Pyaar-the feeling of love (swaragini) part-15

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Rag: no lakshya, aayush loves RIYA
Lak: what!!!
Rag: ha ayu loves riya.
Lak: how can you say that?
Rag: few days back, on the last day of our project I went to meet riya. At that time I saw ayu proposing her. And she said that she is already engaged.
Lak: so that’s why he said that she belongs to someone else. And her name also starts with R. ‘RIYA’.
Rag: but she is not engaged to anybody. She was confused, so she said so. But now she also loves him. She has realized her feelings. Yesterday only she told me that she will confess to ayu after our marriage. But till then she will tease him.
Lak: oh thank god. You know I thought that he is telling about you. And one more word from him, then I would have throttle him.

By saying this he hugged her. But ragini broke the hug. Lakshya frowned his eyebrows
Rag: lakshya we know its not ayu but till now we don’t know who was it. Why is that person doing this?
Lak: don’t worry ragu. Nothing will happen. Just few more hours and you will be mine forever.
Rag: exactly lakshya. We need to wait for few more hours and any thing happen in this time.

Lak: ragu from early morning you will be busy. You will not be alone. Evening is the marriage. The only thing is to spend this night. I will ask di , swara or riya to accompany you.
Rag: hmmm(nodding her head)
Lak: ok you wait here, I will bring them.
Lakshya goes out by closing the door. He went to anjali’s room. Swara, riya and Anjali were sleeping in arjali’s room.
He knocked the door. Anjali opened the door.

Anj: lucky what are you doing here at this time? Any problem?
Lak: di…..
They were interrupted by the loud shriek.
Ragini was shouting loudly.
Rag: ahh!!!!!!!!!!! Laaaakshyaaa………………….bhiyyaaaaaaaaa………..
Rag: who are you ? leave me………laaaaakshya………..
On the other side lakshya and all others hears the noise and rush towards the room.
Anj: why is rago shouting?!!!!!!1

They rush towards her room
By the time Arjun sanky, ayu and all others also reach there. But the door was locked from inside.
Lak: ragu open the door.
Arj: laado, bachha open the door. What happened.

But she does not open the door and now she was not shouting also.
They pannic and break the door. And rush inside. By that time all enders were also coming towards her room. Ayush go towards them. Convince them that nothing happened and send them back. Mean while all others enter the room and found ragini in unconscious state near window. Lakshya picked her up and placed her on bed. Anjali sat beside her and caressing her hair. Swara and riya stood on either side of the bed. While lakshya and Arjun were searching her room. Lakshya saw someone was running towards the gate but could not see his face coz of darkness.
Lakshya show him to Arjun and aayush. They run towards the entrance but by that time he was gone. They return back to the room.
Anjali was trying to wake ragini. She was gaining conscious. Suddenly she wake up shouting lakshya’s name.
Rag: lakshya!!!!!

Lak: (rushing towards her) ragini relax.
Rag: lakshya he….he ca….came again lakshya. He will take me aw….. away from you. i….i don’t want go away from you lakshya.
Lak: (by hugging her tightly) no ragu, see nobody is here!! I promised you right, I will never let you go. Hmmm? Now relax, nothing will happen.
Anj: ragu……
Rag: she hugs her. babhi…..
Arjun came towards her and caressed her hair. Ragini is still afraid and hugging Anjali.
Arj: I will not leave that person, who so ever is responsible for my laado’s condition. I will show him the hell. Lakshya what Is all this?
Lakshya explained then what ever happened( not about aayush and riya)
San: this much happened but you dint tell us?
Lak: even I got to know this noe only. So I came to inform di. But this much happened.
Arj: who is it? Why is he trying to take laado?
Ayu: my some goons, to demand ransom
San: no if they were some kidnapers then why will he hug and kiss her?
Arj: may be somebody is obsessed with laado and got to know that she is getting married……
Lak: may be. But nobody can touch my ragini until I am with her. she is only mine. I will kill that blo*dy moron.
His eyes were blood shot his hand was balled into fist. Like he found out that person then he is dead for sure.

Arj: lucky calm down. Laado was anybody troubling you like this before
Ragini shake her head still hugging Anjali. Fresh layers of tears found its way.
Anj: caressing her hairs. Its ok ragu calm down.
Arj: riya you were her best friend. Do you any such things
Riya: no. there was nothing like that. We hardly talk to others. There was nobody troubling us.
Arj: ok we will see this tomorrow. Now its too late, lets go. Sanky ,ayu increase the security and make sure nobody enters inside without invitation.

They both nodded
Arj: lucky don’t worry we all are here, we want let anything happen to her. anju you sleep with her ok?
She nodded. All dispersed to their rooms. Lakshya while going out look towards her with painful and determined look. And goes from there
Some where at some dark place, a man is standing and talking to ragini’s photo, in which she is appling mehendi
Man: ragini, what if I cant bring you now? You will have to come to me one or the other day. I will try to get you till my last berath. And he husg the photo you are mine. I will get you by hook or by crook.
I love you ragini. And you must love me. Only me

Ragini is looking bit relaxed. None of them is leaving her alone. She is getting ready for haldi.
In hall lakshya is sitting for haldi in white kurtha and lower. Arjun and Anjali are looking after the preparation. Just then swara and riya brings ragini down. She was dressed up in white and lite pink lehenga and ornaments made of baby pink roses and jasmine flowers. Lakshya was just lost in her all the time during haldi . all his friends left no stone to tease them.

Haldi ceremony went very well. They were taken back to their room. Every thing seemed perfect. Elders knew nothing about the happenings of the last day. Sanskar and aayush were looking after the security swara and riya were always near ragini. They were teasing her and distracting her from thinking about the previous day’s incident. Arjun and Anjali were looking after the preparations. Ap and janki were looking after the rituals where as dadaji, dadi, dp and kailash were looking after the guests.
Later there was only two hours for marriage. Riya and ragini were left alone in ragini’s room. While swara went to bring some thing.
Suddenly ragini feels that someone is staring at her. she gets scared. She goes and hugs riya

Rag: riya somebody is watching us. He…… he came back riya.
Riya also feels the same and she silently messages to Anjali and aayush.
As soon as they receive the message thay rush towards her room.
Mean while that person makes the guards standing near ragini’s room unconscious. Swara who was coming back see this and shouts
Saw: hey!! Who are you? Sanskar…..lakshya…..
That person runs from there as he saw swara. He runs to the crowded place and mingle with the crowd.
Here swara, Anjali, aayush , sanakar and Arjun are pecifying scared ragini and riya.
Arj: sanskar dint I told you not allow anybody without invitation?
San: but me and ayu personally checked every invitation.
Arj: then how could he enter inside
Anj: Arjun, the person who can do all these things, cant he get one invitation?
Arj: shona did you see his face?

Swa: no I could not see
San: its ok. Now that he has entered inside. We should be moer care full. He cant harm lucky anyways. I will be near ragini’s room and di you riya and shona be with ragini. Jiju you and ayu be near mandap.
Ayu: I thing now its time to inform elders. We cant take risk.
Arjun and aayush leaves from there. Sanskar increase security near ragini’s room and he himself supervise them
Arjun brings dp and kailash to the corner and inform them the matter. Now they are worried .
Dp, kaliash, Arjun and aayush stands near mandap and checks each and every thing and keeps an eye on every person.

Pracap: will the marriage happen???? Who is that mystery person???

guys sorry I am late again. But from now on I will try to give at least 2-3 updates in a week. But I cant promise coz I need to maintain the other ff also. But 2 updates per week for sure.
Thank you all for the comments. But now a days no. of are decreasing may coz I am irregular or may be you people are finding it boring. But I am trying my best. So plz do support me plz
I will come back with another update soon till then miss me………….

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