Punar Vivah 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 8th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s and Divya’s residence
While raj is working sitting on the bed, sarita happily comes and asks him if he can keep the windows open, for fresh air, and if she should get him tea. Raj says that he knows that she wants him to say yes to this relation, and thats why she is doing this. She asks when would he. Raj asks if she loves that person. Sarita thinks that she had loved him, and now noone else can replace that. She says maybe. Raj says that it isnt easy. Sarita asks if its a yes. raj says if she’s happy, and if she feels rohan can keep her happy, then he doesnt have a problem. sarita is happy, and says that she wants to reciprocate, and goes on to call. Raj asks who is she calling. Sarita says that she’s calling his happiness. Raj says that he doesnt

want to talk to divya. She teasingly says that she just said his happiness, and he named divya, which means his happiness lies with her only. He is speechless. Sarita places the call, and gives the phone to raj, and leaves from there.

Divya sees Raj’s phone, and is tensed as to what to do. Finally she picks up and says hello, and in the wind, a glass breaks and she screams out as glass piesces hit her leg. Raj hears this and gets concerned, and immediately says that he’s coming right over. As he hurries out, he finds sarita in tears, who tries to smile. Raj awakwardly faces her, and then leaves.

At the dining table, all find sohan sitting very tensed, that the groom’s side hasnt called up. Granny laments that this is the first father in law, who is so eager to get rid of his own daughter in law.

Scene 2:
Location: Rohan’s place
Rohan is advised by his parents, that he should take time and think maturely about this. Rohan says that he has a feeling that this is the one and it will change his life, and that he wont repeat the same mistakes that he did in the first marriage. He feels that she would prove to be the best wife.

Scene 3:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
While sohan and his family are anxiously waiting for a phone from rohan’s side, the phone rings. As kamla picks the call, she is stunned at what she hears. The family is also tensed at what has their reply been. Sohan impatiently asks whats the reply. Finally she says yes, enthralling the family, and surprising sarita, who breaks the glass in her hands in shock, granny and shiela. but then kamla, says that they have said yes,. but not for sarita, but their daughter shiela, and that they would marry an unmarried girl, not a married one, who couldnt have happiness in her first marriage. Sohan is very angry at this. Raj too is shocked. Granny however smirks at the irony, that he’s so pained at his own daughter, but he didnt have any compassion for sarita. Granny reprimands that he got what he meted out to others. He angrily confronts sarita, as to what she said to Rohan. sarita says that she didnt say anything. He reprimands her that she unlucky and hence the ill luck on the family. But raj stops him, and then coming upto him, he pulls sarita aside, and facing him, says that he might be elder, but that doesnt mean he would insult everyone. Raj says that he wont bear sarita’s insult. Sohan says that what would he do, hit him, for this girl, the one who he doesnt have any care for sarita. Raj says that whatever is between him and sarita, they would understand, but he wont stand and tolerate sarita being insulted. Raj says that he’s his father, and that he should behave like one. all are shocked at this fight. He says that if he has to shout, then he should do it on the walls, not on woman. He asks sarita to come, while she hesitates. He says that he cant stand like her and bear insult. He says that till he gets remarried, she’s his wife, and her insult is his, and he wont bear that. while sarita is overwhelmed at this, raj takes her hand and drags her to his room.

In the room, Raj frustratedly asks her what she got, by facing such insult and humiliation, and who is rohan to pass judgement on her, when he doesnt know her likings, and her qualities. He is very angry. He asks her not to play this game, as divya, as both times she got sadness and hurt. He asks her to understand that the world is double faced, like his parents, who want a virgin girl for their divorced son. He asks her to stop crying, as the society doesnt value these tears. She says that these are tears of happiness and not sorrow, as for the first time, she has been respected and not insulted. She says that she felt proud as ever today. raj is confused at this, and when she thanks him, he still doesnt understand. Sarita looks overwhelemingly at him, while he is tensed for her.

Munni and kamla both reprimand shiela for this descision, where her indecency made them overlook sarita and choose her. Shiela crying runs to her room, ignoring sundari, in the way. sundari comes and asks her why is she scolding shiela, as she herself had sent her. Munni then starts taking side with sundari. Kamla reprimands her and sends her inside. Sohan hears this and starts reprimanding kamla for being behind all this trouble, and responsible for bringing ill luck at him, and cursing her goes from there. Kamla is in tears.

Sarita comes to shiela, crying in her room. shiela apologises that she didnt know at all, that this would happen. Sarita says that whatever happened was for the best. She asks her how she liked rohan. Shiela says that he hadnt come to see her. Sarita says that matches are made in heaven, and god sometimes has wierd ways of making people meet. Sarita says that for a successful marriage, the couple should be in love, and cites her own example of failure of her marriage with raj, as raj didnt love her. Sarita tells her that love should be life long, and if asks her if she’s willing to marry rohan, knowing that its his second time. Shiela says yes. sarita hugs her in glee. She says that now it should be left on her, as she would get shiela married to Roahn, before she leaves the house. shiela is shocked to find raj standing there and listening to all this. Sarita too is surprised to see him. The screen freezes on raj’s tensed face.

Precap: Raj says that shiela isnt a burden, that they would get rid of her, by tying her to the first person that they get. He says that he would select a good boy for her, and asks her to forget about rohan. Raj says that he wont let her be married to a divorced man. shiela and sarita are shocked.:

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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