Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya unites Bhola and Renuka

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya asking Bhola to stay with Renuka. He says I never went leaving my house. She says your mum’s blessing will always be with you, but Renuka doesn’t have anyone with her. He agrees. FB ends. Ahilya says Bhola will stay with you and bring happiness, two incomplete people complete each other. Renuka cries happily. Bhola shows the sunlight to catch in his hand. Ahilya recalls her childhood and smiles. She says I have caught sunlight many times, I can never catch moon light. He asks her to show. They catch the sunlight in palm. Renuka hugs Bhola.

Dwarka says we have planted the seed and now we have to see the fruit. Yamuna asks what. Dwarka says Khanderao got upset with Ahilya and went to Parvati. Parvati comes. Dwarka says I m glad seeing you and Khanderao are coming close. Parvati says no, I also felt that, but he was worried for something. She says this is out of my understanding. Dwarka says listen to me carefully now. Ahilya comes to meet Khanderao. She doesn’t see him. She says I think he will come to my room. She goes to her room. She talks to her baby and tells about Khanderao. She says he loves me a lot, I felt I lost him in between. Gautama comes and asks were you talking to the baby, I also used to do that at Khanderao’s time. She asks Ahilya to apply Kuldevi Kumkum, its her protective shield. Ahilya asks what. Gautama says I m going to tell something, you stay with Renuka all the time, I m scared that her bad sight might catch you, call it my blind belief. Ahilya applies the Kumkum and says I don’t want my thinking and beliefs to bound your words.

The maid gets juice for Ahilya, sent by Khanderao. Ahilya asks for Khanderao. The maid says he has gone to his room some time back, he is playing the dhol. Ahilya says fine, I will drink this juice later, keep it here. He worries for Ahilya. Gautama comes to him. he asks did Ahilya have the juice. She says yes, but she was waiting for you, you should spend time with her. He asks do you feel I m wrong. She says no, our family heir is coming, you have to think about the coming child and keep her happy. He says I want to keep her happy but what shall I do, we get fighting for some matter. He explains. Gautama says there is someone who she will listen surely.

Its morning, Sarja comes to talk to Ahilya. Ahilya says Khanderao was much angry, we didn’t have a talk with the baby. She goes and looks for Khanderao. Dwarka says he left for Omkareshwar with Parvati, she wanted to go for an outing. Ahilya says he didn’t even tell me. Dwarka says you are his wife, I know. Ahilya thinks he is much upset with me. She goes. Dwarka recalls asking Parvati to go to Khanderao and gain his sympathy. She says Khanderao will be gone away from you.

Ahilya brings Renuka to the darbar and raises a voice against injustice.

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  1. Can’t believe how they’re showing Parvati running around Khanderao and spending time alone with him before marriage. This is 18th century. Women were not free or unchaperoned by members of family. This entire storyline doesn’t make sense. Why would a girl from prosperous family stay in future in laws house? And where are her parents? Khanderrao is an idiot. He promised to give time to Ahilya before his second mariage. Even Gautama has no credibility. She has no guilt for taking her son away from Ahilya when she needs him the most. Only Malhar’s development is logical. And Dwarka as antagonist has character. This has become like Ekta Kapoor show. Total Sara’s bahu crap. They should have tightened the storyline. History gives us two accounts, that Khanderrao had 10 wives or only one. Since the only kids he had were with Ahilya, it goes to show he had only one wife. So just end Parvati’s story quickly. It makes no sense, only shows how evil and selfish Gautama has become.

    1. Ruma Gonzales

      I agree with this. Whole storyline created by modern ideologist to attract more viewers. But it degraded real history.

  2. I agree.They are distracted from history and is becoming another saaas Bahu serial.How come no one evedrops on dwarka or gunubji.Malhars contacts are so weak that they r unable to grab the culprits

    1. This has become a Saas Bahu SOP. No credibility in it and needlessly extending the drama of Parvati AND THE VILLANOUS Duo of Son in law and Dwaraka for toooo looong.. Public will get vexed and TRP will start falling, Ahilya has lots of things to do in life and that should be the focus of the Serial… Meandering into OBLIVION IS AHILYABHAI SERIAL. WAKE UP DIRECTORS…

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