Pyaar-the feeling of love (swaragini) part-12

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Hiiii……………..guys. missed me…..but i missed you all a lot.
a biggggggg wala sorry for not updating for long what to do i was struck up with my lab internals and i also needed a break to shape my story. i am just having 3 days gap for my lab externals and i thought of giving an update. so jaan is back with new update.
hope you enjoy the ride….

recap: arjali and raglak moments…
link to previous part:

so it starts with ragini and lakshya in each others embrace at the teress.
rag: laksh can you promise me one thing
laksh broke the hug and looked at her with questioned expression
lak : what?
rag : plz never leave me.
lak : (smiled at her, then with a serious expression) do you think i am going to leave you…
rak : no i jus…
she was trailed off by him
lak : i promise you ragini. i lakshya maheshwari promise to ragini gadodia that i will never ever leave your hand even if you your self want me to leave you even then i will not leave you. what ever may be the situation i will never ever let you go. not only in this birth i all my births, in all your births, lakshya only belongs to ragini and ragini only and ONLY belongs to lakshya.
they share a passionate eye lock. ragini could sense the truth, passion and immense love for her in his eyes.
later they breaks the eyelock.
lak : ragu its too late you must be tired. lets go.
ragini nodded and they went to ragini’s room. they wished each other good night and laksh kissed her forehead and went his room.

next morning
all had their breakfast and settled in hall to spend some quality time. as they were talking they decided to go to their farm house which was in the city out strike to spend their weekend before starting the engagement preps. so they decided that all eldres will be leaving today go their and make some arrangements for their stay where as youngsters will be making arrangements for their fun, do their shopping and they would reach the farm house tomorrow morning. after a while ap, dp, janki, kailash, dadaji dadi left to farm house to make arrangements. raglak and arjali were discussing about some stuffs where as swasan and aayush will be joining them tomorrow morning.
laksh went to buy some stuffs anjali, arjun and ragini were at home.
anj : i will make coffee.
rag : i will help you babhi
arjun was doing something on his phone. suddenly a girl came there
girl : arjun……
arjun was shocked and surprised to see her. he stood up. the girl ran to him and hugged him tightly
ragini and anjali came out hearing the noise. anjali saw her and even she was surprised but after seeing her hugging arjun she was burning with jelousy. she went to them and seperated them. while ragini was suppressing her laugh seeing anjali’s possessiveness.
anj : hi aditi. nice to see you after a long time
she said while faking a smile. and stamped on arjun’s foot. which made him come back to earth.
arjun: ouch…… ha aditi what a pleasant surprise.
aditi : hai missed you a lot so i came back.
anj : are what was the need to come back.
aditi : what?
anj : i mean you got a very good job in london na. thats why i asked you that too after 5 years you came back.
aditi : ha. but i was missing my arjun very much thats why i came back.
anj : (in low voice) my arjun? how dare she say that. i will just kill her if she say that again.
arjun who herd this widened his eyes while ragini was trying very hard to control her laugh.
aditi : (by pointing to rags) by the way arjun who is this?
arj : oh, i forgot to introduce. he went to her and put his arms arround her sholders and said she is my sister.
aditi : what!! when did all this changes happened as fad as i know you did not had family.
anj : aditi, you are back after 5 years, and 5 years is a very long gap. and in these five years many things have changed. now anjun has his own complete family. ma, papa, dadi, dadaji, sister, and WIFE also.
this was a shock for aditi. aditi was the best friend of arjun in their college time. arjun considered her as friend but she had crush on him. and the equation between aditi and anjali was not so good. due to some family issues she shifted to london and was now back after 5 years.
aditi : what arjun are you married?
arj : ha aditi i tried to contact you but i could not. sorry
aditi : how could you do this to me arjun. how could you? no this cant happen. you all are lying i know. look arjun i dont like such pranks. i love you arjun. and i am back only for you. now plz stop this prank ok.
arj ; aditi what are you saying. you were my friend and thats all. i dont love you. what has happened to you aditi. look what ever you may feel but that was past now i am married and I LOVE MY WIFE. get that.
aditi : no arjun this is not possible. you belong to me. only me. i cant let you go. i will do any thing for you. anything.
saying this she throttled anjali’s neck. which made ragini and arjun panic. then try to separate her from anjali and were success full. anjali was choking and arjun was handling her. ragini pulled aditi away from them and slapped her hard that she fell on floor.
ragini : dont you dare do that again.
aditi : how dare you….she raised her hand to slap her but ragini held her hand
rag : you better dont talk about my dareness coz you have hot seen anything yet. i agree that you loved my bhiyya but now you cant claim your love on him coz he is married and only his wife has the complete rights on him. you better get that.
aditi : (she was now completely broken) but what was my fault? ha. i loved him truely and waited for him. i know i was away from him for long time but that does not mean he can move on. he cannot break my heart like this. i still love his and cant imagine anybody else in his place.
she cried her heart out. all were sympathised towards her.
ragini : did you ever confess your love to him?
aditi looks on

rag : tell me did you ever confess your love to him? did you ever try to find out what does he fell for you? your love was always one sided. my bhiyya never loved you. i am not saying that you were wrong but atleast before leaving you should have confirmed whether he loves you or not. before waiting so long for him you should have confessed your love and made sure that he too will wait for you. but now all you love and wait is just meaning less. he belongs to some one else. i would have supported you if he was not married, but now he is some body else’s husband. loving a man is not a mistake but loving a married man is a sin.
aditi : i is easy to for you tell all this but place your self in my position and think about me. a girl who loved a person truely but he did not reciprocate her love how much it hurts.
rag : no it does not hurts but it kills. it kills us alive. but just think once in his perspective his wife’s perspective. he never knew that you were loving him. being a friend does not mean they should be lovers. friendship and love is two different things. which you failed to understand. but fault is not yours coz love is such thing, which make people crazy. they will not be able to think what is right and what is wrong. plz try and understand . ok place yours once in anjali babhi’s place and think in her perspective, when she is leading her married life happily and suddenly somebody comes and claims to love her husband, what about her? as of now no body is at fault but even after knowing this if you continue with youe madness then you may loose your friendship also and the truthfulness of your love. coz it will no longer be called as love but obsession. plz dont make that mistake . dont let people to call your love as your obsession. try to move on. i know its not easy but even if dont give a try then you may destroy three lives yours, bhayya’s and babhi’s. and you may ruin the happyness of two families.shiv ji will create a man for every girl maybe he is not the one for you. who knows he may be waiting for you like you waited all these years for my bhayya.
aditi hugged ragini and cried her heart out
rag : plz dont cry. you dont deserve this but you deserve a better future filled with happiness and love.
aditi : thank you so much. i dont say that i dont love arjun anymore but i will give a try. i will accept the one who is waiting for me. coz i know the pain of waiting and i dont want to give the same pain to him. thank you ragini. thank you.
she looked towards arjun and anjali. tears were unstoppable from her eyes. she went near them. anjali tightened her grip on arjun. arjun felt sorry for her but he was helpless.he aksed for forgiveness through his eyes. aditi hugged anjali and wispered a sorry and ran out of the house crying.
laksh witnessed every thing from out side he was so proud of her and he ran to her and hugged her tightly.
anjali signed her to come
ragini went near anjali and anjali hugged her and started sobbing. ragini was trying to calm her.
rag : babhi nothing to worry. look bahyya is here only with you.
anj : breaking the hug. thank you so much ragini. i just have no words to say. you know what i was jealous. jealous of you. how everybody pampers you. how you were given the top most priority, every thing made me insecure. but now i understood, why were you given everything before you asked for it. you know why?
ragini nodded her head in no. all were having tears in their eyes
anj : coz you are such a pure sole. you deserve all this happiness. i am sorry.
saying this she hugged her again. then arjun hugged her and thanked her.
lak : ok guys dont be so centy all of you. you know what i think you all are forgetting that we planned for a weekend. so now i will be giving you an hour time i want you people to be ready we are going for shopping. ok now jiju take your wife to your room and come back after an hour. not before that ok?
anj : why so?
arj : are anju its so simple. he does not want us be kabab me haddi in his romance. kyu salesab?
lak : wow you are the best jiju in this world.
all laughed at his statement.
anjun and anjali wemt to their room. after every thing happened even they do needed some privacy.
ragini was about to live but laksh held her hand and dragged her to himself. ragini landed on his chest. she lowered her head coz of shy.
lak : you know what ragu, these people dont know how thank only they only say thank you, thank you. dont worry i will thank you on their behalf.
saying this he held her chin and raised her head. ragini gavi him a confused look.
before she could realise anything he kissed her right cheek and said ” this is from jiju’s behalf anf this is from di’s behalf” he kissed her left cheek “this is from my side” saying this he took his face near hers and pecked her lips. ragini widened her eyes in shock such that any time her eyes would be out of socket. she pushed him and ran to her room. while laksh ran behind her saying that
lak : ragu this is not fair, you did let say thank you properly.
before ragini could close the door of her room laksh ran inside the room and closed the door behind him
ragini moved back nodding her head in no while laksh moved towards her with passion in his eyes which ragini could not take.
ragini moved back till she hit the wall, laksh caged her with his arms not letting her move. the kept reducing the distance between them. ragini closed her eyes tightly coz of the proximity.
lak : ragu open your eyes. dont close them plz.
but ragini dint open them.
lak : its ok. i will not force you.
he was above to move back but ragini suddenly opened her eyes and looked at him blushing.
laksh smirked and reduced the distance. ragini’s cheeks had the brightest color of red which made him go crazy. without wasting a sec he captured her lips. it was a short kiss. after few min laksh broke the kiss. ragini had her head lowered coz of shy. laksh raised her head holding her chin and said
lak : i just cant wait till marriage. dont blame me if i loose my control.
ragini hid her face in his strong chest. while he wrapped his arms around her.

after they enjoyed their family time together in their farm house they were back to mm. preps for raglak engagement were on full swing. engagement was organised in mm only with family members and some close friends and relatives. and guess what, raglak marriage was fixed only two days after engagement.
dp: but pandith ji, two days is very less time. plz tell some other date.
laksh who was on cloud nine, after hearing felt like somebody pushed him from there.
pandith : dp ji according to the kundali, if you dont want to do this marriage in two days then you have to wait for 4 years.
laksh : (shouting) NOOOO……………
everybody looked at him as though he is an alien who just came from mars (LOL)
arj : (controling his laugh) its ok dad, we all can manage. and if you delay then laksh will kidnap my laado and marry her. so its better if we do their marriage as early as possible. atleast hamara izzat to bachege.
every body laughed out a loud while laksh rubbed back of his neck smiling sheepily and said in low voice “not a bad idea” janki heard this and widened her eyes in shock.
so raglak marriage was fixed two days later.

precap: raglak marriage. till then miss me and bless me. love you all, TC. bye

hope i did not disappoint you guys. plz share your views. i really dont know when will i be able to post the next part. but i will try my best to update as soon as possible

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