Punar Vivah 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 9th April 2013 Written Update

That man takes sindoor in his hand and takes it near Radha’s head…
Papa S holds his hand and puts him away…
Papa S hands them all to the police angrily..
Radha looks shocked…
Police takes them all away..

Radha breaks the mangalsutra and runs away..
Papa S goes behind her and stops her..

Radha says.. let me go.. u r not well..

Papa S says.. u are not well.. let me drop you home..

A man says.. look at this love at this age.. what will youngsters learn from this.. doing this PDA..

Papa S angrily goes to that man and slaps him…

All are in the living room tensed…

Akash says.. why are u roaming .. I am Bauji’s real son and i also dont want this punar vivaah to happen.. we should join hands and stop this..

Bua ji says.. he is right Pankaj.. we should listen to Akash.. after all we also dont want to this punar vivaah..

Akash says.. if u have a prob in crossing the line.. i will ..

Akash goes to Pankaj and forwards hand… Pankaj turns away..

Akash says.. its good Bua ji.. u r with me.. so feels all are..

Bua ji says.. dont think too much.. we are with you because we want to stop this punar vivaah.. otherwise i wont even look at you..

AarYa come there..

Yash says to Pankaj.. i was mad that i went to tell the society but here my family cant understand Bauji’s pain.. then what should I expect from society.. Bauji and Badi maa have made it easier for you.. dunno where both are..

Ishita says.. Oh God! Have they run away together..

Bua ji says.. OH God! if that is true… i cant face anyone.. if bhaiya has really ran away.. i wish this earth breaks apart and me..

Yash says.. stop it Bua ji.. dont u feel bad saying this about your brother.. Bauji and Badi maa wont do anything that embarrasses us but u did what wud embarrass him..

scene change..
Papa S says.. u talk about values… if u would have values, u would have helped that woman… u consider yourselves protectors of society.. when was this society when this woman alone raised her son .. worked and grew him up.. no one came to help.. she is brave enough to still stand firm and dont need anyone’s help.. in this age, want and need.. thats what u think about me and Radha .. think what u want.. i dont care.. i would say.. I liek to be with her.. i want this togetherness to maintain.. can anyone stop me.. if yes.. come front…

One man goes to Papa S n says.. young blood they are.. when they will come to our age, they will understand.. for them, love is physical.. thats what they think about all.. how to make them understand that partners light up life..

A woman goes to Radha.. forgive us.. we are so engrossed in our lives, that we dont care about others.. forgive me..

More women come ahead and apologize.. one woman says.. when women cant understand another women, what can we expect from men.. forgive us..

A guy goes to Papa S and says.. forgive them… they dont understand all this…

All leave the place..

Papa S goes to Radha and takes her along..
Yash folds his hands and says.. please I beg to you.. dont do anything that embarrasses Bauji.. he has worked so hard to get us here.. Pankaj bhaiya.. Pratik.. if we are standing here, thats because of Bauji.. and today, when he needs us all, no one is with him.. if all of us cant stay with him, alright but dont talk like this about him..

Akash says.. he has let us down not us.. I am 100% sure that our dear father is enjoying with Maa somehwere..

Bua ji looks worried at Akash…

Yash angrily goes towards Akash and slaps him..

Akash angrily looks at Yash and leaves…

Yash looks angry..

scene change..

Papa S says.. i wanna talk about my bad today.. if i dont do it today, i wont be able to die peacefully.. i thought men are stronger than women.. but i understand it now.. women are so strong because they can take it all.. and we men dont understand that.. u lived so strong all these years, and this one month broke me? i wasnt able to take it.. to let go of my sadness.. i started shouting on my family.. i didnt understand that they are with me.. love me.. i forgot they have their responsibilities and started being angry on them.. that is why Yash and Aarti thought of our punar vivaah.. and honestly, they werent wrong. .u became my strength and i wasnt ready to believe that.. u being with me.. i started feeling nice..

Radha says.. stop it..!

Radha says.. i am leaving this city today itself… i will go far away…

Radha says.. now these thing dont matter.. we will have to stop Yash and Aarti.. because of us, their life gets destroyed.. neither u will want nor me.. I will leave this city today itself and all this will stop right here..

Radha turns to go..

Papa S says.. u wont go anywhere.. u have stayed away from your family for years.. u will get your family now.. i will go away and that will probably undo my mistake..

radha says .. no .. u wont do that..

Papa S says.. i will have to go.. i will give u the responsibility of the family and go.. cant do anything.. at least let me do this..

Papa S calls Yash..

Papa S says.. Yash, listen to me.. i am leaving Bhopal right now.. but u have the responsibility of taking care of your badi maa.. give her the love and respect she deserves.. basically, u have to pay for your father’s mistake…

Yash says.. Bauji.. i will take all your responsibilities.. but please you dont have to go anywhere.. Bauji .. Bauji..

The call is cut…

Aarti says.. Vedika is bitten by a snake..

Vidhi is hell worried..

Aarti says.. remember when Yash ji was bitten by a snake.. radha maa has got him some medicine and he was good in o less a time..

Pratik says.. i will get Radha ji..

Aarti says.. She has been insulted so much in this house.. how will u call her..

Yash says.. I will get Badi maa..

Ishita thinks.. Radha maa must have been taken away by my women way back.. then from where is Yash talking about getting Radha maa..?

Paridhi says.. I am reminded of Ishita’s word.. what if Bauji and Radha ji have run away?

Aarti shouts.. Vedika get up.. Vedika get up..

Vidhi and Paridhi run out..

Aarti says.. Bhabhi.. see Vedika is bitten by a snake..

Vidhi starts crying asking Vedika to get up..

Pankaj goes to the gardener and says.. why do u get the money.. cant even clean the garden.. ?? and u come in our family matters..

Aarti says.. Pankaj bhaiya.. he hasnt done anything wrong.. remember when Yash ji was bitten by snake.. Radha maa got him medicine and he was good..

Vidhi says.. save my daughter.. or i will die..

Pratik says.. i will get her..

Aarti says.. how will you get her.. she was insulted so much in this house.. do u think she will come?

Yash says.. Aarti ji.. she loves us.. she will come.. especially she loves Vedika a lot…

Vidhi says.. we will apologize… please get her..

Pankaj says.. yess Yash .. she wont say no to you.. please get her..

Yash says.. i will get Badi maa..

Yash goes in and all take Vedika inside..

Ishita thinks.. my women must have taken Radha ji.. then where is Yash talking about getting her from.. God knows.. what gonna go round this time..


Vidhi says to Radha.. u are the mother of this house.. i am so thankful to you..

Radha says.. dont say all this.. and dont thank me because nothing happened to Vedika.. it was Yash, Aarti adn Vedika’s plan so that u people accept me..

Some looked shocked.. Pankaj looks angry….

Update Credit to: Abby

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