Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 8

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Hello beautiful people x

Episode begins.


Sayaam is shown standing in shock hearing the news of Krishna’s accident. He drops his phone out of his hand and stands lifeless. He remembers his memories with Krishna. Her smile. Every time she cared for him.

Meanwhile, Suhani hugs Krishna’s head on her lap. She cries and tells the driver to drive quicker.

Sayaam hurries and drives towards the hospital. His phone on the seat next to him rings. Sayaam doesnt look at it and ignores it. The caller ID is shown as Yuvani. He talks to himself.

Sayaam: Im coming, Krishna! Im coming ……

He gets stuck in a huge traffic jam. Angry, he hits his head agains the steering wheel.

Sayaam: Dammit!

He fiddles with his fingers. After a while, he gives up and parks the car. He starts to run towards the hospital, through all the traffic.

The hospital is shown. Suhani holds Krishna’s hand as she is lead through the hospital on a stretcher. Krishna is still unconcious and her head is bleeding.

Yuvani is shown waiting outside the Birla house for Sayaam. She gives up and gets into an auto by herself.

Sayaam arrives at the hospital desk, sweating, and crying.

Sayaam: Krishna?! Krishna Birla?!

The receptionist points in a direction and Sayaam starts to run. He runs fast and apologises to people as he pushes through crowds to get to Krishna. He reaches the entrance of a corridor just in time to see Krishna’s face, as she is lead into the ICU. Suhani sees his dejected face. She cries. Sayaam walks towards her slowly. He cant believe his eyes.

Sayaam: Krishna? ……

Suhani: Sayaam, Krishna had ……

Sayaam: Maa …… Krishna …… will be okay ……?

He cries. Suhani cant take it anymore and she hugs him tight. She strokes his head, crying, and tries to console him. Sayaam’s arms hang lifelessly.

Suhani: Sayaam! Beta. She will be fine! Nothing will happen to Krishna!

Sayaam hugs her back and cries into her shoulder. He breaks the hug and begins to walk away.

Suhani: Sayaam!? Where are you going?

He walks away as Bhavna, Yuvraj, Baby and Yuvaan enter the hospital.

Baby: Sayaam!

Baby calls after him but Suhani stops her.

Suhani: Let him go.

Suhani explains to them what happened and they stand with shocked faces. Baby looks away.

Bhavna: Oh god! Please save our Krishna ……

Suhani cries and Yuvraj consoles her.

Suhani: Yuvraj …… she got hurt badly …… if anything happens to her then?

Yuvraj: Nothing will happen to her Suhani.

Scene shifts to Sayaam walking down an isolated road. He recalls Krishna and his marriage. He remembers her stricken face as they took their rounds. He remembers when he hurt her a few days ago. Him telling her that he hates her. He cries.

Sayaam: Why did you do this Krishna?!

He kicks a tree angrily. He cries and falls to the ground.

Sayaam: Krishna doesnt deserve this …… this is all my fault ……

He stands up.

Sayaam: If anything happens to Krishna, I wont be able to live …… no one has ever made me feel like this …… i …… i think …… i love her! ……

Sayaam wipes his tears and smiles happily.

Sayaam: I love her! I love Krishna!

He shouts.

Sayaam: I love you Krishna!!!!

Krishna is shown in the ICU, her fingers moving slightly.

Sayaam: I love you Krishna ……

He chuckles.

Sayaam: But you dont love me. And you cant. I havent treated you well. But I will keep you safe. And I will love you through your hate.

He smiles and starts to run back to the hospital.

Suhani is standing outside the operation theartre. Yuvani walks down the corridor after her appointment. She sees Suhani. Confused, she walks over to her.

Yuvani: Mumma? What are you doing here? Why are you crying? ……

Suhani: Yuvani, beta? How was your appointment? Is everything okay?

Yuvani: Yes mumma. Everything is fine.

Yuvani reassures her.

Yuvani: But why are you here?

Suhani explains everything to her.

Yuvani: Oh god!

Suhani: We are waiting for her to come out.

Yuvani: Where is Sayaam?

Suhani holds her head.

Suhani: Oh I completely forgot. He came here running and then went somwhere. I dont know where he is.

Yuvani nods.

Suhani: Beta, you go home and rest. Im here.

Sayaam arrives there.

Sayaam: Maa any news?

Suhani shakes her head. He sees Yuvani.

Sayaam: Yuvani! Im so sorry! I waited for you and then I got the call from maa ……

Yuvani: Sayaam! Take a breath! Its okay.

Sayaam: What did the doctor say?

Yuvani: She said that ……

The doctor comes out of the ICU. Sayaam and Suhani rush towards him. Yuvani is left dejected. She leaves crying.

Sayaam: Doctor? How is Krishna?

Doctor: The patient is fine. She has lost a lot of blood so we will need to keep her in hospital for a few days. Other than that, everything is fine.

Suhani and Sayaam both breathe a sigh of relief.

Doctor: I must say Mrs Birla. Your bahu is very strong. By God’s grace she survived.

Sayaam smiles.

Doctor: I need her husband to sign some papers and then we will shift her so you can visit her.

Sayaam leaves with the Doctor. Suhani smiles knowing Krishna is safe.

Episode ends.


Sayaam sits next to Krishna and cries into her shoulder. Krishna grips Sayaam’s hand tightly.

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