Shot 2
The story continued from twinkle Leela and RT reaching taneja mansion while Leela and RT left inside for their room without saying anything twinkle sees them going and felt bad she went to her room and locked it …

She looked at her room and sees her all pics with her parents on the wall this increased her guilt that because of her they have to bear so much humiliation today specially RT who had never considered her as daughter but as son she was feeling very much bad to see that disappointed in her father eyes all because of her ..

She sat on the bed and recalled everything what happen just now she was sad and angry with kunj behaviour ….
She recalled how after going from their she handed the nuptial chain to kunj asking him to give it to kunj only and left from their ..

Why you did this kunj you always told me you will make everything fine you will convince our families today but today you turned your face from your responsibilities why kunj may be he got scared knowing about child may be he didn’t wanted this child as he married to save my life …if this is the thing I’ll never question you anything kunj you are free from everything today everything she broke her phone by banging it on the floor
She sat on the floor crying recalling everything ..each n every words were ringing in her mind ..
On the other side ::
Kunj reached Sarna mansion he left for his room without saying anything while others looked at him ..usha was going to his room Manohar held his hand ..
Leave him he needs time he said and left for his room ..

You both to too and take rest usha said while Armaan left inside for his room ..ria went behind him …

Kunj closed the door behind and throws his blazer what you have done kunj …you ended everything today twinkle baby I was so happy when I got to know about it but …how can I do this I didn’t even spoke anything for her and proved her liar Infront of everyone ..

Her eyes showed the disappointment of choosing me as her better half I have ruined everything he sat on floor …and tries to call twinkle but her phn was switch off …he laid on bed cursing himself ….
@ TM :::
Twinkle sat on the table kept there she took a paper and pen and wrote a letter while crying n crying …

I have no right to stay here anymore whenever papa will see me he will remember that humiliation he have to bear for the first time I hope he forgives me someday …I broke his trust today and kunj shattered my dreams I got the right treatment … I am so sorry …she kept the letter on the table and left from the house without anyone’s notice …

She never thought in her life a day will come when everything will ruined like this …she was fully broken from inside
After sometime RT looks at the time he was shocked to see it’s morning he got up and came out of his room ..
Leela he called her out who went to make coffee for him ..

What happen Leela asked coming with a tray she kept it aside ..
We didn’t talked to twinkle she didn’t even had anything go and make her eat something RT says while Leela nodded she was going to kitchen when heard the doorbell ringing she opened it to find her son abeer and daughter in law meher ..

Suprise they both shouted and hugged Leela while she was happy to see them back ..
Where is papa maa ?? Abeer asked moving further he went inside and saw RT lost in thoughts

Papa he called out while RT looks at him and fakes a smile and hugged him
You both didn’t told us that you are coming today ??? RT asked ..

Yeah papa we thought to suprise you all ..thank you so much maa for sending us for vacation we enjoyed alott meher said with excitement in her voice ..
It’s good you both rest i am going to make breakfast Leela said ..

Where is twinkle maa ?? Abhi tak sorahi hogayi wait I’ll wake her up abeer said while RT and Leela looks at each other painfully abeer noticed them and asked ..
What happen maa papa is everything fine i am seeing you and maa since we came abeer said ..

What to hide from you abeer Leela said and narrated him everything while he was shocked like anything ..
Where is twinkle now ?? Is she fine meher asked …

I won’t leave that kunj papa how can he do this with twinkle abeer said angrily ..
Don’t abeer we won’t fight with them we have to see twinkle first she is important for us RT said ..

Haan all nodded in yes still everyone was in sorrow ..
Maa you make something I’ll wake her up abeer said and Leela nodded ..and went to kitchen ..

They went upstairs near twinkle room and knocked on the door having no response they entered her room to find it empty ..

May be she is in washroom meher suggested Knocking there while abeer was roaming from here and there he noticed the paper kept there and hold it he turned and what saw left him shocked ..

Twinkle …he said and ran downstairs while meher followed him ..he went while RT saw him and asked about it ..
Papa she went ..see he said showing him the letter while RT too reads it and was hell shocked ..

Where she went Kaha chale gayi meri bachi I didn’t talked to her last night and she misunderstood it abeer she thought that I am angry with her what have I done I know how sensitive she is RT said and fall on sofa …

Leela came out and heard them even she was shocked with it ..
Meri twinkle ..where she must have been she is not in this condition to live alone right now Leela said ..

Maa papa don’t worry I’ll find her abeer said …while all looked on tears eye ….
@ sarna mansion :::
Kunj was sleeping with uncomfortably his hairs messy eyes swollen he jerked and got up from his sleep and rubbed his eyes ..

Such a bad dream it was twinkle left me he said and take his phn to see if there is any msg from twinkle as it was their daily schedule to wish each other good morning ..

He didn’t had notification and realised it was not his dream but reality his eyes turned heavy recalling what happen last night ..
How I will meet you after all this twinkle my mistake is not small he said palming his face and got freshen up soon and left for office ..

After sometime usha along with ria prepared breakfast…
This house feels so lonely without Bebe na mummy g ria said ..
Haan she will come back soon usha said ..

They both were done with cooking breakfast and went to call Manohar and armaan ..
Where is kunj Manohar asked ..

May be he is sleeping I’ll call him usha said and was going upstairs when their servant told that kunj already left ..
He never went office without me Manohar said ..

May be he had some work papa it’s not necessary that he obeys you everytime armaan taunted him while Manohar glares at him ..
Have your breakfast usha said shooing the conversation ..
@ office …
Kunj reached their and looks at the time he starts working all the while he was moving to see if twinkle came or not ..
Why she didn’t came kunj said Roaming here and there he asked receptionist ..

Tanejas didn’t came today ??
No sir RT sir informed that they may not come for few days she said ..
Hmm kunj said and left ..

Don’t know how is Twinkle he said and went back working again ..

A week passed by abeer was constantly Searching for Twinkle but wasn’t getting any clue about her whereabouts while everyone was tensed too but didn’t showed each other anything kunj was also waiting for her at office but daily gets disappointed of not getting to see her even once …
@ Sarna mansion :::
Yes I have done the work from Sarnas side its done everything now we have to just take tanejas report and collaborate it kunj said on call ..
Okay its good that you have done your work investor replied ..

But we need tanejas side of report to take this project forward but they are not coming since a week kunj said sternly ..

Yeah don’t worry Mr Sarna I have talked to Mr taneja he said his report will be submitted today for sure investor ended .
Oh it’s really good thing kunj said with a tint of Happiness ..and ended the call ..

Finally you are coming today he murmured when he heard a knock on door ..come in he shouted when usha entered with one of their care taker having kunj breakfast ..

See kunj I am made breakfast for you ..your favourite aloo paratha is there so much work in office that you are not even having food at home puttar usha asked ..

Kunj continue getting ready Infront of mirror .. ignoring her ..
You know kunj ria and armaan is fighting downstairs for parathas but I bring them specially for my kunj she said still there was no change in kunj expression ..

Ria too entered his room mummy g it’s wrong even I want this she said childishly …
No no ria it’s just for my kunj usha said and moved towards kunj ..

Come kunj eat she said helding his hand he take off his hands back ..armaan too came searching for them ..

What happen kunj why are you be having like this with us see mummy g how she is worried for you we all are worried for you kunj ria said ..

Bhai take them from here before I say or do anything which I don’t want to kunj said while Armaan nodded ..
Come maa ria he is not a baby he will have his food he said ..while kunj left from there ..

Why he is behaving so cold usha said disappointed ..
Really maaa ?? Ask yourself you will get the answer armaan said and left from there too leaving usha and ria behind ..
@ office
Everyone reached there and was waiting for the reports to move ahead with their further steps while Manohar and kunj was there …

Where is Mr taneja you said he is coming Manohar asked ..
Yeah see he is coming they replied and turned to find RT …

I apologize to you all for the inconvenience you all had ..
It’s okay Mr taneja where is miss taneja and report investor asked ..

Kunj eyes were stuck at the door …he sees abeer coming instead of twinkle and gets sad ..
Here is the report abeer said forwarding them some documents ..

I need to make an announcement RT said while all looks at him ..
From today this project will be handled by my son abeer taneja ..
Why where is miss Twinkle they asked ..abeer and RT looks at each other ..

Miss twinkle is so talented and we wanted her to handle this project ..
Twinkle had only made this report but she is not fine so abeer will handle it if you all don’t have any problem RT said ..

No we would love to work with Mr abeer too miss twinkle was best too she will be missed they said ..

I know she was ..B-e-s-t RT gets choked up while saying this kunj passed him a glass of water RT looks at him and keeps it aside …

Thank you all I have some other work so I’ll leave RT ended while all nodded he left outside …and wiped his tears ..

Where are you twinkle he said while abeer kept a hand on his shoulder ..
Papa handle yourself we will find twinkle soon papa he said..

We haven’t found her in a well Kaha hogi kaisi hogi RT said with tear filled eyes he take out his handkerchief while a paper falls from his pocket ..

Find her soon i don’t want anything to happen to her RT said abeer nodded and left after assuring him ..
Kunj who came behind abeer heard them he looks at the paper and opened it …it was twinkle letter …

I am so sorry papa today you have bear so much humiliation just because of me I am ashamed to call myself your daughter ..I am really sorry papa I don’t deserve your and maa love I stained your respect today and I don’t know how I’ll be able to apologize to you …but trust me papa your twinkle Is not liar ..when he (kunj) said that he deny everything I saw that broken trust and disappointment for me in your eyes and that too that much you and maa didn’t talked to me once even after coming home but believe me papa what I told was true ..I don’t care what others think about Me but please you don’t take me wrong I won’t be able to live with this guilt Bhai was right that I should have been at home but it was me only who never listened you have loved me more than Bhai and I let you down today that you have to hear many taunts I am going papa I don’t know how to meet your eyes after this I can’t face you to reminisce you everytime what happen today …I have to go ..I love you and maa soo much more than Bhai tell him okay hope you will forgive your twinkle one day …I love you all so much ..
Your twinkle ??

Kunj was shocked reading the letter twinkle left where ?? She is not with them ?? Because of me what have I done where she went where she must be he said and quickly left from there …
Rt was standing in the balcony while Manohar comes there ..
Tch tch tch what happen Mr taneja why you daughter let the project in midway he asked while RT ignored him ..

Ohh ho no response good I always told you she can’t compete my kunj he poked him again ..

Hah RT laughed at him while Manohar looks at him know everything still you will never change you always care about your reputation …and yeah right she can’t compete your kunj because kunj is not of her standard atleast she had the courage to accept what she did RT said ..

Huh whatever now you will say this only your daughter ashamed you Manohar replied ..

Whatever she did she will remain my daughter what about you Haan if kunj and twinkle had really love each other I would have atleast bend down for my daughter Happiness but you know what the difference in me and you ..I care for my children Happiness but you just care about your reputation ..

Don’t think if I am in pain today that Is permanent no it’s temporary what you will do Haan …RT asked ..
What do you mean ?? Manohar replied ..

What I mean kunj did so much with twinkle he didn’t told anything when everyone was humiliating may be he did to let her down but still i didn’t find that satisfaction on his face instead he has pain in his eyes which you will never see RT said ..

It’s nothing like that Manohar said ..
Hah don’t fly so much Monu I will give you a advice change your attitude or you will loose your son’s Happiness forever RT replied ..

And I bet you one day you will beg for his happiness …he ended sharply..
That day will never come RT Manohar said ..

I hope that day doesn’t comes or else I can’t see you begging he said and stormed out of there leaving Manohar in thoughts ..

I know where my kunj happiness lies he called someone …
Talk to pandit ji and find a good mahurat for wedding Manohar ended determined ..
Screen freezes
So how was the shot ???
Will they be able to find twinkle ?
Thanks to all who commented on last ..
I’ll update kaatil too soon .. hopefully ????
Bye allahafiz ..

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