Punar Vivah 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 11th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
Vikrant sees sarita talking to abhi, and getting him to have food. divya too comes and sees this, and she tells vikrant, and sarita too listens, that the fingerprint reprots have come, and that the police is calling thm downstairs. They are tensed. Sarita tells abhi that she has to go, and would be back in ten minutes. Abhi doesnt like it, and stops her from going. Vikrant sees this. She asks the butler to serve him food, while she goes out, and facing vikrant curtly, she leaves. Vikrant stands tensed, looking at abhi and his sadness.

The police shocks them and says that they have found the culprit. He says that all evidences indicate towards one person being the murderer. soham asks him to stop with the riddles and tell them who is it. After creating much drama, he finally says that Sarita Suryavanshi is the murderer. Sarita is stunned while all are equally shocked, with vandana finally feeling victorious. Raj vehemently protests that sarita cant do this. Divya too agrees. Raj asks vikrant to step up and start speaking, that he cnt do this, as he knows that she hasnt done the murder. sarita eyes him emotionally. But vikrant doesnt budge. The inspector comes with handcuffs. raj asks whats the basis of this, and asks them to prove this. They ask how can she be arrested on the basis of doubt. The police tells them that she was alone in the kitchen, and only she is able to put the ring in the kheer, and the fingerprint reports are a proof of this. They stop from getting her handcuffed. But sarita is handcuffed, and sarita screams out to vikrant to man up and speak for her. vikrant is tensed, and doesnt budge, despite seeing sarita distraught. She collapses on the floor. he gets emotional but doesnt lend a hand. He retrates from that area. She is shocked. She still asks him to speak. But he doesnt listen. She pleads to the police to let her meet her son, one last time before being taken away, and consider this for motherly love. She is let go of.

sarita comes to abhi’s room, and hugs him. She is crying inconsolably. She kisses him innumerously, while he wipes her tears and asks why’s she crying. He says that he was told that she’s going to go somewhere. He asks her no to go, as he would always obey her orderes, and asks if she’s gone, who would keep care of him and father. she says that she has to go for some work, and ass him to behave while she is gone, or else she would be very tensed where she is going. He promises to behave, when she isnt here. She asks him to tak ecare of his father, and whenever he’s sad, make him smile, and never let him get angry. She asks him also to be happy and smiling always. He agrees. She says that she would have to go now, and asks the butler to take care of vikrant and abhi. The butler agrees and says that god would correct everything soon. She asks abhi to go off to sleep. He complies. Sarita runs from there, unable to control her emotions any longer, giving on elast distraught glanec at her child. Outside, she cries unstoppably, and says that she cant live without abhi and vikrant, and asks the lord not to seperate them. Finally she goes out. Sarita walks out with the lady constables, while vikrant looks tensedly. The jagotia family too leaves after them.

Outside, raj and divya assure sarita that soon she would be back home, and they would contact their lawyer and sort everything out. They stand distraught as sarita ius out in the jeep, and taken off. Just before she leaves, she finds vikrant, who has finally come out. Vikrant leaves for the room.

As a tensed vikrant is thinking, raj barges in and asks if he’s happy now, and asks why didnt he do anything. divya too reprimands him for not doing anything for the woman, who stood by him, in everything, and behaved like a starnger. she says that she thought he loved and cared for sarita, but she was mistaken. raj says that they indeed were wrong, to get him remarried to her. He says that he himself doesnt know love and trsut, and asks why did he fail these relations. vikrant doesnt respond and leaves inside. Divya asks raj what happened to vikrant all of a sudden. She compares sarita’s behaviour towards abhi till the last minute, and vikrant, who didnt give a damn about sarita. Raj says that its all his fault to get her married to such a wrong person. divya asks him not to blame himself, as they have made a mistake in recognising vikrant, thinking that he would keep her happy.

Scene 2:
Location: In the police station and vikrant’s residence
As vikrant comes in his room, he starts imagining a smiling sarita in every corner of the room, that they both shared. As sarita is in the lockup, she imagines vikrant in everyone she sees. She is jolted to reality when she finds that they arent vikrant. They are both shaken and distraught. She wonders why has vikrant distanced himself from her so much. Abhi comes to vikrant, and finds him sad. He asks what happened to him and if he is fine. Vikrant doesnt respond, when he asks if he didnt go to office. Vikrant asks him to go to his room, abhi says that he cant do that, as he has promised sarita tht he wont go, leaving him alone, in sadness. He hugs him and says that everything would be fine. Vikrant wonders that even when she’s gone, why is her memory worrying him so much.

The inspector announces to sarita that someone has come to meet her. She is excited thinking that its vikrant. She comes out of the lockup excitedly, but is shocked at the person she sees, who has come to visit her. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: While a distraught vikrant is sitting on the bed, the video cd starts playing, and sarita bares out her heart and drama that she had done with divya. Vikrant is shocked and equally guilty at having misunderstood her. Vikrant says that he too loves her, and asks for forgiveness. He says that now the world shall see what Vikrant Suryavanshi can do for his wife.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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