Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Gautama worries for Ahilya’s baby

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2nd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Renuka throwing sand in Kailash’s eyes and running away. Kailash screams. The man gets water for him. Kailash says Renuka has run away. Ahilya is on the way. She sees Renuka running. The cart gets stuck. Ahilya gets a huge jerk. She screams in pain and faints down. Parvati comes to Khanderao and gets sweets for him. She asks can I sit here for some time. He allows her. She says you look worried. He says I m worried about something. She asks him to divert his mind. He tells her the matter. He says if I try to get justice for Renuka, then it will be bad for Malwa’s development plan, what happened, tell me. He says I thought you will give me some solution, I have a habit to discuss things with Ahilya, I forgot that she isn’t here. Guard comes and calls him to see Ahilya. Khanderao rushes. Vaid ji checks Ahilya and says there is nothing to worry, the jerk caused the stomach pain, everything is fine, take care. Ahilya smiles. Khanderao comes there.

Parvati cries. Dwarka says Ahilya is not well, so she has come to see. She advises her to please Khanderao by making good food for her. Ahilya says I have seen Renuka running, it means they are after her life. Gautama says there is a life in you also, did you forget this, she is fine now, but this can’t happen always. Dwarka and Yamuna come. Dwarka says Gautama is right. Ahilya says I didn’t see that pit. Malhar says you all are making it a big issue, this can happen anywhere, Ahilya isn’t careless. Gautama says Ahilya shouldn’t do any work in pregnant state. Malhar asks doesn’t work happen at home, when Khanderao was in your womb, did you sit resting, Dwarka was there to take care, but you had to be everywhere. He tells about Gautama’s pregnancy phase. They all laugh hearing the story. Gautama says don’t make fun of me, when a woman is pregnant, then she feels such cravings. Malhar says but Ahilya was helping another woman, a pregnant woman should be kept happy, Ahilya gets happy in other’s happiness. Gautama says I can’t win over you, I don’t want to bear any risk, you can argue with me, but this time, Ahilya will not go out until she delivers our grandson, she won’t go to Darbar also.

Malhar says fine, but Darbar will come to her, we will have all the darbar proceedings for her in the palace, we will help her. Ahilya smiles. Jai singh poisons the food. Parvati comes and asks if the food is ready. He says yes, and hands over the plate to her. She takes the food. Malhar is with Ishwar. He says I m troubled thinking of what you told me in the morning. Ishwar asks what. Harku and Ahilya walk in the lawn. Harku says walking is good in pregnancy, where is your focus. Ahilya says I have sent some guards to search for Renuka. Harku asks her not to take stress. Parvati asks Khanderao to have the food. He refuses. She says if you taste this once and like it, then I will ask Maharaj to make this for everyone. Ahilya sees the guards coming. They say we couldn’t find Renuka anywhere. Ahilya worries. Someone else comes there with the face covered. He removes the veil and shows his face. Khanderao says fine, keep it here, I will have it later. Parvati insists him to stop the work and have the work. He takes the food plate. Jai singh looks on and smiles. He thinks I will leave from here tonight, Khanderao will die.

Khanderao takes the food to eat. Parvati smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I wish Kanderao does eat the food and falls ill. That should teach Gautama a lesson for going against Ahilya. That Parvati is beyond irritating. She’s not even married and is hanging around in the house
    And ordering the cooks and making demands on Khanderao. So unbelievable the way nobody objects to her going to Khanderao’s room by herself when unmarried.

  2. vasantlal d. patel

    I am surprised that one guard has been murdered and no one has inquired that he is missing.
    this is surprising.

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