside Yuvi who looked at her and his gaze made her blush while both of them stands for the varmala and after fighting they both made wear each other and sat …while the ceremony continued Kunj looked at twinkle who was handling Ayaan who was crying due to smoke even Elena had the same condition as Abeer and Meher was busy so Leela and rt was handling Elena ..

Twinkle went in side taking Ayan who was uncontrollably crying she pats on his back while Kunj too went there and sees him ..

Aww what happen to my baby Kunj said while Ayaan looked at him with tiny tears in his eyes and twinkle was shocked she was trying hard to make him calm but as soon as he saw Kunj he got quiet ..Ayaan put his hands forward while Kunj smiled ..

Twinkle on seeing him gave him in Kunj Arms while Kunj rubbed his back and he rested his head against Kunj shoulder ..Manohar who was passing from there saw Kunj and he smiled seeing him happy ..he went back towards the mandap ..

Kunj roam to and fro while Ayaan slept resting in Kunj embrace while Kunj was admiring them both ..Kunj sees him asleep and pecked his cheeks ..and gave her back to twinkle while they went towards mandap and put him in baby stroller and stand seeing the wedding…

It was time for the pheras while yuvisha stands ..and priest was explaining them ..
Yuvisha takes first round n says I vow to build our marriage on foundation of faith

Natz : I vow always to put ur needs being my wants
Yuvi : I vow to always be your best n loyal friend

Natz : I vow to help you achieving your God given purpose
Yuvi : I vow to u that my commitment will be bigger than any circumstances

Natz: I vow to freely give you and seek forgiveness

Yuvisha : I vow to RESPECT AND LOVE  you till death apart us or even after death
Twinkle and Kunj looks at them teard eye recalling their wedding how they got married not Caring about anything that time and just caring the fact they love each other how they promised to support each other and love no matter how they promised too respect and make their parents agree for their relationship happily …but situation went wrong and they are left with nothing but their broken heart broken promised and broken soul ..
Their pain didn’t go unnoticed by their families while sarnas were guilty tanejas were feeling sad seeing twinkle condition she was going through it again they know how much she tries she is broken inside..and sarnas too know that their Kunj is just living for them ..or else he don’t have any reason left in his life ..

While the 7 rounds completed and it was followed by the vermillion where Yuvi took the coin and filled her hairline all smiled showering rose petals on them lastly he tied the nuptial around her neck as a symbol that she is his forever while Kunj recalled how he too claimed twinkle to be his and how it was returned back to him ..he still had it in his pocket ..his heart carrying thousands of feelings today …

The wedding completed and priest declared Yuvi and Natasha as husband and wife rightfully while they took the blessings from their elders went my meeting others ..

Everyone praised twinkle for making everything well and after dinner it was yuvisha bid farewell where their parents had already booked a suite for them ..

The Bidaai ceremony continues and yuvisha left for the suite while the others decided to go back to their homes ..

Though twinkle has to clear Kunj everything about their relationship that it can’t be fixed Kunj was excited to bring her back in his life unaware of the upcoming storm …

Lert and mehbeer ask twinkle while she said she had to wind up with some work and will be back soon ..

Ayaan was sleeping he woke up and saw kunj while Kunj smiled and kissed his cheeks …say best of luck to your Papa he said while Ayaan looked at him widening his cute eyes twinkle comes there and sees them she took Ayaan ..

He is going back home with maa Papa twinkle said while Kunj looked at him and hugged him once while twinkle gave Ayaan to Leela and they left everyone left from there except twinj …
Kunj was waiting for her while her staff are taking out everything…twinkle comes there and looks at him ..

Yes say now ? What you wanted to…before she could complete Kunj engulfed her in his arms tightly while she was shocked by his sudden act and numb to react she always craved for him and wanted him to be beside her ..
I can’t even describe how I am feeling right now twinkle ..kaha kaha nahi dhunda meine tumhe ..Kunj said tears escaping from his eyes..each n every day was like hell for me ..I can’t even describe how much I waited to take you in my arms like this how much I wanted to be with you Kunj said his voice choking with his constantly describing his feels while twinkle didn’t reciprocate him back ..

She separated herself and pushed him slightly while he looked at her ..
Twi..nkle ..he said
Dare you touch me twinkle replied while he was shocked ..

I know you are angry with me and your anger is justified too but hear me once Kunj said ..

I heard you that’s enough twinkle said and who said I am angry with you and why I’ll be angry with you she asked while Kunj looked at her ..

Because that day …I Kunj started to say.
Exactly that day you deny everything so by which right you are touching me Haan she screamed ..

Listen twinkle I was ..Kunj was again left in middle ..
You never loved me don’t show this fake love now Kunj because I am not going to come in your trap more already destroyed me much twinkle said…

I know I shouldn’t have done that but I was helpless Kunj said ..
Nothing would have been that much Kunj you proved me liar let your family calls me characterless ..areyy leave that you even let your baby getting abused twinkle told the pain which she was carrying in her heart ..while Kunj was even heartbroken don’t even show any right on me or my baby twinkle declared him ..

But you are my wife and I am his father Kunj said ..
Wife ??? Hah wife what proof you had that we are married Haan ..twinkle asked ..while Kunj was speechless …

You are in same place today where I was few months back…you let them shower me with all the abuses and didn’t ever uttered a word I never expected …never twinkle ended ..

I wish you would have heard me once I know I was wrong that day but …he let his tears flow and punches his hand on the side table kept there while twinkle was shocked blood started oozing out of his hands ..while she was staring at his hand ..

Just tell me one thing you love me or not ?? Kunj said not turning back ..
I love you and I’ll do but I’ll not trust you back ..she said while Kunj smiled painfully ..

You exclaim to love but can’t see this pain in my eyes ?? Kunj asked pulling her closer to him while they both looks at each other painfully …
Leave me she said …

When you don’t trust me when you don’t want me to consider you as my wife and Ayaan my baby then why you let me spend time with him ??? Why you didn’t showed this hatred from the day we met again ?? Kunj asked ..

Because ..I am not such cruel like you I wanted my baby to meet his father once I am not like you …who didn’t even cared twinkle said ..

Ahhhh twinkle how I can explain you you are not ready to listen to me …Kunj said ..

We can’t be together even if you try anything I can’t come back to you it’s better that you should deny this too like you deny your relationship our love existence …twinkle said ..

It’s alright if you don’t want me in your life I promise to never disturb you ..have a great great life ahead be happy Kunj said painfully he stormed out from there leaving twinkle while she fell on her knees crying…

I know there was something that you have been helpless that day ..but we can’t be together Kunj …I am tied up by the promise that I’ll never go back to you twinkle said crying …
Rt and everyone reached back home while Leela took the babies with her and mehbeer went with Ashish and Nandini who was sad as Nats got married …rt was sitting in hall ..after sometime he heard some footsteps he looked at the owner of it and found Manohar ..

You ? Rt said while Manohar comes towards him …
You told me right that day that I am caring about my respect and not about my son’s happiness you were right ram I was so blind that I ruined his life ..he said ..

What do you mean ?? Rt asked ..
Wo…Manohar stated to say
Next scene :
Kunj was driving the car his hand already paining but his heart was Aching more he thought if no one then his twinkle will atleast trust him but his expectations hurt and again the same thing happen which happen with him that day…

Flashback shows :::
As soon as twinkle fainted in Kunj Arms after telling that they are married Kunj took her too room he called the doctor and was very much stressed as she was I’ll from past few days the doctor check told and told that she was expecting Kunj was surprised and happy like anything …

You all wait till she regains consciousness doctor said while all nodded while everyone was shocked
Kunj was the one super happy he sees someone helding his hand and dragging him from there without anyone’s notice he saw it was Usha she took him to room where Manohar was present back facing him ria and Armaan too joined them there ..

Was that twinkle saying truth ?? Usha asked ??? Kunj ..

Firstly I am very sorry I wanted to tell you all and was even trying to talk to Papa but some or the other thing came and I wasn’t able to yes I love her and we are married Kunj said making them all shocked ..he narrated them how they got married ..Manohar turned and looked at him ..

How could you Kunj you know she is our rival daughter Usha said ..
But maa I love her and plz leave this enemity behind atleast you for son Kunj said ..

Papa plz you understand me if no one i really love her she is my life Papa Kunj said while Manohar kept a hand on his shoulder ..

Usha my Kunj will never do anything against my will and he will respect whatever I decide for him Manohar said and asked them to go while Usha ria and Armaan left ..

Thank you so much Papa I knew you will understand Kunj said ..
Yeah I know Kunj and I also know that if I tell you to leave twinkle you will do that also right you don’t love her more than us right Manohar said while Kunj was shocked ..

Papa ..he was speechless
My son loves me alott you have to decide either twinkle or us …Manohar declared leaving Kunj shocked ..

And even if you choose twinkle you will see my dead face he said and pats on Kunj back I won’t force you Kunj it’s your decision he said and left …

I know Papa you are saying this because you think them wrong but I have to make sure that he agrees to it I’ll make him agree for sure Kunj said determined ..

He went downstairs where twinkle also came he looked at twinkle and smiled painfully then Usha and ria started their ugly game as Usha wanted Leela to show down while ria wanted Ridhi to be Kunj partner at any cost ..Kunj wanted to tell them ..but Manohar gaze didn’t let him do …he thought he will convince Manohar but Usha and ria already took that to another level …

Flashback ends ::
And hence I lost you that day Papa didn’t saw my happiness and today you are not ready to trust me Kunj said ..still driving rashly …
While Manohar told and was in tears too I beg you ram plzz give my son’s happiness is in your hands …that day I was selfish to emotionally blackmail I thought he had just a crush on twinkle which will eventually fade away after a certain time but It didn’t I saw him living lifeless since a year now I can’t see him more I saw his smile which reached his eyes today I don’t want his happiness to shatter he said and begged folding his hands while Leela too comes there and even Usha too ..they saw them ..

Plz forgive us ..we have lost our sons happiness in the pretext of so called respect I should not have said twinkle so many things that day Usha too folded her hands apologizing ..while lert looks at each other ..
Next scene ::
I know I did wrong twinkle I left you when you needed me I thought I’ll make everything fine but it didn’t goes on well I was also abused that day …but as usual I didn’t got happiness this time too infact I am getting punishment of Loving ..pyaar karne ki saza mil Rahi hai mujhe I can’t take this pain anymore I was living just because I wanted to meet you and clear this thing’s once or else I were dead that day only when you left me ..

I am happy that atleast you had Ayaan with you I am left with no one ..I have no existence to live .. you had a complain that I didn’t fulfilled my promise given to you I didn’t stand for you but today which I promise I’ll fulfilled that I’ll NEVER DISTURB YOU I can’t live my life like this more I can’t..? he said and removed his control from his car skids  eventually leading to an accident …
Plz forgive me it was because of me that Kunj didn’t supported twinkle that day…I made him so helpless Manohar said …while twinkle who came back broken was shocked to hear that …
Screen freezes …
Sad ending or happy ending ??(comments ?let’s see what you all wanted ? )
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