Punar Vivah 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 15th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
sarita and vikrant enter a romantic eyegaze. He says that he couldnt have stayed without her after watching the CD. He asks how could he have left her alone, when he knew about the sacrifice she was going to make for him. sarita says that she shouldnt have left the Cd, as if he hadnt seen it, then he wouldnt have done this foolish thing. he says that the Cd didnt give him the idea, but an eglish film did. they get into a cute arguement about bollywood and hollywood films.

Vikrant finds a roadside tap and stops. sarita teases him if he is tired. he shows him the water tap. She asks if he would bt able to drink that. He says that he has an old habit from his orphan days. She asks him not to remember those days. He looks at her endearlingly and drinks the water. sarita is cold and vikrant gets a makeshift towel with a drap hanging. Vikrant-Sarita are hugging each other and hear police siren and break the hug. A jeep approaches where they are! Both are shocked. he makes her lie down, so that the police doesnt identify them. After they pass, sarita is conscious about his intimacy. She tries to break free, but he holds her tightly. He says that he doesnt know when he fell in love with her so much, and wants to spend the rest of his life in her arms only. They are aware of people gazing at them and laughingly flee from there. she asks where would they go no. he says that wherever they go, they would be together, and he would always be by her side, and never leave her alone. He says that now their journey and destination is the same. They hug each other. sarita is overwhelmed. They caress each other.

Scene 2:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
vandana is furious that raj came to look for sarita and vikrant. Rohan tells him, while vandana irritatingly asks him to be cautious as they are absconding and the police would doubt anyone, who’s trying to contact them. He comes outside and tells divya and says that he doubts vandana. Divya thinks that this is very romantic. raj is confused how can the police being behind them, be romantic. divya asks him to be more like vikrtant, and be a little more daring and affectionate towards his wife.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Sarita and vikrant are alramed by the car headlights. they are surprised to find raj and divya and ask them to go home as they want anyone else to be implicated. raj says tghat it isnt safe here, and the police would be searching for them and they should come along to a safe place. raj and divya get them to agree. They come back to jagotia residence.

Scene 4:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Divya and raj take sarita to the room, where they plan to hide them. sarita says that they never knew about this room. Vikrant asks if he’s sure that they are safe here. Raj says that they are completely safe. Raj and divya leave. Vikrant locks the door, and finds sarita amused. he asks her whats so funny. she says that he looks so out of place, in this middle class room. They finally doze off to sleep.

The next morning, vikrant wakes up to see sarita sleeping. He places her pallu on him. Sarita wakes up and is shocked herself in such a compromising position. She asks whats he doing. He says that he isnt doing, but he did. Vikrant teases her that what had to happen did happen. sarita is tensed and embarassed. vikrant says that its normal as after all they are married. he says that now they have to just wait. sarita asks for what. He says that its for Ms. Junior suryavanshi. She is tensed and distraught. she says that she never could believe he could do this. He says that he coudltn control himself. sarita reprimands him for taking advantage of his own wife, when she was unconscious. he says that he was just joking, and he loves hger and wont do anything without her permission. as he caresses her face, she smiles shyly. He asks her not to smile, as he is hurt by the amount of fai8th she has on him., she apologises profusely. He says that wont do, and she would have to make himunderstand, just like she does to abhi, by kissing him a nice sweet kiss. She is shy and says that she has a condition. He says that he would accept anything for the kiss. She asks him toc lose his eyes. He asks why. she says not to ask questions. He complies and puckers up his face for a kiss. She leaves and gets a teddy, and bringing it to his lips, she kisses him. He says that its chaeting, and pins her down, with himself on top of her. They have a passionate embrace, while she is shy. she stealthily leaves to get him tea.

Sarita descends down the stairs, very cautiously that noone sees her. But granny steals a glance at her. She screams out for kamla. Granny tells kamla that she saw sarita, while she hdies in the meanwhile. kamla doesnt believe her, and tells that she did see her. kamla asks raj to get granny’s checkup done. granny swears to raj that she saw sarita. raj goes to check and is tensed to find sarita there. He leaves and tells granny that there was noone there, and that she’s imagining things as she’s concerned for sarita, and is unable to get sleep. granny says that she’s completely sane, and its right that sionce she got convicted, she is very tenseed thinking about her. Divya wonders why sarita came down, and had she be seen, it would have caused enough trouble. She decides to go and find out what sarita came down for.

vikrant is angry that the lawyer hasnt been able to file an appeal. the lawyer tells him that it isnt possible now after his heroic stunt, to escape with sarita. He still says that he would try and find a way out. raj and the ladies enter with breakfast. vikrant tells that the lawyer has given up hopes now, and there’s only one chance now. They ask whats it. Vikrant says that sarita maybe innocent, but the actual murderer is still at large. Divya wonders who could have killed kajal. Vikrant says that somebody has killed, and he would have to find the motive behind it. Vikrant tells raj, divya and sarita that if sarita has to be saved, then the actual murderer has to be caught anyhow. All are tensed, while vikrant is determined to find about the murderer. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: rohan tells to vandana that he almost managed to get rid of vikrant and sarita, but there’s still one work to do, and thats to get shiela married to him. Vandana says that she knows what she has to do to get shiela and rohan get married. She tells rohan about her idea. Abhi listens to this from the balcony and is tensed..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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