Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya questions Yamuna

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya saying I can’t tolerate hunger, Gautama said I can’t have food and water, how will I live. She worries. Khanderao says you should have told mum about it. She says I have to keep the fast for your long life, if I told Gautama that I can’t do it, would she agree. She goes. Its morning, Ahilya goes to Harku. Harku says its good you both got friendly. Ahilya thinks to have some food. Khanderao comes to Gautama and asks is it imp for every wife to keep Vat savitri fast. Gautama says yes, its about husband’s long life and happiness, every wife keeps it. He says but I m healthy and fine, what’s the need to keep fast for me. Gautama says bless you, Malhar is also fit and fine, still we keep fast for him, every wife keeps this fast by wish. He says if a husband asks the wife not to keep the fast, then… Dwarka asks him to just come to the point. He says Ahilya can’t tolerate hunger, she can’t keep the fast. Bana says you worry for your wife so much. He asks Gautama to tell Ahilya not to keep the fast.

Gautama says you go, I will see. He goes. Ahilya asks Harku to look after breakfast preparations. Harku says fine, but its your responsibility. Ahilya says yes, if I stay between the food items, then my fast will break. Harku laughs and says fine, I will see it, you don’t go to kitchen today. Gautama comes and says no…. Dwarka and Bana come.

Gautama asks Ahilya to tolerate hunger and her feelings. Ahilya asks how do you know. Dwarka says Khanderao had come to support you. Gautama says I decided to teach you a lesson, you are smart, you can handle it, you have to see the breakfast arrangements and serve it too, take the lunch responsibility also, this fast is a test of patience, I had told you before, I want to make you an ideal bahu, people should get inspired by you, you shouldn’t lack anything, go and handle the kitchen now. Ahilya goes out. Khanderao comes. He jokes and laughs. She says I don’t want to talk to you, you told my problem to everyone, Dwarka and Bana were laughing at me. He says thank me that you got rid of the fast. She asks what thanks, I have to keep the fast because of you, when Gautama got to know this, she asked me to stay in the kitchen, she asked me to control myself seeing the food. He asks really, I thought mum agreed.

She gets upset and goes. Ahilya manages the kitchen duties. She controls herself. Yamuna comes. She says I came to see what’s made in the food, I will go. Ahilya says you were in the godown last night. Yamuna says yes, I got the work to get the grains sack arranged. Ahilya says yes, but I didn’t see you in the godown. Yamuna says yes, I did my work and left. Ahilya says you left later on, I have seen the sacks brought and taken out of the godown. Yamuna asks what are you saying, no one can take the grains, its too much, I m not a thief.

Ahilya says sorry, I didn’t mean that. Yamuna says I will just answer Malhar and Gautama, no one else. Ahilya asks what did I do that she got so much angry. Dwarka and Bana talk of Ahilya and laugh. Yamuna cries aloud. Dwarka asks what’s the matter. Yamuna says send me back, I can’t stay here, Ahilya has insulted me. She tells everything. She says she called me a thief, I got so ashamed. Dwarka asks how dare she. Yamuna says she said she can get me ousted from the palace. Bana asks Dwarka to think, its dangerous, Malhar, Gautama and Khanderao are following Ahilya now. Dwarka says yes. Maid says Gautama has called you for puja. Dwarka says puja will happen, I will get Ahilya punished by Gautama.

The women go for the puja. Pandit guides them. Gautama makes Ahilya do it. Pandit asks them to do the pariknama. He tells the story of Satyavan and Savitri. Ahilya says love should get more from both the sides, why don’t husband keep the fast for wife’s long life. She smiles.

Gautama asks what was the need to ask pujari. Dwarka complains about Ahilya. Yamuna says Ahilya insulted me in front of everyone.

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    This beautiful serial is slowly casting itself into the usual ” Saas bahu aur Saajish” format!

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