Punar Vivah 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 16th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Arti asks why does he want her to get the keys. akaash says that he wants to clear a black slate and wants to start afresh, as he doesnt have any sense of business anyways. He says that he would give the papers to yash, and the kesy to arti, who are best suited for it. When ishita doesnt budge, akash asks her to go as he wants to lesses the burden on himself. Ishita leaves in disgust. yash says that this isnt needed. But akash insists that this be done, and he would take business tips from yash. Suraj comments that this is the love that he always wanted to see between them.

As ishita takes the kesy out from under the pillow, she is very upset. Seeing her come out with a sad face, buaji relishes it. Buaji tanuts ishita saying that she doesnt wish that even her enemies dont get the luck that ishita has, as she was dressed as a bride, yet yash turned away from her, and went back to arti, who skillfully snatched away from her what was rightfully hers, just like the keys that she has to give to arti today again. ishita is very upset to hear this. Buahji says that its her destiny that whatever is rightfully hers should go to aarti. Ishita leaves without saying anything, while buaji smirks.

Ishita takes a look at the keys, and seeing the family have food together, gets a plan, and approaches them. She says that akash has said that she should give it to arti, butr she doesnt want to burden arti with responsibilities right now in her condition, hence she wants to give it to radha. Arti too appreciates her concern and her maturity about the descisions. as ishita gives them to radha, she says that vidhi can take them, but suraj tells her, that the rightful place for the keys is with her only. radha blesses ishita.

As arti is about to eat snacks, vidhi stops her citing some superstition about the baby being born black. She is very sad. akash sees this but doesnt say anything.

As arti takes one medicine, she tries to sneak the others in the drawer so that she doesnt have to eat it. but Yash pretends to be fake angry at her for not taking her meds properly. She tells yash that she doesnt like taking the bitter meds, and for now she cant hink of anything except for the snacks, that vidhi refused her to eat. yash says that the doctor has prescribed her another medicine, which she has to eat. As arti is shocked, yash goes to get them and comes back with his hand behind his back. as arti embraces herself for another medicine, she is full of excitement when she finds that yash has got her a plate full of snacks that she was craving for. she showers yash with accolades that he is so concerned for her. but when Arti is told by yash that akash got this for her. arti is angry to hear this, that akash pays more attention to her than yash. yash tries to rectify the situation saying that it was idea that was implemented by akash, escaping vidhi’s eyes. Vidhi’s mention reminds arti of her caution. Arti is scared that vidhi’s superstition might just prove to be true. yash says that the complexiona nd gender doesnt matter, and he wants the bay and her to be healthy, just that he should be strong like him. She says that then the child would be beautiful as her. They get into a scuffle about how people go gaga over them, and how one is more beautiful than the other.

When yash knows that arti too has followers, he gets angry, and arti stuffs snacks into his mouth, just to stop him from talking. She then runs, but is stopped, as yash catches her pallu, and romantically drapes it on her. he says that she indeed is more beautiful than him, and not juts from the outside, but her inner beauty too. She hugs him, and places her head on her chest. just then the servant comes in asking for her help in removing a difficult stain. arti composes herself and says that she would just come. As she goes, yash has a smile on his face.

Arti tells the servant that its for gayatri’s advise that lemon can take off any stain, while cleaning it off. As vedika calls out for the servant, he goes to attend to her. She sees the bucket full of soapy water. She decides to keep the bucket aside, as the kids might hurt themselves if this water spills while they are playing. But seeing the kids fight, she is distracted and placing the bucket on the ground, she goes over to resolve the fight among the kids for a ball. She gets interactive with them to get them to play together. Ishita sees them with arti, and rememebers her intimacy wioth yash, and buaji’s taunts. she thinks that she’s had enough of arti and everyone going gaga over her. She thinks that she would stop this once and for all, and also give a befitting reply to buaji. She thinks that she would kill two birds with one stone. She thinks that she has to make fall arti fall in everyone’s eyes, where they hold her responsible for ruining the family’s happiness.

Arti meanwhile helps the kids play together. She spills the soapy waters on the floor, thinking that she cant bear anymore that arti be the apple of everyone’s eyes. arti, unaware of the wet floor, comes towards that area, and as ishita expected, she slips on it, and falls on the ground, shocking vidhi and prateik, but yash catches. as arti is apologetic, He then gives a humorous spin to it, that had she wanted him to hold her always, she should have said so instead of going into so much trouble.

evereyone is very scared about arti’s condition. arti asks radha to relax, as she’s alright. Ishita is disgusted at her plan going waste. pari wonders who spilt the water, but yash tells them that noone would have done it intentionally. Radha says that even though they mightnt believe in it, but she would have to cast the evil eye away from her. While she is doing this, Palak falls on the soapy waters, as everyone’s busy tending to arti and they dont see palak walking on the wet floor. Palak gets hurt and is crying. Evereyone is concerned for her. arti tells yash to take palak into the room, while she gets ice. but radha asks both of them to go inside, while she gets ice. After they are gone, Pari says that arti might have been saved, but palak wasnt. She reprimands the person who was foolish enough to keep the soapy water in the middle of the room, and not even bother to keep it aside after the work was done. Seeing pari disgusted, Ishita thinks that her plan mightnt have worked as she wanted it to, but she would see to it that arti is held responsible for palak’s accident. She thinks that even yash would distance himself from her and the kids would be the reason for their strife. she thinks that would finish off arti’s and yash’s story and start hers with yash.

Precap: Pari reprimands arti for being so careless, and asks her as to why she even bothered to do work, when she cant do it properly given her condition. arti hears silently. all the other family members too hear pari. Ishita thinks that arti was crowning away in the glory of love, but now yash’s face clearly implicates that he is very angry at her, but isnt saying anything.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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