Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Khanderao gives a big responsibility to Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar saying Gunu ji wants to talk to us. Gunu ji apologizes for his sins. He says it was my sin to trust wrong people, you beat me with a slipper, but don’t separate me from my people. Dwarka sigs Malhar. Malhar says don’t say this, you are my son in law. Gunu ji says forgive me and permit me to return to darbar. Malhar says you can get forgiven but you have to prove your honesty and determination, you got out of everyone’s hearts, you have to earn the lost faith and win their hearts, I leave this decision to Ahilya, she has to take this decision. Gunu ji goes to Ahilya. She says I would say that you stay as a son in law, enjoy here as a guest. Malhar says decision is taken. Malhar says I m leaving for mission today, I m sure that you both will handle the darbar well, it will give a new direction to the Rajya. Shuja signs his goons. They enter the village and beat the people. The man runs and asks Mukhiya ji to run away. Goons torture the villagers. Gangoba says Chambal village Mukhiya has come to meet you. Mukhiya Santram comes there.

Santram complains about the dacoits. He says the assets, women respect and people’s lives are in danger. Khanderao says don’t worry, I will take some action on this matter. Santram leaves. Khanderao asks Gangoba about the army unit. Gangoba says they are ready. Khanderao says I wanted to hear this, you make the army ready, I will prepare a battle plan. Tukoji comes and says sorry to interrupt, there is a bad news, Maharaj Surajmal has attacked Delhi. Shuja talks to Jahaan Khan while dining. Jahaan says we shouldn’t underestimate Ahilya, knowing how she fought our men in the palace. Shuja says I know, Malhar and Khanderao were with her, but this time, she will be alone with her kids, our army will be bigger and intentions will be solid, its time to end her. Khanderao says I have to leave for Delhi, I give you the responsibility of Chambal village. She asks how can I, I have come to darbar after 8 years. He says I know, you still remember sword fighting right, I give you this responsibility, stop the dacoits and find the reason behind the attacks, what’s their motive. Ahilya nods. He gives her the sword. She cries and takes it.

He asks her to take care. She says you too. He leaves. She promises him that she will risk her life for Malwa’s pride and prestige. Dhana ji enters the palace. Gunu ji stops him. He asks what are you doing. He asks how did you steal this, are you not ashamed. Dhana ji says I was stealing some jewellery before leaving, you should be ashamed that you got caught. Gunu ji says calm down, Khanderao isn’t in the palace, its time to take over the palace, you have to leave from here. Dhana ji goes.

Ahilya asks Tukoji to increase the security at the entrance. She says enemies shouldn’t enter the palace, if he enters, then he shouldn’t go out. Gunuji distracts the guard. He says my rights got snatched, but I didn’t leave my responsibility, Khanderao isn’t here, so I came to see the security. Guard says I was just obeying the command. Gunu ji says I will check here, you go to the backyard and check. He sends the guard. Dhana ji leaves. Tukoji asks the plan for Chambal dacoits. Ahilya says we will secure the palace first, then think of it, this palace is like our heart, if heart isn’t well, then the body gets sick, we were attacked before also, this time, we won’t underestimate the enemies, I have understood this, enemy can enter the palace in any avatar and sit inside, we should be careful. He nods. Parvati looks on and smiles.

Ahilya argues with Dwarka. She says I will be glad if my children choose the path of Dharm.

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