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Shot 6…
The Episode starts with Meher asking twinkle .. Why you left Ayaan with Kunj twinkle Meher asked ..while twinkle was speechless and Kunj was shocked …

he was hell shocked that twinkle was the one who left Ayaan with him even though what happen that day his eyes gets teary
Twinkle closed her eyes for a second because I want Ayaan to stay with him atleast for sometime twinkle said while Kunj too listened to her he saw Abeer and Natasha coming there and left from there ..

But twinkle it will hurt you only after so much you handled yourself now if you expect anything from him again that will hurt you ..we all don’t want to see you hurt again Meher said cupping her face while twinkle smiled ..

Yeah I have left expections long back bhabhi don’t worry it doesn’t matters to me now he is like a known stranger to me ..and I’ll behave as good as I behave with others as his or his presence doesn’t affects me more ..I want to be strong twinkle said … I know he doesn’t consider me anything but even I don’t want anything from him ..twinkle ended while Abeer and Natasha came inside while twinkle quickly wiped her tears ..

Ohh so you both are here and we have almost searched you in every room Natasha said ..while Abeer laughed ..

Yeah natz is right he looked at the bed and found Elena and Ayaan sleeping

That’s why there is no noise as the both devil’s are sleeping Abeer said .. while Meher and twinkle looked on

What happen to you both ?? Abeer asked ..

Nothing they said..they all sat together ..
So finally my another sister is engaged Abeer said ..

Yeah bhai twinkle too nodded ..
But Natasha you and Yuvi decided that you won’t tell anyone about your relationship before Meher said ..

Yeah di we decided that only natΓ sha said
It’s good that you both told them before only or else if they will get to knew lateron they would have been hurt Abeer said .

Haan jiju you said right we were not ready to tell them but it was Yuvi cousin Kunj who suggested us to tell them Natasha said while twinkle and mehbeer looks at each other ..

Kunj ? Abeer said..
Yes jiju Natasha replied ..he told Yuvi the same that families will be hurt knowing it he only gave us the courage to admit it Natasha ended ..

But who is he ? To Yuvi ?? Twinkle asked ..
He is Yuvi paternal as well as maternal cousin Natasha said ..

Oh they all replied and continued teasing Natasha ..
Kunj left from their he went back to his room and recalled twinkle words ..twinkle left him with me even though I didn’t supported her I didn’t raised my voice when they were abusing my unborn soul still she left me with Ayaan ..this gives me hope that twinkle will understand me once she will let me explain myself once I’ll convince her I want both of them back in my life I am incomplete without her my heart is incomplete without her Kunj said he took out a pic from his wallet of his and twinkle hugging and smiled …
I am very lucky to have you twinkle …but because of my mistake only I lost you I’ll make sure to give you every happiness you deserve now he said while Yuvi knocked on his door ..he hides the pic
Hey Kunj what are you doing man ?? Yuvi asked ..

Nothing just going for sleep from tomorrow pre wedding rituals are starting right Kunj said ..

Yeah but still let’s have a boys night out what say ?? Yuvi asked ..Armaan too joins them as Yuvi called him .

Don’t know what happen to you both got so boring Yuvi said ..while Kunj and Armaan looks at each other …

Remember how much we used to have fun in childhood he ended ..
Okay fine drama queen let’s go Kunj said ..

Haan let’s go ..Armaan too nodded while the trio brothers went for a long drive ..
After so many months kunj was happy and was like old Kunj …he had got a new hope in his life seeing twinkle and his baby that he will make everything fine ..

Yuvi Armaan and Kunj enjoyed fully and went back to resort late night or I say early morning while Armaan and Yuvi slept Kunj went towards the temple and prayed …

Thank you so much babaji you made me reach twinkle you answered my prayers twinkle and our baby Ayaan both are fine babaji now bless me that I should make an apology …rt and Manohar who was going from there saw Kunj …they went back to their rooms while Kunj too went to sleep ..

After sometime everyone woke up today was haldi and before that they had a Pooja kept for yuvisha and everyone were going to temple ..

Anita went to Yuvi room and saw he Kunj and Armaan sleeping ..
Uff ye ladke bhi na Yuvi Kunj Armaan wake up guys we have to go for Pooja soon ..

Mom plz let me sleep Yuvi said sleepily
Haan maasi we are tired Armaan too added ..

I am not going anywhere and its final Yuvi too said again ..
Even I Kunj added ..

Ahaannnnn is it so okay Yuvi beta I’ll cancel your wedding Anita said while Yuvi woke up with jerk…

No no mom you can’t do this see I’ll get ready soon Yuvi said while Kunj and Armaan laughed along with anita Usha and ria too comes there and sees them ..

Get ready soon Anita said and let with Usha and ria ..
While rt and leela were handling Elena and Ayaan who was cursing each other in baby language ..

Are what you both are saying Meher said ..
Haha 😝😝 as if they will say Abeer taunted while she glared him angrily ..

You all get ready soon then you all have to be back for haldi too twinkle said ..
You aren’t coming ? Leela asked ..

Nahi maa I have to do arrangements for haldi twinkle said ..
Okay everyone get ready rt added …

But Ayaan and Elena they can’t stay near smoke and in Pooja there will be leela said worried ..
Why to worry maa leave them with me I’ll handle my cuties twinkle said while they jumped in her arms ..

See even they don’t want to go twinkle ended and all smiled ..
Okay then we will get ready Meher said and they retorted to their rooms ..

After sometime everyone was ready including Kunj and ready to leave for the temple ..Kunj noticed twinkle missing there so he asked Yuvi ..

Where is your wedding planner ? She is not coming to temple ? Kunj asked …
You are taking so much interest in her Yuvi said while Kunj looked on other side
Wo I just asked Kunj said ..

Haha see your face bro I was just teasing you ..yes she is not coming as she had to see other arrangements ..Yuvi said ..
Hmm acha Kunj said…

While the others sat in the cars ..Kunj intentionally bumped with a pillar there . Ouch he said while Yuvi and Armaan was worried ..

What happen ?? Kunj are you fine Yuvi asked ..
Yes I am you all proceed my leg is twisted Kunj said ..

But you will stay here alone ?? Armaan asked ..
Why alone bhai so many workers staff is here ..Kunj said ..

Try once to walk Kunj Yuvi said while he tired and fall down ..
No it’s paining he said ..

Okay then we will drop you till room Armaan said he and Yuvi dropped Kunj to room and left from there ..

As soon as Kunj saw them gone he jumped from bed ..finally twinkle is alone here I got time to talk to her ufff it’s just a start pata nahi aur kitne papad baylne padengay he went downstairs happily to backyard where twinkle was present seeing the decorations …

He was moving further when he noticed Ayaan and Elena there too on bed he smiled and moved towards them ..hey he said while they looked at them ..

I am Kunj he said while they look at each other confused …even Kunj was confused seeing their expression while they both jumped on him making him shocked …are what happen he said while they were giggling …

Twinkle comes there and sees them you didn’t went ? She asked while Kunj nodded in yes ..
Yes I didn’t went he replied he was happy that she talked to him ..

Hmm okay and you both jumped in his arms ?? Planning anything twinkle said while they looked at twinkle …she noticed chocolates in his shirt pocket and understand why they are with Kunj ..

She went closer to him while Kunj was shocked she took out chocolates ..
So you both went to him because of this twinkle said while Kunj remember he brought chocolates which Yuvi left with him ..

While they looked at twinkle trying to jump ..
Don’t and I am not letting you both have this pidhis Kahi ke twinkle said and kept chocolates on the table kept there while they started crying ..

Twinkle let them have na Kunj said ..
Huh you shut up they are so small ..everyone is spoiling them twinkle said ..while they looked at her with their puppy eyes ..

Suddenly a worker comes there and called twinkle to see the stages while they she left they looked at Kunj with puppy face while he felt bad and decided to give them chocolate ….

I’ll give you chocolate he picked up and opened the wrapping making them lick with his hands while they both enjoying with him ..they started playing with Kunj while he was also having good time with them ….

Now you both play I’ll just come Kunj said and gave their toys while he went and saw twinkle …twinkle too sees him and tired to ignore ..they were checking music system when a song starts playing ..

Let It Be, Let It Be Ab Jaane De Ro Liya Aye Zara Muskurane De Itna To Haq Banta Hai Mujhe Ik Chance To De De Zindagi Ghalatiyon Wali List Mitane De Story Mein Ek Twist Toh Aane De Itna To Haq Banta Hai Mujhe Ik Chance To De De Zindagi
(Kunj and twinkle heard the lines which perfectly suited in them they looks at each other followed by a painful eye lock between them ..while Kunj looks at her puppy face asking her to give him 5 mins to talks while she turned her face ..)

Meri Majbooriyon Ki Hai Tujhko Kasam Tujhko Kasam Chhod Bhi De Ab Ye Naraazgi Apno Se Kab Tak Yahaan Koi Rootha Hai Kya Sahi Kya Nahin Yeh Sikha De Na Bhoole Ko Raste Pe Toh Aane De Itna Toh Haq Banta Hai Mujhe Ik Chance Toh De De Zindagi
(Kunj went to twinkle finally and held her hand while she looked at him ..
Leave me Kunj she said ..
PLZZ hear me once twinkle he replied ..
I have work I’ll talk to you later twinkle said ..
Pakka ? He asked ..

Yes I don’t deny my words she said while he looked on painfully but felt that it’s her anger and she was right at her place twinkle tried possibly to behave with him normally as she didn’t wanted anyone to get doubt them moreover she didn’t wanted Kunj to feel that she still loves him …)

After sometime Kunj left and went towards babies they saw him sad and moved in his lap ..he sees them and smiled …while they were talking to him in their baby language and he was laughing and enjoying with them while twinkle sees them …she was shocked ..

Kunjjjjj she shouted while he looked at her with what happen expression ..
Why you gave them chocolate she said while Kunj tired to hide and babies giggled seeing them ..

Chocolate ?? Kunj asked her
Don’t hide it’s all smeared on their face as well as yours twinkle said ..while the babies screamed …and put O expression
Wo ..they were sad so ..Kunj tired to defend ..

Huh side now she said and picked them up taking them inside as the work was done …she made them sit in the hall ..and scared them by widening her eyes ..while they both started crying ..

Now shut up I have to give you both bath again twinkle said she went in room while Kunj followed her Ayaan too started crawling from there … And went behind twinj while others came and saw elena
Are Elena is here Abeer said and picked her up you had chocolates ..he ended and wiped with his tissue ..

Twinkle I am sorry Kunj said helding her hands while she looked at him ..
Kunj let me go twinkle said trying to come out of his grip ..

Plz let me explain once Kunj said ..while Ayaan went near bed he sees space in side being tired he slept there ..

Everyone would be coming i have to make them ready twinkle said she went and make their water ready and came out she went outside and noticed both Ayaan and Elena not there ..

Are where they are ?? Twinkle started panicking she noticed Elena with Abeer and asked about ayaan ..
No twinkle only Elena was there Abeer said ..twinkle was shocked ..

Why there were here ?? Meher asked ..
Twinkle Told that they had chocolates and she went to check water to give them bath she didn’t mention Kunj name ..

Kaha chale gaya mera bacha she said while they got worried too ..Kunj went towards the same room and saw Ayaan sock there he went inside and sees him he called twinkle and showed her ..

Pakka Tum par Gaya hoga ye mein to aisi nai thi she said while Kunj looked on smirking ..
while rt Abeer and others too comes there ..and Kunj hides behind curtain ..

See him he is sleeping Abeer said while twinkle took him in her arms ..and elena shouted …while Ayaan woke with hearing their sounds ..

Hahaha Papa he went on twinkle completely ..she used to hide like this too when maa used to scold her Abeer said ..
Haan πŸ˜‚his one more habit went on twinkle rt said ..

Mera bacha leela said and left taking Ayaan with her ..while others too left ..
Twinkle was relieved that she got Ayaan while Kunj looked at her and mimicked her words ..pakka Tum par Gaya hoga mein to aisi nahi thi huh Kunj said ..

Get out twinkle shouted while he laughed and went from there ..
Sadu Kahi ka twinkle said ..they got ready for the haldi ..

The ritual was done and everyone enjoyed throughout .. while Kunj too was very much happy ..sarnas noticed his smiled his happiness after so long …

See him how good he looks smiling he is looking like my old Kunj ..bebe said ..
Yeah bebe I craved to see him like before because of me he lost his happiness Manohar said ..while they looks at each other ..

The rest of the functions goes out like this everyone enjoying Yuvi and Natasha having fun alott while twinkle was arranging everything perfectly she was even happy getting some time with Kunj ..

Some or the other reasons they were spending some time with Ayaan too ..while rt leela Abeer Meher busy they didn’t noticed much and sarnas too ..
The Sangeet function was done too with the same excitement and fun while all being tired went to sleep …as tomorrow was wedding and then all will left back to their private life’s ..

Twinkle was sitting in lawn recalling the moment she spent with Kunj in these days she was happy as well as sad too
No twinkle you can’t do this again you are falling for him again don’t know why I feels so bad whenever I see him as if he is in much deeper pain but still I can’t be with him I am tied up now ..don’t know what he wants to talk ..I’ll talk to him and make him clear that we are over now ..twinkle thought came to a halt when she heard someone voice ..

Can I sit here ? She turned and found ria ..
Yeah sure twinkle said she was nervous seeing her …
Other side ::
Kunj was looking at their pic and was very much happy tomorrow after wedding I’ll apologized to you and will tell you everything I hope you will understand your Kunj twinkle ..I love you I won’t let you go away from me he said and hugged their pic tightly ..
Ria and twinkle was still sitting ..
How are you ?? Ria initiated the conversation…

Hmm I am fine bha twinkle stopped and faked a smile..recalling how ria told her not to call bhabhi ..while ria look at her guilty ..

It’s good ria too smiled there was awkward silence for sometime ..
I am sorry ria told while twinkle looked at her ..and was surprised ..

She got up from there and started to leave while ria was sad…twinkle turned and looked at ria ..

I don’t have any grudges against anyone she said and left while ria looked on ..

I’ll make sure that you forgive me twinkle as I know you also loves me like I do ..Kunj thought on one side ..

I have to end this story forever as we can’t be together ever he never loved me twinkle wiped her tear …
Screen freezes on their face ..
Precap : Kunj to apologise…….and BOOM πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£
Will twinkle forgive Kunj ???? Will they unite happily or someother thing is on the way ..
Stay tuned to know more ..
Thanks to all who commented on last ..
Bye allahafiz ..

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