Punar Vivah 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 27th November 2013 Written Update

Raj’s mother is about to throw the car, but Raj comes there and she puts it back in her bag. He asks her what she is doing here when she said she was ill. His mother says she came to market to buy groceries. Raj then says he is going home and he will take her. His mother says no saying she will take an auto, but Raj takes her with him. She gets worried when Raj takes bag from her.

Other side, Vikrant and Sarita come out of Vikrant’s house. Abhi apologizes to Sarita as they couldn’t find the car. He prays to the God to help them as him and Vikrant can’t live without Sarita. Sarita says everything will be fine. After they leave, someone calls someone.

They come at Raj’s house and tells everyone that they couldn’t find the car. Vikrant says that he feels that the killer is right around them.. listening to everything and is always one step ahead of them and destroying all proofs before they get to them. Raj’s father tells sheila to bring lemon juice for Vikrant and Sarita. Sheila says she will go to market to buy lemons. Raj says no need and asks her to check his mother’s bag. Raj’s mother stops Sheila from checking the bag and right then police arrive there. Vikrant is shocked. Sarita tells him that she won’t leave him until she dies.. she won him after many difficulties and doesn’t want to lose his support now. The cop tells Vikrant that Sarita will definitely get punished, and now along with her, Vikrant won’t be saved either as he broke the laws and no matter how high one’s status his… everyone gets punished for breaking the laws. Before police arrest them, Sarita asks them if she can talk to Abhi. They give her permission. Sarita gives Abhi to Divya and family and says, I know you all will take good care of him and will never let him miss us, but still. Abhi says he will pray to the God and then she will with be them. Sarita tells him to take care of himself and not to bother anyone. Raj’s mother gets emotional. Raj then tells police that they have proof that Sarita is not the killer and they are gathering more proofs. Police tell him not to interfere in their work. Sarita tells police that they are not doing right by separating a child from his mother. The cop asks them to go with him. Sarita holds Vikrant’s hand and they both walk together. Everyone gets emotional and also feels guilty as they couldn’t save Sarita.

Rohan informs his mother about this. His mother says it’s all her fault and now she will rectify her mistake.. will tell the lawyer that its all her mistake. If she can’t do anything for Vikrant and Sarita, then she won’t be able to forgive herself.

Sarita and Vikrant are in a lockup. Sarita asks him what was the need to be a super hero and save her. Vikrant just keeps smiling. He then pulls her to him and says, once I saved you.. so this time I thought you would save me by making me run away. Sarita says, really? and how would I have done that? By riding a horse with a gun? This is not a film. This is reality. Vikrant says, you love hindi films, then you should have come.. it would be so much fun.. we would be against lost in jungle… you would get hurt, then i would carry you.. we would have spent few more memorable moments.. and for such moments.. we should make each other run hundreds of times., right? Sarita says, this is not time to romance.. it’s time to get serious. We can only hope Raj and Divya find the right killer and we can get out of this place. Vikrant says, I hope for the same that they find some proof because I won’t be able to take care of Abhi without you.. nor myself. Both have eyelock. Sarita sleeps on his shoulder.

Raj’s mother is looking at the car and says, this is the only proof that can save Sarita, but it can also put me in trouble. I have responsibility of three sons.. she says, I am sorry Sarita and destroys the car. Other hand, Abhi is praying and hopes somehow he gets the recorder from his car. A chip flies out of Raj’s mum’s room and she doesn’t notice it. Divya is coming out and she notices the chip. Raj’s mother cries and says, please forgive me Sarita.. now no one can save you. Divya was about to throw the chip away, but then stops on the last moment and gets thoughtful.

Divya comes to her room to check what’s in the chip. It’s Karva Chauth night recording. She watches it and hopes to find some proof. She is shocked when she sees Raj’s mother adding poison in the kheer. She goes out of her room in anger.

Vandana is talking with a lawyer about saving Vikrant and Sarita. Raj comes there and takes it wrong way and gets angry at her. Vandana says she has changed now and she has come here for Vikrant and Sarita. Raj doesn’t respond. She says, I know you won’t trust me… but when Kamlaji came to my house.. I apologized to her as well and she forgave me. Now you forgive me too. I have talked her about Rohan and Sheila’s rishta too. Raj says impossible. Vandana tells him that she came to her house before Vikrant and Sarita and then left all of a sudden. Raj wonders why his mother went to Vikrant’s house and that too without telling anyone.

Raj’s mum gives a lunch box to sheila and tells her to go to police station and give that to sarita and vikrant. After sheila leaves, Divya enters. She asks, you really care about Vikrant and Sarita? What is your relationship with them? She was your daughter in law for 10 years.. you never loved her.. and only hated her. Raj’s mum tells Divya to mind her language. Divya says she is ashamed of having such mother in law. Raj’s mother says you said a lot already.. now shut. She is walking away, but Divya grabs her hand and says ,I know who killed Kajal. Raj’s mother gets surprised.

Precap: Divya tells Raj’s mum that she will speak the truth in court. Raj’s mum stops her and says, by doing that you will save Sarita, but you will lose your sasural. Do you know what will happen to Raj? He may break marriage with you. On one side it’s Sarita and Vikrant, and on the other side, it’s your sasural. Now you will decide whom you’ll support.

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