Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya saves Khanderao

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanderao taking the food to eat. Ahilya comes and stops him from eating. She throws the food plate. Parvati gets shocked. Ahilya says the food is poisoned. Parvati asks what, how is this possible. She says its someone’s conspiracy, he will tell us. She recalls Ishwar telling her about Jai Singh. Khanderao worries. He tells about Malhar asking him about the Maharaj. He tells Malhar about seeing Maharaj somewhere in Rajputana. Malhar says maybe you have seen him at Ishwari Singh. Ishwar says right, I have seen him there. Malhar says the culprit will be punished. FB ends.

Ahilya says I learnt that Parvati is getting the food for you and came to stop you. Khanderao says Maharaj can’t do this alone, there is some traitor in the palace, I will find out and kill the traitor. He takes the sword. Ahilya stops him. She also gets a sword and asks him to come. Gautama stops Ahilya. Gunu ji helps Jai Singh leave and gives him some money bag. Malhar and Khanderao search for him. They find Jai Singh fallen dead. Malhar checks him and says he died by the scorpion poison. Khanderao says I know this, such poisonous insects are used to kill someone, it means Maharaj got to know that he is exposed so he killed himself. Gunu ji recalls Jai Singh opening the box and getting bitten by a scorpion. Gunu ji and Ishwari killed him. Malhar says I will answer Ishwari in the battle field. He says Ahilya has saved Khanderao once again today. Gautama sees Ahilya. Ahilya asks her to dump the food, if any animal eats it, then it will be bad. She says Khanderao has touched the food, we don’t know the poison effect, don’t touch anything and let Raj Vaid come with the anti dote. Ishwar says I understood why you asked me to inform Ahilya first, she thinks a lot in every direction. Malhar says she saved Khanderao by her smartness. Gautama kisses Ahilya’s forehead.

Dwarka says I will see the things from here, Ahilya can take rest. Malhar says I count on Ahilya, because she always keeps her responsibility. Ahilya thinks of Renuka. Renuka is somewhere in the jungle and asks for help. A little boy comes and helps her. he asks her where is her house.

Ahilya meets an informer. He tells her about Renuka. The boy asks Renuka to come with him. He takes her home. Kailash gets Renuka’s location. He says we have to kill her before Ahilya reaches her. Ahilya leaves from the palace.

The goons catch Renuka. Ahilya comes there and saves Renuka.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ahaliya is my heroine .

    1. @Audrey.. Mine too. Ahilya is a beautiful soul inside and out.
      She didn’t deserve that Parvati coming in and now trying to steal the husband.
      Cannot believe how she pleaded with Ahilya to let the marriage go ahead with someone who didn’t want her.
      Parvati now getting jealous!

    2. Oh @Kally you are here! Do you remember me?😄

  2. Yes that was shameless, imagine someone coming up to you and saying let me marry your husband, especially if you are pregnant! I would have slapped her.

  3. What a worst direction and scren play
    In a palace one soldier I killed by some one and no one knows what happen to his body same reputation of story every time there is some trouble happens and अहिल्या saves in and how they service when from अहिल्याबाई child hood no one knows gunaji and his father culprits and every time if some one is caught he kills him self or gunaji kill him and no one doubts them

  4. should focus in Ahilya work , instead creating villains from nowhere and dragging episodes.
    soldier is dead in VADA maharaj has stabbed him and no one knows. body is not smelling

    pl use logic

    1. there is always some one overhearing ahilya/tukoji/mlahar
      there is no one overhearing Gunoji/dwarka/rakma all the villains

    2. I agree with you .

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