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Shot 1
The story started with the RIVALRY of MANOHAR SARNA AND RAMINDER TANEJA the famous business man of Amritsar they don’t have a particular reason for their rivalry just wanted to be on the top list … Because of their rivalry there was clashes between their families too Manohar and rt used to work together but after a loss they separated their works upon blaming each other for the loss …

Conference room :::
Many industrialists were sitting in the conference hall as today is a very important day for them everyone were thinking about who will get the contract  many were trying to impress the investors and to get the number one position in business magazine …. While the clock stuck at 9

A handsome man enters with his father he was none other than
KUNJ SARNA the most eligible bachelor and the youngest business tycoon he was hot handsome dashing to make every girl drool for him …and he was smart as well to clear the deals … Obeys his father a perfect ideal son…

Manohar and kunj both got seated in their places …soon after them a beautiful lady enters she was too with her father who was none other than ..

TWINKLE TANEJA the most cutest girl with beauty and brain she was gorgeous enough as well as smart ambitious her father never considered her as daughter she was his proud

Twinkle and RT were seated right Infront of kunj and Manohar while twinkle and kunj looks at each other Manohar and RT was passing each other death glares …this was noticed by twinj who was disappointed to see them that way .
Twinkle and kunj knows each other since their childhood time both always have some feelings for each other because of their family they never talked with each passing other after the completion of their studies both joined their fathers business still they never behave like ENEMIES

The meeting started while everyone were giving their best presentations ..then the times comes for the Sarnas kunj being their representative gave his presentation while twinkle was busy admiring him soon she was back in the world with the sounds of claps ..kunj took his seat back thanking them while his father feels proud and looks at RT with a smirk ..he looked at twinkle who blinked her eyes assuring him and went to represent from the tanejas she was not less than kunj she gave her performance too while kunj was looking at her smiling like an idiot twinkle noticed his smile but ignores it soon she was done and a huge round of applause was done for her too …

Everyone was damn best we need a time to decide ..we have to give this contract to whom the investors spoke while all nodded and left for snacks …
Black coffee kunj said standing near coffee shop there who was full with other customers till now while the shopper smiled …

The last one for you sir he replied while kunj stands waiting he turned and looked at twinkle coming …
Give me something else I don’t want he said to the shopper while he gave him tea till that time twinkle reaches there ..

Black coffee please she said while the shopper smirked at kunj understanding and he gave it to twinkle …
Twinkle and kunj stands looking at each other desperately wanted to talk ..they were going to start their conversation when heard RT and Manohar voice ..

Leave this project Mr taneja as it will be given to the Sarnas only Manohar said ..
Hah wake up from your dreams Mr Sarna we will see who will win this project RT replied him back ..

Hah not dreams it’s reality my kunj has given the best ever presentation and I know he will only crack this deal I don’t have any tension like you  Manohar added ..

Your kunj will be best but my twinkle is perfect and yeah she is not a TENSION SHE IS EQUAL TO TEN-SONS for me RT again replied in his way while twinj looks at each other clearly disappointed ..they break time ends and they were back to the conference hall and got seated ..

We have thought alott on this and we are very much confused to give this presentation to whom the best of two we liked is Mr kunj Sarna presentation as well as miss twinkle taneja too and we decided to give this project to both of you and you have to collaborate for it the investors spoke making Manohar and RT shock ..they looks at each other while twinj smiled …

You both have to come to our main hub to confirm this deal he ended ..
Now it’s upon you both to process further or not thanks to all for coming here so the meetings ends here he added while all stands and congratulate twinkle and kunj and left from there while Manohar and RT too without speaking anything ..

Kunj and Manohar reached back Sarna mansion while Manohar left for his study and kunj looked at his mom Bebe and his Bhabhi ria who were in hall ..
Arey kunj puttar when you both came ?? Bebe asked while kunj smiled and replied just now ..

Waise guys what you all are doing here ?? Kunj asked ..
Armaan is making barbecue for us and he warned everyone to not to disturb him ria said while Bebe and usha nodded ..
Now you only see your brother ria complained ..

No Bhai I am going to have a quick shower you only see your husband kunj winked at left from there ….
@ taneja mansion ::
RT and twinkle too reached and twinkle hugged her mother and told her everything while she was shocked too twinkle went to change while Leela sits beside RT ..
I don’t know what to do now this deal is very important RT said while Leela kept a hand on his shoulder ..

I think you should go ahead with this deal don’t care about anyone our twinkle is best Leela said while RT smiled ..
Yeah I’ll talk to abeer too then decided to send twinkle to complete the deal RT went to get freshen up while Leela arranged the dinning table …
@ Sarna mansion ::
Kunj came down and joined his family in lawn Manohar too came armaan came with the barbecue with the help of kunj he served everyone and took seat beside his wife ria all notice Manohar quiet behaviour and upon asking he told them all ..

Yeah why should we care you send kunj to complete this deal usha said while he agreed  ..
I am so happy that a new member is arriving in our family usha said looking at ria while armaan smiled ..

Yeah maa I am so excited to be chachu kunj too added ..
they all enjoyed their family time ..

@ taneja mansion :::
Twinkle and RT joined Leela who was in video call with her son abeer and daughter in law meher both went for vacation …
So love birds enjoying your days Haan twinkle teased them ..while they blushed ..

Leela Twinkle you both go and see desert I have to talk to abeer RT said while they both left ..RT went and told abeer about it ..
Why twinkle papa I will go and see that deal abeer said ..

No twinkle should do this beta RT replied
You always send her on this deals why she should work let her stay at home abeer said ..
Abeer rt said ..
As your wish papa abeer replied while they both cut the call after talking for sometime …
Next day both twinj left for their main branch which was in another city it was a long hour journey they both reached and saw each other and the deal by signed by them it was late evening till then they decided to go back home on their way it started raining heavily … blocking all the
Ways ..
We can’t go ahead than this they both said …

Twinkle and kunj too came out of their cars while both looked at each other
You both and stay in that hut as soon as the way gets clear we will inform you they said ..
Let’s go kunj said seeing twinkle who was sneezing and shivering badly ..

Hmm twinkle nodded and both left
After walking for sometime they see a small house and went their …they were drenched ..
You rest I’ll stay awake kunj said …
N..o I will sit ..too twinkle replied shivering badly ..

She sees a blanket there and coverer herself kunj decided to distract her and started the conversation ..they both were taking after sometime he sees twinkle unconscious he pats her cheeks ..
Twinkle twinkle get up he was highly panicked ..he looked on For the things to keep her warm .. he sprinkle water in her face while she opens her eyes with much difficulty …kunj somehow managed to lot fire but it was not enough to keep her warm …

Twinkle stay awake see talk to me. Kunj said ..
No I can’t I can’t even breathe twinkle replied closing her eyes again while kunj hugged her …

I have to do something no no kunj you can’t do this without marrying her but I have to save her life anyhow …twinkle who was semi-conscious heard him talking to himself

Twinkle will you marry me ?? Kunj asked
You w..ant to ma..rry me to sa…ve my life she asked …
No no twinkle yes I want to marry you to save your life but I …he said and stopped in middle he looks at twinkle ..I don’t know twinkle you will believe or not but I love you since long I was always scared to confess thinking about our families but now I can’t hide my feelings anymore will you marry me will you be my life partner my bestest half ?? Kunj asked her ..

Yes kunj even I love you too twinkle said and they hugged …
Kunj sees the fire he lifts twinkle in bridal style and walks around the fire …

promising to be with her always soon he cuts his finger filling her forehead …and pecked her forehead …while they both promised to be with each other and again confessed Thier love becoming a single soul ….
Next day both went back to their homes determine to unite their family and end their rivalry …
Both were happy with their newly found love they started working together for their new project and was secretly teasing each other days were passing by soon …

Twinkle went to some restaurant where kunj planned their first official date soon she reached in his gifted saree looking hell she was taken to the area by the workers soon kunj comes there and blindfolds her

Kunj what’s this Haan twinkle asked ..
I told you na baby it’s a suprise he whispered in her ears while she blushed he took her and opens her blindfolds while she was shocked looking at the scenario Infront of her and hugged kunj .
It’s all so beautiful she said while kunj smiled ..
Yeah it’s beautiful but not more than my love kunj replied backhugging her while she smiled ..

I have something for you kunj said while twinkle looked at him excitedly he smiled seeing her and gave her a box she opened to find a nuptial chain and looked at kunj ..

This was left over na so kunj said while twinkle turned smiling and he adorned it in her neck and pecked her forehead..
Kunj till when we are going to hide about our wedding twinkle asked worriedly ..
I am trying twinkle to talk to papa but everytime he gets busy in work I will convince him for sure right now ria Bhabhi family is coming as they didn’t came when she told everyone about her expecting so kunj said ..

Hmm Acha chachu twinkle teased him ..
Yes Chachi kunj replied they both spend their time together teasing each other sharing their college memories how desperately they wanted to talk to each other n all ..
I am scared kunj what if they will not accept us ??? Twinkle asked ..

Nothing like that will happen twinkle I assure you kunj said sidehugging her while she was still scared of their families reaction …
It’s quiet late let’s go home kunj said ..
Hmm I’ll go now twinkle replied ..
I’ll drop you kunj said ..

Haan then meet your father in law too twinkle teased him while he smiled ..
Huh I meet him daily in office he said frustrated and because of that I couldn’t see you lovingly he ended while twinkle laughed and pulled his cheeks soon they went back home …

Twinkle kept the chain very carefully and smiled she messaged kunj while both chat and then slept ..

Downstairs :::
Akash and ragini Kapoor comes at taneja mansion to invite taneja family for their wedding anniversary …
{Akash was a good friend of RT and Manohar both went to Europe with his wife and young daughter ridhi ..his elder daughter was ria …}
Yeah we will surely come Leela said and hugged ragini while they left from there ..
2 days passed twinkle didn’t went office due to her health issues kunj was worried for her but didn’t showed it to anyone ..
Siyappa queen you are fine or not kunj said angrily on call
I am fine kunj don’t worry twinkle coughed while kunj heard her ..

Huh I am fine I am coming to take you to doctor kunj said ..
No no I am fine kunj don’t come twinkle replied ..
I am missing you Yaar he said while she smiled ..

Even I but I can’t meet you mom and dad is not leaving me for a second Twinkle said while they talked and ended the call ..

Next day ::
The day went so faster they went for work while at night all were busy to get ready for the wedding anniversary party ..
Twinkle and kunj were ready along with their parents and went to Kapoor mansion ..

Tanejas greeted and congratulated them while ridhi and twinkle met formally as they all know each other …soon Sarnas reached there while kunj eyes went of twinkle he smiled seeing her ..

Ridhi who was kunj friends hugged him tightly making twinkle jealous while kunj can read her face and smiled he decided to tease her more laughing and talking with ridhi …
Ria met her parents who were happy to see her ..

How are you baby akash asked ..
I am fine papa ria replied smiling
8 months more ragini said ..
Yeah she make childish face while everyone else laughed ..
They all were enjoying party twinkle went in side kunj smiled and without anyone’s notice he stands beside her ..

Ahem ahem someone is looking really cute like a red tomato ..kunj teased her ..
Huh why you are here Mr Sarna go na to your ridhi twinkle said ..
My ridhi okay twinkle baby I’ll go. Kunj replied while twinkle went from there angrily making kunj laugh …

They all had their dinner while twinkle condition was still not better and she didn’t even had anything…kunj was looking at her and wanted to scold her but he couldn’t ..soon everyone was done with dinner …

Attention everyone I am so happy that you all came in our anniversary I am so happy my elder daughter is going to be Mom soon and my younger daughter ..uhmm that’s the Suprise ..
Guess what it can be akash said while all looked on …

Ridhi puttar come here he said while she went I have decided to get ridhi too married soon he ended while everyone were happy ..
Who’s the guy ?? One of the guest asked ..
Already my ria is daughter in law of sarnas and very happy too and now ridhi will have same family hai na Monu he asked while he nodded in yes making twinj shocked ..

Yeah kunj puttar I know you and ridhi are good friends no no best friend now I am choosing her to be my second daughter in law Manohar ended while twinj looks at each other ..
I think we should get rings exchange what say usha asked ..

Good idea ragini added ..
No this can’t happen Twinkle said while they all turned towards her ..
Why ? Usha asked sternly ..

Kunj is mar..ried twin..kle said she felt dizzy and faints while kunj holds her in nick of time and they called doctor while everyone stands outside ..

Soon doctor informs them that twinkle is expecting making everyone hell shocked with her statement they decided to wait for twinkle till she gets concious…
Twinkle woke up and looks at Leela and rt she asked them what happen and they told her about it..

What’s is this twinkle ??? RT asked while twinkle looked on ..they went downstairs
Kunj and I married papa we decided to hide this from you all so that we can convince you all for this
relationship ..twinkle said ..while all of them looks at twinkle kunj too was present there ..

What ?? You are married ? That too with kunj have you gone mad Haan usha asked …
Haan aunty this is true ask kunj twinkle said ..

Why twinkle Haan you are lying we all know why kunj didn’t told us he never hided anything from us you are faking a story and saying this is kunj child Haan ria said ..
Bhabhi why I’ll lie even you are expecting understand why I’ll lie this thing twinkle said ..

Don’t call me Bhabhi ria replied .. I know you are lying
What proof you have that kunj married you Twinkle ria and usha asked ..
Twinkle showed them her nuptial chain
Hah anyone can buy that twinkle you think us fool to believe you …leave her to mental asylum she started assuming things usha taunted Leela ..

Enough of enough twinkle come with us Leela said not able to hear more for her daughter ..
Kunj plzz say something tell them kunj twinkle said moving towards kunj while he stands numb she hugged him tightly crying while usha looks at her angrily she jerked twinkle and pushed her..while rest were shocked …

Before twinkle could fall RT held her …
Maa kunj shouted seeing her jerking twinkle while usha looks at kunj ..
Papa ..I am not lying see my kunj can’t see me getting harmed twinkle said ..while RT looks at her teard eye …

Tell is this true ?? Kunj akash asked ..
I don’t any..thing what was twinkle talking ever..ything is false I deny everything kunj said …
Twinkle looked at RT who eyes showed disappointment for her she turned and looked at kunj who was looking on the other side ..

Sunliya sabne I am saying this twinkle is lying don’t know whose bad blood she is carrying usha said ..
Right mummy g she commited a sin and now forcing kunj into this ..kunj will only marry ridhi understand twinkle ..

All started talking rubbish about twinkle she was continuously staring at kunj ..who looked back at her …
Her eyes showed the way of her broken heart she didn’t question him further of why he is lying like that ..

She was hurt by the fact that he didn’t even raised his voice when their child was being called a bad blood …
She had many things to prove kunj and her but she decided to keep quiet seeing kunj

The night changed everything in a single statement ..
The young love died Infront of the hatred ..
Trust shattered into pieces …

Stop it twinkle said while everyone looked at her ..don’t you all dare to call my baby anything…I don’t want anyone views in it I don’t care of anyone accept him or not ..
Time will prove who was right I have heard enough but you all are no one to talk about me and my baby  understand twinkle said ..

Come with us RT replied taking them from there while kunj looked on ..
Soon they all left one by one kunj too was going when his driver stopped him ..

Sir this is for you he said ..while kunj took it something was wrapped in tissue paper kunj opened to find same nuptial chain which he had given to twinkle ..his eyes get teary …

Pyar hai ya sazaa,
Aye mere dil bata,
Toot ta kyon nahi,
Dard ka silsila,
Iss pyar mein ho kaise kaise imtihan, Yeh pyar likhe kaisi kaisi dastan,
Screen freezes
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