Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya expresses her feelings to Renu

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dwarka asking what did you say, do I want to see Khanderao dead. Gautama cries and says I m sorry, I didn’t mean to see that. Dwarka says we have seen a lot of things together, we have seen this haveli getting built and growing, nothing will happen to Khanderao and family, we will not have bloodshed in our family, don’t worry, he is fine. She consoles Gautama. Khandoba says you did good to do the puja. Mankoji says the children got a new life, did you tell Malhar about the attack. Gangoba says yes, I have sent a message to Malhar and Gautama. Mankoji asks who is the enemy, do you know. Gangoba says you are worried for Ahilya, she is the future queen, you know a king has royal life, he has enemies as well, you have to get habitual about it. Mankoji says I want to ask you something, if you don’t feel bad, Ahilya is brought up in a different background, did she learn everything in the palace.

Gangoba says Ahilya is the bahu of the holkar family, I can’t tell anything about her, but I want to tell something. Ahilya passes by the school and stops. She sees the boys studying. She asks the teacher did any girl here. The man says what will girls do here, they have to manage the kitchen and family. Ahilya recalls Khanderao and Sushila’s words. She goes. She hears Renu’s screams. She goes in and sees Aaji beating Renu. She hugs Renu and says don’t beat her. The man asks Ahilya is she hurt. Ahilya says no, but Renu is hurt, why didn’t you tell your mum. Aaji says Renu has touched clothes meant for my son in law, Renu is a widow, she can’t touch anything and make it inauspicious. Ahilya says even that tailor’s wife is dead, he has touched the cloth to stitch. Aaji says he is a man, Renu is a widow. Ahilya asks why are rules different for men and women, don’t you think its wrong.

Renu’s mum says Ahilya has become a queen, she will learn things. Aaji says everyone has to follow the rules, the clothes are useless, burn it, it can’t be used for the marriage. They burn the clothes. Ahilya cries and does the aid to Renu’s wounds. Renu says I have to tolerate all this, you don’t get upset, tell me, how is everyone in your sasural, it would be a big palace, right, you would be happy, you will get good clothes, jewellery, would have servants, you are a queen, everyone would listen to you. Ahilya cries and says no, I m a queen, but girls can’t do anything by own wish, what did I get by becoming a queen, a boy can study, but I can’t, your husband has died, tailor’s wife has died, he can touch clothes, but you can’t touch it, you got beaten up, you get food just once a day. Renu cries. Ahilya says I feel that if we were not girls, then life would be easy, its bad to be girls, like we did a crime. Renu hugs her. They cry.

Yesha ji passes the swords to his men. He says Malhar’s security will go waste, he has security around the palace, but his family is in risk, we will play blood holi. Harku bai comes. She sees the workers. She asks is the work going on well. The man asks her not to worry. His dagger falls. She turns and says I didn’t realize that keys fell down. She goes. Sushila makes prayers. Mankoji comes. Sushila says there is much to talk. He jokes on Gangoba asking maths questions to the kids. Gangoba asks Khanderao and Ahilya’s brothers to find out the answer to the maths puzzle. Ahilya comes. Mankoji says I was waiting for you. Her brother says dad can do anything for her. Mankoji says I will fulfill her wish, I have just one daughter, I can do anything for her. She thinks I was worried for no reason.

Ahilya says I want to study, I like to study, you explain well. Mankoji gets worried. She asks him to talk to Malhar. Khanderao and Gangoba look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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