Punar Vivah 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Punar Vivah 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Shiela makes halwa and asks the fatso not to eat it, as she jumps at the sight of food. As raj and sarita are eating the sweet dish given by shiela, she thinks that now this delicacy shall show its magic and do what has never happened before in their life. Shiela says that she needs to keep her happy, and hence made it for her. she wishes them goodbye and leaves. As she leaves, inflicted by the intoxicant effect, sarita and raj get into a naughty and playful mood, and dont realise their romance mingling into it. Shiela is happy at her plan’s success, that this intoxication would help them get closer for a romantic evening ahead. As it starts raining, sarita dances in the rain, while raj enjoys watching her. When she asks raj to join too,

he too does after much hesitation, and comes in the rain and starts dancing with sarita. The rain too gets them closer, romantically, as the pallu of her saree slips past her shoulder, and she unabashedly dances intimately with raj still.

The next morning, all are awaiting for raj at the breakfast table, while they are worried that raj hasnt gone for work, and kamla tells that she knocked but noone opened the door. Granny is happy that they finally got together, and raj is now concerned for Sarita, and asks for some sense, so that he may prevent this divorce, and decides to be with sarita. As shiela knocks on the door, sarita and raj wake up from their sleep, she on the bed, and he on the floor. She wakes up with a heavy head. she is shocked to find raj on the florr. She also hears shiela asking to open the dorr. Sarita opens the door, and is wished good morning. Shiela asks how was the night. She hollers at raj to go and open the shop, as its terribly late. shiela too taunts him that he got late today. Raj too has a heavy head. Shiela tells him that raj used to be like this in college too, when he used to reach late in college. Sarita says that she had just ehard of those days, and since marriage, she’s just seen him go to work. shiela praises her brother’s qualities. Sarita says that she had heard that he wanted to have name and fame in the world. Raj grows sad. Sarita asks him why he left that world. Raj says that these questions are useless, and this is just past memories. He is about to go, when sarita asks if he wouldnt tell his friend. Raj says that when divya left, all of his dreams left too, and only her memories and its pain were remaining that he bore all his life. As he leaves, sarita is tensed.

Raj is dreamily eyeing his papers, which blow at sarita’s feet, unnoticed by him, and sarita finds that raj has poetry written on it. she is about to approach him, but kamla comes. kamla asks raj to hurry up and have breakfast, as its their date for divorce in the court, which is what they all want for their happiness and asks if he still remembers his promise. as kamla leaves, Raj and sarita awkwardly face each other.

Sarita says that they are meant to be apart, but she would get him to have the love back in his life, as he is not meant to be in a Kabadi shop, and that she would get him back to the world of drama, where he was the happiest. Kamla and sohan think that everything would be alright. They find sarita and raj coming out from their room, both with a sad and heavy heart. Sohan tells raj that the descision is instant when the divorce is mutiual, and they just have to give their affirmation when the jugde asks for divorce. sarita is very sad. Granny laments at the situation too. Sohan says that then raj can come and get sarita remarried. As they walk out the door, sarita remembers the moments together with raj. They get in the car, while sarita and raj are still reminiscient of their time together and are teary eyed.

Scene 2:
Location: In the court
Raj and sarita meet the lawyer, who tell them that there’s no reason to worry, as he has never lost a divrce case, and whoever has come to them has got divorced. He walks them through the guidelines, while saying that divorces have become easy, and maintaining relations the hardest. He tells them that they should consent when the judge asks if they want to get divorced, and then give their personla reasons.

The judge asks them if they really want to be divorced. Both are tensed, while sarita finally manages to say yes. But before she can, he says No, shocking her and the lawyer too. the lawyer is insistent on raj to say yes, but the judge stops him. The judge says that after looking at them and their relationship a glance, she decides to give them three months. But the lawyer says that a relation that has been dead for ten years, wont revive in any time soon. The judge says that he shouldnt be hasty, and relations change within a second, and three months is a really long time. Sarita has a coughing bout, and raj instantly gets to attend to her, by a glass of water kept for the judge, apologising to her later for that, and having won her appraisal at first. The judge shows this concern of raj to sarita, and is adamant on her descision. the lawyer is disturbed. The judge says that she is hopeful, that in three months, this relation would be rejuvenated. The screen freezes on sarita’s hopeful face.

Precap: Arti comes claiming to bring the biggest twist in punar vivah, and proclaims about the special episode.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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