Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Dwarka requests Malhar

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya thanking Shiv ji. Sita comes and argues with her. She says I m your husband’s elder sister. She scolds Ahilya. Ahilya says I was praying that Dhana ji isn’t involved, what shall I do. They argue. Dwarka comes to the jail and meets Dhana ji. She scolds him. She says you promised me that you will never do wrong, you did so much. Dhana ji says I made a mistake. Dwarka says you have done a big crime, I don’t know what will Malhar do now. Sita says you got everything here, Khanderao is the heir, I was happy in my house, why did you do this against me. She says you are a woman, how can you ruin my family, my relations. Ahilya asks her to listen. Yamuna asks Sita not to waste time and come. Sita goes. Dwarka asks is Gunu ji involved with you. Dhana ji says no, he doesn’t know anything, but you have to help me. She refuses. He insists her to help. Ahilya asks how shall I explain Sita. Gautama says no need to explain anyone, just focus on the family, you promised me and went out of the palace again, you did what I didn’t want, you targeted Dhana ji this time, I didn’t wish any Krantikari bahu, you are sensible, you understood why I sent you to Shivpuri, you went there but you stayed in contact with Malhar.

She says if you have knowledge, then I have experience and understanding, I don’t want to say anything to you now. Ahilya cries. Gautama says you lost my faith. Ahilya says no, I won’t do anything by going against you, I promise, your faith matters to me. Gautama says I don’t think so. She goes. Dhana ji threatens Dwarka of Gunu ji’s anger on Sita. She worries. Malhar gets ready. Ahilya comes. He says you look worried. She says I understood it now, when a woman takes a strict step in Rajya matters, then the people get angry. He says you mean to say that everyone is upset on my decision, but are venting it on you, as you were part of this. He asks her to come. He says a king or a queen, they have to bear the peoples grudge over their decisions, even I was worried at night but I have the burden of the Rajya on my shoulders. She says I m not strong like you, I will break down, I don’t have this courage if I lose my family. He says you have the courage, you are strong like a rock, this is just the start, many tests will come in your way, you have to come first. She says no. Maid says Dwarka wants to meet you.

Malhar goes to Dwarka. Dwarka consoles Sita. She says Gunu ji would be coming, if you give a death punishment to Dhana ji, then Sita will have no reason to stay happy. He says you are asking me not to do my duty. She says Sita is our first child, our daughter, you can’t ruin her happiness, you got Sita married to Gunu ji, she is very happy in her house, Gunu ji looks after her well, but if you decide the verdict against Dhana ji, then Sita’s happiness can get ruined. She cries and asks him not to do so. Malhar sees Sita crying. He says Sita is my daughter, my Praja is also like my children, I m a king and have to do my duty, relations come after country and state. Sita also begs him for Dhana’s life. Dwarka cries. Sita says don’t let my relation break, return me my family’s happiness, I m also your Praja. Malhar cries.

Malhar declares the verdict, the punishment for Dhana ji. Everyone looks on.

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  1. I hope he is not going to be swayed by his spoilt daughter’s rants. Her father in law is of no importance to her married life and should be executed.

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