Punar Vivah 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 14th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Vikran tells Rohans mom .. to end it.. or he wont spare her age! Vikrant says Sarita is my wife. n i can cross all limits for her and regarding her crime.. she is innocent n till i get the proof, we will stay in hiding here..! Vikrant says that this will be a secret or it wont be good for either of u two! Sarita asks how can u trust them still? Vikrant says i have done a lot for them and if they cheat me. it will be their loss! Rohan says i lost kajal and i wanna find out who killed kajal ..but i know one thing for sure that Sarita couldnt have done this.. ! Dun worry we are both with u two! Rohan reassures no one will find out about them! Vikrant says that will be good for u coz i have all the proof against u ..and if i share u will be in trouble! Rohans mom relents as well ..! She says u both gotta be careful ..cops are looking for u! Vikrant says switch off all the lights so all think everyone is asleep!

Vikrant holds Saritas hand ..! He checks her injury..! Sarita asks what he is doing? If anything happened to him ..she would have died! Vikrant says this is called LOVE .. in this situation also thinking of hubby? Vikrant says.. good .. thats why i came running to save u..! Vikrant removes shards of wood/glasses from Saritas feet. .does her bandage..! She is in pain ..but grateful to Vikrant! Sarita asks what happened in these few hours? Morning u called me guilty and din wanna see my face and by evening u helped me run and now doing my bandage? Vikrant says saw ur CD .. n know ur truth.. losing u scared me.. so my ego kept me away from u.. when i came to sense .. it was too much.! Vikrant says i dunno what i did was right or wrong but i know that i cant live without u..! Sarita says. .nice.. when u felt like sent me to prison and then ran off with me..! Sarita says now i will be sent to gallows! Vikrant shushes her n says.. i will kill myself before letting anything happen to u..! Sarita says no need to be so filmy!

Raj asks what is Vikrant trying to do? Risking his and Saritas life? Divya says.. those who love ..dun think or risks.. he loves her and i had told Sarita that the day he realises he is wrong he will come to get her! Raj says cops are chasing them and Divya says..Vikrant will take good care of her. .dun worry! Vikrant smile seeing Sarita asleep and whispers. .asleep? So fast. LISTEN ..! Sarita fumes..! Vikrant asks Sarita to say once what she said in the CD. .he says am dying to hear..! Sarita closes her eyes! Vikrant asks what? He goes to her side of the bed and sits next to her ..and Sarita says Abhi will wake up! Vikrant says let him .. tell me .. i wont be asleep without hearing u speak! Vikrant takes the pillow and Sarita says.. what? Vikrant says.. he is sleeping on my pillow so..! Sarita says u . .n Vikrant asks me what?? She asks him to sleep..! He sleeps!

Rohans mom sneaks in cops in the house and Rohan is shocked..! Rohans mom says wont let Sarita re-enter Vikrants life.. whatever will happen .. will happen to Sarita..! Rohans mom points to the room and says they are hiding there.. go catch them! Vikrant says. if u not gonna do anything . lemme do it.. and he closes in for a kiss and Sarita stops him n says u are not a 16 year old kid.. ! Vikrant coufs and Sarita asks what happened? Vikrant says think am senior citizen so do the favour..! Cops open the door of Vikrants room and find only Abhi asleep..!

Cops asks where are they? Rohans mom says they were in this room ..! Vikrant and Sarita are hiding..behind curtains..! Vikrant says we need to cross over to adjacent rooms window..! Sarita is scared ..n Vikrant asks not to worry n to trust him ..! Sarita almost slips and Vikrant holds her hand in time..n asks to close her eyes..He asks are u scared i will drop u? Sarita says no. . no fear coz ur here ..! Vikrant helps Sarita slip into the adjacent room ..!

The duo reach the adjacent room and lights come on ..! Cops rush to check the room …! They are hiding in the closet and cop walks towards it.. but before they can open.. someone screams and they leave! Vikrant caresses Saritas lock of hair n Sarita says dun try to take advantage and come so close n Vikrant says. .who hugged me outta fear? U ..! Both are resting their heads on each other n their nose is touching!

BG – Jene laga hun

Part 2

Cops ask why did u scream to Rohans mom? She says saw a cat! She is asked where are the duo? She says they left ..! Cop warns her not to repeat the same mistake of wasting time of cops.. ! They leave and Rohans mom is worried!

Vikrant and Sarita are walking on the road and she asks where are u taking me? Vikrant says away from cops..!! If i left u back ..cops would have taken u to jail..! Sarita asks still talking crap! Vikrant says stress talking! Sarita says u are nuts n he says u made me nuts! Sarita asks in the middle of the night.. in the middle of street where are we going? Vikrant says .. so many farm house.. n homes.. where to go? Sarita says n so little brain .. if we go there ..cops will catch us..! Vikrant says u are so smart.. i like Smart girls!

Sarita tries to walk away from him n slips and he holds her in time..! BG – Ye dil hai..!

Part 3

Sarita asks Vikrant to leave her n he does n she falls ! Sarita fumes and sits on the street and Vikrant asks what is the matter? What to do? Sarita says. .am hurt coz of u.. what u think i cant do anything without u..? She tries to get up but fails..! Vikrant offers his hand to her but she refuses n Vikrant pulls her up and helps her walk..! Sarita says u like to do all this. .take trouble to trouble me ..! Sarita says u took such big risk.. u came to free me. .but u left Abhi behind! Vikrant says.. he will be safe..! Sarita says i could have managed myself .. Vikrant says but i culdnt have managed myself. .I LOVE U ..! Vikrant-Sarita eyelocks..! BG – Dil hai na..!

Precap — Vikrant-Sarita are hugging each other and hear police siren and break the hug! A jeep approaches where they are! Both are shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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