Punar Vivah 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 11th April 2013 Written Update
Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Much to akash’s pleasure, radha stops him from leaving the house. He says that now he would demand what he wants. yash stops her saying that they shouldnt unnecessarily pamper the kids, and only when they respect them, should they respect their whims. Akash cursing yash for interfering yet again, leaves the house, for the sake of keeping his word. Buaji says that its necessary to take suraj and radha to the temple first. they all get into it.
Ishita thinks that everyone is happy, whereas she had planned otherwise all along. She thinks that he hasnt seen such an idiot like akash, who left at such a crucial time, when he should have been aiding her in stopping the marriage. she thinks that she would have to do it herself now.

All are making arrangemenst about the marriage. Vedika comes in and tells vidhi, and they together do a promo of DID SUPER MOMS. They all instruct vidhi to take part in it. They pester her to give an audition. They tell the venue and date of the next audition.

The whole family gets into the car. Radha tells arti to stay back, as she shouldnt stress herself. Yash also excuses himself citing various reasons. all are amused at this urgency, while arti shyly smiles. Vidhi asks ishita also to come along.They all drive off.

Scene 2:
Location: In the bar
Akash wonders how to stop the marriage as his reputation would destroyed. When the waiter gets the bill, akash asks his friends to pay, as he is empty today. He says that he has left the house, as he had no respect there. His friends say that akash has done right on his face. But behind his back, they wonder how they were banking on akash’s money, and now they dont have any other option. They instigate him against his father and brothers, and tell him not to let go of the share. they plant an idea, that he should steal from his family’s safe, as its his rightful share, and he would have to snatch it, if need be. He is told by his friends that they are being true to him, and helping him in this situation. Akash falls prey to their trap.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
yash and arti play a prank on buaji, to savour some alone time together. buaji’s scared thinking that someone’s following her, while they keep hiding behind her. Yash and arti hide behind the almirah. Buaji hears the footsteps but cant see anyone. Buaji is very scared as to whats happening here. Buaji says that since ishita has come in the house, the house is rid with evil eyes. She closes the door and goes. Arti is tensed thinking htat. Yash says that even the gods want that he stays with her. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com Arti says that she would have to listen to everyone’s taunt if they see her like this with him. yash says that he has his phone, and would call up someone to unlock them. But when he finds that he doesnt have it, arti reprimands him for being so careless. yash says that now that they have gotten the chance, they should take advantage of it. Arti, seeing that he wont be of any use, decides to take matters in her hand. But she trips, and is promptly held by yash. Their romance buds in, and they embrace and savour the moment.

Akash sneaks in the mansion, hiding from buaji. He enters suraj’s room. He tries to open the safe, but finds it locked. He trickily opens it with a wire and steals all the money, jewellery, and precious belongings from the family safe. as he is about to go, he says to gayatri’s photo, that he tried much to stop this remarriage of his father’s but in vain. Looking at gayatri’s photo, he says that noone ever bothered or would ever bother about him, hence he is forced to take this step, in his own house. he tells her not to bother as he would take care of himself. He leaves.
Vidhi and the family arrive back from the temple, and look around for yash and arti. Buaji tells her that they arent here. As vidhi opens the children’s door, she finds them tucked away and sleeping on the bed. She shouts out that she has found them. this wakes up arti, who also wakes up yash, who gets up with a start, and they are very embarassed to find the whole family watching them like this, much to the family’s amusement. vidhi and yash start teasing yash about his reasons to stay back, and if he actually did that. buaji realises that it was them, who were lurking in the house.

Ishita is very angry that arti is fooling around with yash, who she considers to be her own. The family teasingly tell him to realx as he had a tireful day. After the family closes the door again, they get into a pillow fight and blaming each other for what just happened. Then they break into laughter, and get in each other’s lap.

Precap: While yash and arti are getting suraj and radha ready for the marriage, there is one couple lurking around who is trying to stop the marriage. The question remains if this would happen, and will another remarriage happen?

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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