Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar guides Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gangoba asking Khanderao to send Renu to Chondi. He says we have to follow the Dharm and respect it. Ahilya says we also respect Dharm. He says we all are standing against, you aren’t ready to understand, I heard you saying you want to find a way to unite Renu and Parikshit, this can’t happen that you keep everything balanced altogether, you can’t find such a solution. He says I have seen you since childhood, your thinking is different and now you got the support of education and smartness, I have respected your good decisions, but today, I want to say, opposing Dharm will begin destruction, do you want our Malwa to get ruined. Sarja comes. Ahilya asks why are you tensed. Sarja says Renu locked herself in the room, she isn’t opening the door. Ahilya runs to see Renu. Khanderao and Tukoji come there. Ahilya knocks the door and asks Renu to open the door. He asks her to move aside, he will get the door opened. Tukoji gets the guards. The guards break the door. Ahilya gets inside and sees Renu. Dwarka says it was imp to break Renu’s courage. Rakma says yes, I m Sanskari, I know Adharm doesn’t do good to everyone. Dwarka says I wish Ahilya could understand this. Ahilya stops Khanderao and Tukoji outside. She asks Sarja to come. She asks who had applied the cow dung on your forehead. Renu says that’s the truth, I can see my life’s identity now. She cries. Ahilya says don’t say this, what happened to you, I m with you, your present and future will change. Renu says this state is good for me. Ahilya cries. She leaves. She goes to the place and recalls that she studied there. She prays and says I had studied everything here and got a new perception to see things, I m really blessed, I have to find a way and make two travellers reach their destination, can I do this. Malhar comes and asks why not, sure. She turns and smiles seeing him.

She asks when did you come back. He says I have promised you, whenever you need me, I will come back. She smiles. She says you came on the right time, just you can make me out of this dilemma. He asks what dilemma, tell me. She says Dev, Desh and Dharm, nothing is imp than this, I also follow this, but today I have fear in my heart. He asks her to sit. He says that’s right, but everything is connected to people, a king’s firstmost duty is to think of Praja. Ahilya asks what about right and wrong, I know I m not wrong, but everyone is against me, they have their own beliefs. He says you will get all the answers and guidance from your other friend. She asks who. He shows her the book. He says you have to explain them that our culture won’t let you lose the path, you have to find an answer from Veds. He says it has all the answers hidden in it, if you have a friend like Gyaan, then even Amavasya becomes Poornima, every battle is won by intention, you have a good intention, you will win. She smiles and cries. She says you have always encouraged me, I look at you for inspiration, I was wishing that you were here today. He wipes her tears. She says you are not just my best friend, but my Guru and father also, I respect you a lot. He smiles. She takes his blessings. She doesn’t see him there. She looks around. She calls him out. She asks where are you.

She looks at the books. She goes out and calls Malhar. Harku says Malhar didn’t come yet. Ahilya says no, he had come, he was with me here. Harku says we all would be welcoming him. Ahilya says I swear, he had come here, I spoke to him, he showed me the right path and left. Harku says your bond with Malhar is so true and deep, like a Lord and devotee, you feel his presence when you need him, he has shown him the way, you have got help from his knowledge, so your inner heart thought of him. Ahilya sits reading the Veds.

Dwarka argues with Khanderao. She says puja didn’t happen today, pujari refused to come here.

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  1. OMG !! Today was pure magic ! Malhar &Ahilya ! Such a beautiful moment . Pure , respectful , adoration . Makers of serial – take a salute . These two actors are pure magic together .

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