Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya wants to study


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanderao explaining about the musical instrument to Kano ji. Kano ji says if one is strict, then the other has to be calm, like king and people, like husband and wife. Gautama says Malhar would not refuse to you. Ahilya says I don’t lie, I didn’t tell him. Gautama says I know you don’t lie, you don’t like me telling anything so you want to go to your village, no one will tell you anything there, I will not tell anything, you told me that Khanderao refused to come with you, then you have to go alone, your mum will explain you if I m right or wrong. Khanderao comes. Gautama says you don’t want to go, I will talk to your dad. He says but we are going. She looks at him and says but I felt you don’t want to go to that village. He says yes, I didn’t want to, then I thought to respect dad’s wish, I will go, it won’t look good if Ahilya goes alone. Gautama smiles.

Gautama says this is called sensibility, this is the difference between a boy and a girl, you will forget what I teach you, just remember this, you can never get equal to a boy. She goes. Ahilya asks why do you care for me. He says I have thought as a king, you are my Praja, I can fulfill your wish, so I changed my decision. He goes. She says think of anyone, I m going to my village. She runs to the temple and thanks Shiv ji. Gautama says I also have some rights, you didn’t ask me, Ahilya came a month back. Malhar says she is a little kid, you faced the same thing, I didn’t think of your sorrow that time, I had no rights, but now I have rights and sense also, can’t I take a decision to keep her happy. She says she will forget everything there. He says you have a lot of time to teach her, she will get happy meeting her family, she will learn everything easily, listen to me, let her go.

Ahilya asks pandit what is he reading. He says Shiv Leela, its to praise Shiv. She asks can I read this. He asks how can you read it, you need to know the alphabets first, girls aren’t permitted to read. She thinks I will ask dad, how to read this Shiv leela. She says I have taken an oath, Shiv will help me. He says I wish it happens, you give the Khandoba prasad to everyone, you will get blessings and ritual will be fulfilled. Yesha ji talks to the guards and praises himself. He tries to get details from the guards about the army units. He refuses to have prasad. Ahilya says its wrong to refuse for prasad, I met you already. He says sorry. She gives him prasad. He says I have an illness, I can’t eat sweets, forgive me, don’t worry.

She says Khandoba will not bless you if you don’t eat prasad. He says I will go. She asks does your wife also has the same illness, you had your wife and son that day. He signs no. She says if your wife eats this, then you will be blessed, take it, make her eat the prasad. He takes the prasad. She goes. Yesha ji says I will come back and talk to you. Guard looks on. Ahilya says prasad got over. Malhar says I thought you got something for me, you used to get berries for me. She says I didn’t get anything for you here. She holds his hand and says I have prayed for you, I gave you the blessings now. He smiles and says always stay the same. She smiles. He says humble and clean-hearted, happy, go and meet your parents now, get their blessings. He goes.

She says he is so nice, he takes care of me, I will talk to him about studies, which I was going to talk to my dad. She asks can I do the work here which I could do in my parents house. He says it depends on what you want to do. She says I want to do the right thing. He says who will decide its right or wrong, it depends on situation and perception, answer depends on your wish. She says right thing should be right at every place. He says yes, but meaning changes according to the person, tell me, when all the fingers aren’t equal, how can two people think the same. She thinks I didn’t understand, but I think he won’t permit me to study, he will refuse, so he is explaining me, let it be, I will talk to dad. He asks her to say what is the work which she wants to do here. She says nothing, I was just asking. He says fine, prepare to go to your village. Yesha ji throws the prasad. Dhana ji stops him and says no one can do this sin to throw Khandoba prasad here, tell me who are you.

Dhanaji says Ahilya and Khanderao will leave tomorrow, you have to see them. Malhar blesses Ahilya. Dhana ji signs his goon and asks Khanderao to go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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