Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Khanderao proves his point

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dwarka asking isn’t Gautama coming with us. Harku says no, she said she wants to see the matter discussed in the darbar. Dwarka asks why. Yamuna comes and asks her not to go to the temple. She says Kishan is brought to the darbar like a thief, is this related to Gunu ji, but he has the papers. Dwarka goes. Harku asks Yamuna to think before saying anything. She asks Sita to go to her room, everything will be fine. Hiralal’s family comes there and greets Malhar. Khanderao says this is Hiralal’s family, and that’s the broker, he had snatched Hiralal’s land and spread the rumour in the village that Hiralal had sold the land.

Gunu ji says its not a lie, Hiralal was alcoholic, he was in loan. Khanderao says its false, his village people will testify that he wasn’t an alcoholic. Gunu ji says fine, maybe someone gave me wrong news, but he sold the land by his wish, I have shown the papers already. Khanderao says we also want to show some papers. He shows the land’s sale papers. Dwarka and Harku come there. Guard says Gautama asked you to come upstairs. Harku says it will be good to go there. Dwarka and Harku go upstairs and watch the proceedings.

Khanderao says this is that document, right. Gunu ji says yes, but how did you get this. Malhar says it doesn’t matter, what does Khanderao want to say, that matters. He asks Khanderao to show the papers to Kishan. Khanderao shows it to Kishan. He says Hiralal has signed this by his wish. Dhana ji interrupts him and says you are right. Khanderao asks what’s this paper then. He shows the original papers to Malhar.

Malhar says show it to Gangoba. Khanderao gives the paper to Gangoba. Gangoba signs to Malhar. Khanderao says the land buyer has the original papers, I found the original papers from Kishan’s house, and there are still blood stains on this paper. Kishan worries. Khanderao says it proves that Kishan had forced Hiralal and prepared this documents. Kishan says its not the truth, I didn’t force Hiralal. Dhana ji asks what’s the proof that its really blood stains, it can be anything else. Malhar asks Khanderao. Khanderao says Raj Vaid will give the answer. He calls the Raj Vaid there. He asks can you tell me about the stains. Raj Vaid says sure. He checks the stain well. He says it has a human’s blood stains on it.

Dhana ji and Gunu ji start worrying. Khanderao thanks Raj Vaid. He says if we have seen both the papers carefully, then we can see the different thumb impressions, it means two different people have given the thumb impressions, Tukoji noticed this and got it checked by Rangrao. Malhar asks did you not check this at the time of the deal. Gunu ji says I read the paper which Kishan gave me and accepted it, he is an old broker. Kishan says its a lie, I don’t know anything. Malhar says don’t get afraid, I take responsibility of your safety. Dhana ji signs the guard. The guard keeps a knife at Kishan’s back. Dhana ji smiles. Malhar says tell me, did you snatch Hiralal’s land. Kishan cries and says no, I swear on my kids, he sold this land to me by his wish. Malhar asks how did blood stains come on the paper, how did both the papers change. Kishan says maybe someone has enmity with me, Dhana ji or Gunu ji. Malhar asks is this your truth. Kishan says yes. Gautama signs Ahilya not to worry. Malhar says we have to find out, its not proved that Hiralal has sold the land by his wish, so Kishan has no right on the land.

He asks Gunu ji why didn’t he investigate the matter when Khanderao raised this topic, Hiralal’s family was dying that day if Khanderao and Ahilya didn’t reach on time, you know it, even then you had stayed silent. Gunu ji says I know Kishan since long time, I didn’t think of this. Malhar says you made a big mistake, I thought your decisions are right. Gunu ji says I will never let you complain again. Malhar says no need to do all this, Gangoba give 1/4th share of Kishan’s property to Hiralal’s family, this is my decision. Hiralal’s family thank him. Malhar says Kishan is suspected for Hiralal’s murder, keep him in the jail until decision is taken. Kishan says don’t do this, my life will be ruined, I didn’t do anything, I m not the culprit alone, the others involved in this matter are also the culprits, forgive me. He is taken by the guards. Gunu ji says don’t believe him, he will say anything to save himself. Malhar says its the end of the court, Gunu ji meet me in the hall after something. He goes. Gunu ji sees Dwarka.

Ahilya praises Khanderao. He says you advised me to call Raj Vaid in the Darbar, everyone had to listen to him. Hiralal’s family thank Khanderao and Ahilya and praise them. Ahilya tells Malhar’s words. Gautama smiles seeing them. Ahilya says Khanderao was just doing his duty.

Malhar says I didn’t tell anyone there, you are just my son-in-law now, you are relieved of all your duties. Gunu ji gets shocked.

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  1. Gunoji’s attempts on Khanderao’s life must come to light. Didn’t Malhar investigate that? It can’t be like typical Hindi serials where villains go scot free till the end. How can a king be so careless and ineffective?

  2. Varinder Talwar

    Yes, it is only to have one villain to keep serial going.If such a famous king in history can not find conspirator ,how he had won so many battles in history.

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