Pyaar Dard Hota Hai : Kriyam Episode 13

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Hi guys x


Episode begins.

Everyone gathers in Yuvani’s room around her bed. She wakes up. Sayaam helps her sit up.

Yuvani: Mumma? Why are you crying?

Suhani wipes her tears and looks away.

Yuvani: Mumma? Sayaam? Sayaam why is mumma crying? Mumma, nothing happened to me. Im fine.

Yuvani looks at everyones solemn faces, confused.

Yuvani: Why is everyone crying?

Sayaam: Yuvani …… your child ……

Yuvani: My child? Nothing happened to my princess Sayaam. Everything is fine.

Sayaam: Yuvani ……

Sayaam is upset but tries to stay strong.

Sayaam: You lost your child.

Yuvani shouts.

Yuvani: Sayaam! What is wrong with you?! How can you say that?!

Everyone stays silent as Yuvani looks around at them all. She finally realises. She reaches for her stomach and screams.

Yuvani: No!

She holds her stomach and cries.

Yuvani: My baby!

She cries and clings on to Sayaam. She cries into Sayaam’s chest. He tries to console her.

Yuvani: Sayaam! Bring my child back! Please! Please, Sayaam! ……

Everyone cries seeing her state.

The scene fades.

Its the next morning. The doorbell rings. Krishna goes to open the door. She is confused seeing Soumya and Veer.

Krishna: Mom?

Krishna hugs her.

Krishna: What are you doing here?

Suhani enters.

Suhani: I called them.

Soumya: Yes Krishna.

Krishna: But why?

Suhani: Yuvani has found a good friend in Veer. Im hoping he can cheer her up. And besides they are our family. They can come over whenever they like. I was even thinking they should stay a few days.

Krishna smiles.

Veer: Can I see her?

Krishna: Yes. Her room is over there.

Veer nods and leaves. She sees Sayaam follow Veer and decides to join him.

Krishna and Sayaam stand outside Yuvani’s room door. They watch as Yuvani cries and pours out her feelings to Veer. Sayaam whispers to Krishna.

Sayaam: Veer has become a good friend to Yuvani.

Krishna: Its good she has someone to talk to. Someone who knows nothing about her past.

Sayaam looks at Krishna, hurt.

Sayaam: You are still holding on to the past though, right?

Krishna avoids his gaze.

Krishna: Sometimes its hard to forget.

Sayaam stares at her for a while and then returns his gaze towards Yuvani and Veer.

Yuvani: I wish of all people he was still here.

She cries.

Veer: Whatever happened, im always here for you.

Yuvani hugs him and he strokes her hair, consoling her. Sayaam and Krishna look on.

Its night. Krishna brings food to her room for Sayaam, who is sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking.

Krishna: Sayaam?

Sayaam snaps back to reality.

Sayaam: Huh? Oh sorry.

Krishna: Where was your mind?

Sayaam: Nowhere. Im fine.

Krishna smiles cheerfully.

Krishna: Here. Eat.

Sayaam: I dont feel like eating. Has Yuvani eaten?

Krishna: Maa is feeding her now. If you dont eat, how will you help Yuvani recover? She needs everything to be normal around her.

Sayaam: You’re right.

Krishna: I know.

Sayaam smiles. He begins to eat. Krishna watches him, content.

Sayaam: Have you eaten?

Krishna: No. I will, but later.

Sayaam pushes the plate towards her.

Sayaam: Its 11pm Krishna. How much later?

They eat together, from the same plate. Sayaam wipes food from Krishna’s mouth, tickling her. They laugh together.

Sayaam: Really, Krishna. If i didnt have you in my life, everything would be so much more different. Thank you. For being a good friend.

Krishna feels dejected, but doesnt show it. She smiles. Sayaam thinks.

Sayaam: How should I tell Krishna about my thoughts on Yuvani and Veer’s relationship? Its her best friend. How will she react?

Krishna notices him looking distressed.

Krishna: What is this Sayaam? Share with me what you are thinking. Maybe I can help relieve your stress.

Sayaam holds her hand.

Sayaam: Trust me Krishna. Its nothing. Come, lets eat.

He starts eating again and Krishna looks on.

Episode ends.


Veer shouts out on the terrace.

Veer: I love her!

Krishna looks on, shocked.

Please comment guys! Through Veerani’s love track will come the truth about Karan.

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  1. ahhh so good?loved veerani bonding?

  2. Shaani

    Hureeyyy… Finally… Veer is in love with Yuvaani… Great… Waiting for the upcoming track…
    Karan’s mystery…
    Waiting… Upload soon.. ?

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you! Will update soonx❤❤

  3. Nice episode

  4. Waiting for next update

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Will update soon ❤❤

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow… I ship veerani….or Yuveer…anyways the convo between kriyam were really nice.. I loved to see them talking as typical husband and wife…u nailed it..?

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