Punar Vivah 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 4th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Kamla while walking accidentally falls, and sarita begins to tend to her. kamal asks her not to touch her feet. Sarita says that this is her duty, and thanks her for the sargi that she sent, as she knew vandana wouldnt have sent. She says that from this day onwards, they are her parents, and she would make up for everything that they didnt give her, when she was here. Divya and raj are surprised to see sarita, who says that she has come to invite them for karvachauth. Shiela thinks that her work has become more easy now.

Later, divya expresses how badly she’s hungry, and he teases her to eat the favourite sweet. Munni comes in and teases raj for being so sweet, and also tells divya that raj has kept fast for her too. She ios plesantly surprised, and is happy that today they are together with each other again.

Scene 2:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
Sarita looks at vikrant’s photo, and thinks that tonight everything would work out between them, and dreams about her plans for tonight. She thinks that tonight she would give him the best gift, and thats of telling the turth to him, which she hasnt been able to so far, for some reason or other. She puts on the videocamera and starts taping it. She thanks him for the immense faith that he had on her, and goes on to tell her and divya’s entire plan, on tape so that vikrant can see it later, and how they were successful in their plan. she says that she still feels guilty and goes on to say how much he and abhi are his life now, and nothing else matters. She

Scene 3:
Location: Vikrant’s office and residence
Vikrant overhears his employes talking about they should be home soon, as its their wives karvachauth fast. He relieves all of them early. He is tensed. He too leaves. On the road, he is thinking about sarita’s fast and is angered. As he reaches home, he finds sarita dressed for the occassion. He is trensed, while she runs and hugs him, and says that she loves him very much. He is shocked and angered too at a betrayal of this sort. While sarita bares out her heart to him, he is tensed and confused. She says that she couldnt help herself today from keeping it to herself any longer. He shifts her away, and says that what had she thought, that she would express her love, and he would melt. She is sad, but cheers up when he says that she thought correctly. He extends his arms to hug her, and she runs to be in them. They romantically embrace. He too goes on to say that he never thought, but she too has stolen his heart, and loves her. He says that he wants to spend all his life in her arms. she says that she doesnt know how much happiness he has given her, by filling up her incomplete life. She is shy, but he lifts her face and wipes the tears. He takes the mangalsutra and places it around her neck herself. She is overwhelmed, as he also dons the vermillion in her forehead. Vikrant exclaims that this is perfect, and leaves. As vandana hollers at her, the sindoor box falls on the floor, and sprays all of the vermillion out. This gets sarita tensed. Vandana taunts her, for dressing up like this and asks sarita to dream on, as she wont ever be able get vikrant to herself. Sarita says that she doesnt need to lure vikrant, as he’s her husband. Vandna reminds her that this marriage was forced. She agrees and says that still, now she has accepted vikrant with all her heart and soul. Vandana says that she wont let them be together ever. Sarita says that she may try all that she wants, but she and vikrant are meant to be together and that tonight they would be together. vandana hears tensedly.

Vikrant is attending business calls, when abhi comes and wishes him best of luck. vikrant is confused, and abhi says that when he goes in his room, he would know why he wished him the best of luck. He anicipatedly enters, and finds sarita smiling, with something in her hand. as she turns around and sees him, she is surprised. Sarita stops vikrant and says that today is her karvachauth, and today’s ritual is that the husband has to give a gift to the wife, but she wants to do it reverse and she wants to gift him something, which is essential for their relation. She gives him the Cd and asks him to see it before breaking her fast. He takes it and confused, wonders whats inside it as she smiles. He says that he too has arranged a gift for her, surprising her. she asks whats it. Vandana comes in announcing the arrival of the gift, and sarita is shocked to see Rohan. Vikrant smirks, while Sarita thinks that vikrant called rohan today of all days, without consulting her, and thinks that she would get to the bottom of this. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: vikrant tells sarita that shiela isnt unconfortable with rohan being here, as she herself wants to be with him. Sarita is shocked to hear this. Vikrant tells sarita about shiela’s challenge to kajri, and tells her to ask shiela to stay away from rohan, as he’s someone else’s husband, and those who eye someone else’s husband are really low level women. Sarita is tensed to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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