Pyaar aur Parivaar- balance b/w love and family (Part 11)

After a few days, Goenka villa:

Akshara gets ready and comes to the dining table with her certificates….

Manish: Good morning beta…. What are those in your hand???

Akshra: Badepapa… These are my school and college certificates… and…

Manish: And you want your name to be changed from Sonakshi to Akshara…right?

Akshara: No badepapa…. because My name in all the certificates is Akshara Goenka… but verbally I was known as Sonakshi… The thing is Vijay papa didn’t want me to lose my original Identity…so…

Manish: Ooo… Then why did you bring these to me Akshu???

Akshara: Actually, in all these certificates, in the parents’ column, Vijay papa and Asha mumma’s names are written… so… (sadly)… if you want to change it…. you can…

Manish: No beta!!! Not at all!!! They are like angels to our family… They not only raised you with good values but also understood our feelings and returned you to us…. If I can thank than in any way that would be my pleasure…. so let them have their rights as your foster parents….

Akshara: Thank you Badepapa… and one more thing I’m thinking of finding a job….

Manish: That’s so nice… wait why don’t you just give your interview in the Birla hospitals…. If you get job, then they will also get to know you and you will also make yourself comfortable with them…what say?

Akshara: Actually, I was also thinking the same… I will apply for it right now….

Akshara calls the receptionist of Birla hospitals…. On the call….

Receptionist: Hello, Birla hospital…. How may I help you?

Akshara: Hello… I’m Akshara Goenka… Is their any interview going on….?

Receptionist: Yes… We are running an interview to recruit a Cardiosurgeon…. Are you qualified for that?

Akshara: Yes…

Receptionist: Then mail us your details and certificates… we will be contacting you shortly after that… Good day….

Akshara: Thank you so much… Good day!

Call ends… As Akshara goes into the house, she sees her family getting ready to go somewhere…

Akshara: Mimmi…. Bade mummy… Where are you going??

Suvarna: Akshu… we all are going to Our kuldevi temple to complete our mannat we prayed for you when you have gone missing… so it’ll be late for us to return… so will you manage alone…?

Akshara: Yes Bademummy…. You all go I’ll mange…. bye…

Birla mansion, Abhimanyu’s room:

Abhimanyu is in the restroom. Seeing this, Neil, Nishta and their “kurafati” brains come to execute their prank…. They take Abhimanyu’s phone and message Akshara as follows….  ” I’m leaving you!!! Everything between us has come to an end!!! WE’ RE DONE!!!! … and sent! (mischievous smile spreads on their faces) They hear Abhimanyu coming and quickly place the phone in its place and sneak out of his room…

Akshara, who has sent all her details to the management of Birla Hospitals… is sitting in her room peacefully practicing her guitar lessons… As soon as she sees Abhimanyu’s message, She thinks it maybe a prank…

Akshara: (messages) Abhi!!! What is this prank..?

As she gets no reply from him…. she panics…

Akshara: (messages) Wait Abhi! Are you serious???

She gets no reply… Then she calms herself down and calls Abhimanyu…

On the other side Abhimanyu, who has no idea of what has happened, is getting ready to go to the hospital….

Abhi: (to himself) Arey yaar… Today at any cost I’m gonna gift this to Akshara… I said this guy to give is early but these shopkeepers you see… anyways, before Akshu loses her temper…. I’ve to give it to her… (smiles thinking of her)

Just then he gets her call….

Abhi: Akshu??? Why did she call??? Ooo… the gift!!!! Omg…. Now she’s gonna scold me for sure… Ok… For now I’ll ignore her calls and when I get free time I’ll go to her home and give this…. (he cuts the call)

Akshara, who is already so worried b’coz of that message, seeing that Abhimanyu is not taking her calls, breaks down….

Akshara: No…. No… This isn’t happening…. No…. (cries bitterly)

But she remembers the stories of her mother, Naira, not giving up easily and gathers courage and keeps calling him…


Abhimanyu goes downstairs, where he sees that as his mother goes to give Harsh vardhan his coffee…. mistakenly his hand hits the mug and all coffee falls on his shirt…

Harsh: (angrily) Manjiri!!!! What ‘ve you done???? Do you know I’ve an Important meeting now??? You useless…( he raise his hand to slap her)

Abhimanyu comes between them and stops him…

Abhi: (angrily) Sir!!!! How dare you lift your hand on my mother??? If I’m not wrong, it’s your mistake that the coffee has fallen on you…. And if you are really worried for you meeting, then stop the argument and go change your shirt…!

Harsh: Abhimanyu!! Is this how you speak to your father???…. you..

Abhi: Who father? Our father- son relationship was done so many years back when you did that mistake remember! That one night has changed everything between us…

Manjiri: Abhi!!! stop it…. You shouldn’t speaking like this to your father!!!!

Abhimanyu, who gets hurt, goes out of the house angrily…. As he is driving he gets multiple calls from Akshara…. He, in his angry mood, lifts her call…

Abhi: Are you mad? Don’t you understand that when someone is not taking our calls it means that he doesn’t want to talk to you….! If you call me again I swear I don’t know what I’ll do!!!! (cuts the call)

Akshara, who heard this… is shocked…. She has never heard Abhimanyu being so rude…. And this made her think that Abhimanyu is serious about dumping her…. She cries bitterly remembering their moments….

On the other hand, Abhimanyu who is calm now, feels guilty of scolding Akshara… He then thinks of going to her house and asking for an apology….

Akshara, is completely broken… but still hopes to talk to Abhimanyu and sort things out…. But she gets a panic attack, which is worser than any of the previous attacks… She is going breathless and can’t even walk properly but now her only concern is Abhimanyu… She gets up and walks her way to the stairs, taking the support of the railing….

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu reaches Goenka house…. He gathers up courage and goes to the guard and asks….

Abhi: Bhaiya!! Why is the house so silent?

Guard: Sir!!! All the family members except Akshara ma’am have gone to Kuldevi temple….

Abhi: ok….

Abhimanyu thinks this is good chance to talk to Akshara and goes inside…. As he enters he sees Akshara falling down the stairs….!

Abhi: Akshu…..!

He catches her and sees her going out of breath…. and she is unconscious!!! He checks her pulse and notices that it is becoming slow….

Abhi: Akshu…. wake up… Akshu…..!

Precap: Abhimanyu carries an unconscious Akshara into the Birla hospital…. He orders the doctors to attend her…. He prays for her…

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