Punar Vivah 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 6th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Finally the ball, much to Akash’s and gyatri’s happiness, lands in a catch. But yash and his team are happy and celebrating too. Pankaj says that his leg was on the boundary while catching. They take the matter upto gayatri, to umpire the descision. arti asks gayatri to refer to radha for a second consult. Radha too agrees with pankaj, saying that yash and his team have actually won. Gayatri comes back to her position, while all ask for her final descision in anticipation. Gayatri says that yash got out, and his team lost the match. Akash is extremely happy at that, much to yash’s team’s and radha’s dismay. gayatri gives akash the hereditary necklace. Ishita calls out for giving the necklace, but akash refuses to give it to her. Gayatri asks akash to give it to ishita as he cant wear it herself. Pari too asks for her claim on the necklace as she too was on his team. But gayatri says that ishita’s

Pari tells prateik, that gayatri changed colors so frequently, as eh never really paid attention to him, and now she has sidelined yash too, being his step son. vidhi and pankaj too hear this.

As akash goes out to give the children a treat, radha confronts gayatri saying that they had decided together that yash’s team won, then why change of descision. Gayatri asks if she’s calling her a cheat, who gave her own son, victory, but her stepson, intentionally lost because of her. Radha says that she just wants to know how did she take this wrong descision.

Gayatri screams out at radha, saying that how can she even think that what she did by swapping her kids, with gayatri’s so that he son, yash could enjoy the benefits of luxury and comfort. But she, without even knowing that yash wasnt her own child, she showered him with motherly affection, unawared of the fact that the child, she considers her own son, is in fact the result of somebody’s adultery passion. arti and yash are shocked to hear her talk like that, while radha stands with her head hung low in shame. radha asks her not to talk like this. Gayatri says that she has come to destroy her family, and changed the realtions in a second. radha says that she never distanced anyone, it was gayatri’s motherly affection that got caught in a weak moment.

Gayatri slaps radha hearing this, shocking everyone. she warns radha for calling her motherehood, a sham, and asks if she doesnt feel shame in doing so. She is reprimanded by suraj. All others leave. Buaji takes spice in the whole situation, by thinking that this drama is better than the match itself, and wonders what would happen to yash now, and how long would he be unaffected.

Radha, crying in the kitchen, is consoled by arti and yash. yash finds his place in her lap, saying thqat gayatri couldnt control her anger, and slapped her in front of everyone. He apologizes on her behalf, saying that gayatri couldnt do anything, as 30 years back, what she did for her own son, is no less of a sacrifice. But what happened with her today, is entirely due to him, as he couldnt do anything. Radha asks him not to think that its his fault, as its hers and that she cant blame him for it. He says that radha was insulted right in front of his eyes, while he watched helplessly. He wishes that none of it would have happened, as he couldnt do anything to stop radha from being insulted. He takes radha’s hand, saying that he would forever be indebted to gayatri’s love on him, as a mother’s love is priceless and cant be bought.

Suraj reprimands gayatri asking if she knows what she did. She defiantly says that she did nothing wrong, as it was long due, and has no hint of remorse for what she had done. He says that yash values his parents so much, and radha is his mother after all, who she slapped in front of every today, and he would have an adverse effect of today’s situation. He tells her that for her immaturity that would distance yash from her, as he wont be able to bear his mother, radha being insulted like that. And if that happens, he might also leave the house, distancing himself from everyone in the house. Then in a sarcastic tone, he taunts gayatri, that even if that happens, she wouldnt be bothered as now she knows that her son is akash, and she is too busy showering love on him, and yash isnt her son after all. Gayatri is shocked to hear him say that. He leaves, while gayatri is in introspection of her actions.

Gayatri comes to radha and yash. Radha leaves yash and steps aside. Gayatri wipes yash’s tears. She apologizes to him saying that she didnt want to do it, and she didnt understoos what got over her, as she had bneen controlling herself for too long, but lost today. She says that the pain his father gave her 30 years back overweighed her motherly love for yash. she says that she was very angry for being a woman, betrayed by her husband and lost temper in this, and apologizes profusely. Yash asks her not to apologize and instead scold, and beat her, do anything but not say sorry. She says that yash still cant see tears in gayatri’s eyes, and she reciprocated it by giving way to her temptations. She says that radha was right, that she deliberately made yash lose, as she wanted akash to taste the sweet taste of success. Yash seems to understand hearing this, as she continues saying taht she has always tasted success, victory and joy but akash had always got humiliation and insult, hence she made akash win, or maybe she wanted to pacify herself. She asks him if by supproting akash, did she betray yash, as the childlike happiness on akash’s face was to die for, when she knew that he hadnt had happiness like that, ever since he was born. He breaks down into yash’s arms, asking if she did anything wrong. yash says that she can never do anything wrong, as a mother can never be wrong. He says that he can lose evrything, for the sake of his mother’s happiness. The screen freezes on yash’s emotional face.

Precap: Yash says to suraj that he knows that gayatri was upset to have to digest so much, and therefore the frustration and irritation gave vent to what happened to radha at the field. Suraj says that this was just a spark, and if not nipped in the bud, then this spark would ignite a fire, that would destroy everything.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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