Pyaar the feeling of love (part-17)

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Hi guys thank you for the comments. Hope I am not boring you guys. So here is the next part

Recap: ragini’s kidnap and raglak marriage.

Finally raglak are married. They take blessings form elders. Raglak’s ghrahapravesh is done they postpone all other rituals, coz of ragini’s health and the situation.
They move towards the mindir, ragini lit diyas in front of shiv ji. She did aarith. All were about to move from there, but ragini was about to faint lakshya notice this and holds her. he lifts her in bridal style and brings her to his room. Which is now raglak’s room. He made her lie on bed.
AP: she is too much stressed.
Dp: ha purna. Let her take rest, (turning towards everybody) all of you are also stressed, so everybody take rest. We will discuss thing in morning.

Everybody moves out, ragini, lakshya, ap and janki are there in room
Ap: lakshya you wait outside, till then we will change her dress
Lakshya moves outside. Ap and janki goes to ragini, removes her heavy jewellery, changed her dress and made her lie comfortably. Janky who was controlling her tears form long could not hold it any more. She sat near ragini and cried her heart out.
Ap consoled her and took her out.
Ap: lakshya, beta take care of her.
Lak: mom, no need to tell. I will take care of her.
Lakshya entered his room. A lone tear escaped his eyes. His room was decorated beautifully. It was decorated with red roses, which were his ragini’s favorite. Room was decorated with red and white cartons and ribbons. Red and white scented candles were glowing in every corner of their room. It had everything to make the atmosphere romantic. If at all everything has gone smoothly, then this would have been the best day ever in their life. They would have been married happily with all rituals, in front of all guests and dear ones. By now they would have been celebrating their suhag rath.
But now his ragini is lying unconscious, she was scared, stressed and broken. His family was tensed and worried for them. Everything was messed up. Thank fully now everything is falling back to its place. What so ever had happened but it ended good. His ragini is now HIS WIFE. Yes she was officially his now. From now on she will be known as his wife, his name will attached to her name, she will be called as Mrs. Ragini lakshya maheshwari. That was more than enough for him.
He went to her, sat beside her. kissed her forehead.
Lak: I love you ragu. No matter what, I will always stand by you and protect you. I will never let anything happen to you. I will never let you go away from me in any situation. This is your husband’s promise.

Everybody were sleeping. The whole mm was silent. This silence was somewhat scary. What did this silence symbolize. Did it said that everything ended in good, just like silence after heavy storm Or was it like a silence before the storm, indicating the coming danger. Only time can answer some questions.

It was 2am. Lakshya was sleeping next to ragini, hugging her. he was sleeping peacefully with his love in his embrace. suddenly ragini was murmuring something in sleep. Lakshya woke up, he saw ragini was saying something in sleep, she looked terrified. Her face was covered with sweat. Lakshya panicked. He tried to wake her up.
Lak: ragu, ragu wake up, ragini wake up dear. Look I am with you. Ragini plz wake up.
Ragini woke up shouting lakshya’s name.
Rag: lakshya…………
She was panting heavily as if she ran a marathon. She saw lakshya and immediately hugged him.
Lak: ragu its ok baccha. He is no more in our life. Now nobody can separate us. Look we are together.
He was pacifying her. just then they heard a knock on their door. Lakshya stood to open the door. But ragini held his hand and nodded in no
Rag: no lakshya, its……its him he will take me away from you.
Then they herd Arjun and anjali’s voice
Lak: ragu he is no more baccha, look its di and jiju. Lat me open the door, they will be tensed.
Lakshya opened the door and let them in. arjali went to ragini. Arjun hugged her
Arj: laado are you ok? What happened?
Anj: (caressing her head) lucky what happened? Why did she shout?
Lak: jiju di nothing to worry. It was just a nightmare. She is ok. I am with her. its just that she is still worried. I will take care of her.
After some time, after lot of convincement they both went and lakshya made ragini lie on bed with himself next to her. waiting for the sun to rise and spread his light of happiness, ending this darkness.

Next morning
Ragini woke up and found herself in lakshya’s embrace. A beautiful smile spread on face. But soon it disappeared as she remembered that horrible incident. His words ringed in her ears sending shivers of fear down her spines
“ You belongs to me. Only me. Either you are mine or nobody’s. “
“ if you cant become mine, I will never let you become somebody’s”
“ I will kill lakshya”
He was acting as a sycophant. He was obsessed with her. she never saw him before, he was neither her friend nor her classmate or colleague. His face was covered with black cloth revealing only his eyes. His burning eyes was the most scary thing she has ever seen in her life.
But that worry on her face was replace be a sweet and bright smile, as soon as she remembered lakshya filling her maang and adorning her neck with mangalsutra. She clutched her mangalsutra and kissed it.soon she heard her husband’s complaining voice
Lak: not fair wify. Morning kiss should be given to me. Not to your mangalsutra.
Rag: you were awake
Lak: don’t change the topic. Common give me my morning kiss.
He leaned to her. but she pushed him got off the bed
Lak: achha ji. Now look
He also got off the bed and ran after her. they both ran through the whole room. Finally he caught her near wardrobe and pinned her to it.
Lak: sooo…….finally I caught you.
Rag: lakshya somebody will come.
Lak: so what now you are my legally wedded wife mrs. Maheshwari
Rag: lakshya..
Lak: no more excuses
He leaned toward her. kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes feeling him. He kissed her eyes, her cheeks. Then her looked at her, she also looked at him, smiled and closed her eyes. He captured her lips. After they parted he kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly. She too hugged him tightly.
Lak: I love you ragu
Rag: I love you too lakshya
Screen freezed on their smiling face.

Somewhere in a dark room. Mistry man is shown with lot of bandages in head, hands and legs
Man: mr. lakshya maheshwari, may be you have succeeded in marrying my ragini. but the happiness will not be there for too long. Ragini is mine and I will get her. be happy till I come back, coz once I will be back I will make your life hell. Ragini is mine
I love you ragini. Till now you were just my love but now you are my obsession. I will get you at any cost. Coz what is mine will always remain as mine.

Precap: thinking…………till then miss me.
Any suggestions for mystery man…………

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