Punar Vivah 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Punar Vivah 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Punar Vivah 10th April 2013 Written Update

Vidhi cries patting vedika..
Radha comes..

Vidhi says.. please save my Vedika Radha ji..

Radha says.. nothing will happen to her dont worry…

Aarti sends all outside the room and stays with Radha and Vedika..

Radha says.. Vedika.. you’ll be fine.. just try and remain conscious..

Radha applies to medicine..
Vedika smiles..

Radha says.. i didnt even apply the medicine properly..

Vedika says.. i am all fine.. we did this drama because we want to get your punar vivaah done…

Ishita hears this and thinks.. ohh drama.. now i will spoil it..

Radha looks at Aarti…

Ishita smiles and goes..

All are outside waiting…

Aarti, Radha and Vedika come out..

Vidhi goes to her and hugs her..

Aarti says.. u dont have to worry.. Radha maa has healed her..

Vidhi goes to Radha and says.. i am sorry and thank you as well.. but to say thanks to you, i dont have words..

Pankaj says.. we said a lot to you.. consider us kids and forgive us..

Ishita thinks.. all this drama is for sometime only.. i will open it all.. that how Radha maa is doing this drama with Yash and Aarti..

Vidhi says.. u didnt take revenge for all that happened with you in this house.. such big a heart can be only a mothers’ .. u are the mother of this house and we considered you wrong..

Ishita thinks.. now is the time..

Radha says.. dont say such big words.. i didnt do anything.. n neither did i heal Vedika.. snake never bit her.. i didnt do any magic.. Yash, Aarti and Vedika did this whole drama so that you guys accept me..

Ishita looks shocked..

Radha says.. but to accept someone, your heart has to allow.. such lies dont make relations.. i am sorry on behalf of these kids.. forgive me ..

Radha turns to leave .. Vidhi stops her..

Vidhi says.. Yash bhaiya and Aarti didnt do anything wrong.. they wanted to make us realize the truth.. may be u didnt save Vedika.. but we understood that your heart is so pure.. if u would have wanted, your could have kept mum and taken advantage of this situation.. but u didnt do that.. u have grown so big in my eyes today.. i can see Maa in you.. that Maa that we felt empty of after Gayatri maa went away.. I am with Yash bhaiya and Aarti in the decision of this punar vivaah…

Pankaj looks angry..

AarYa and Papa S smile..

Pankaj says.. if u go with them, understand that our relationship breaks..

Vidhi says.. even then i will be with Yash bhaiya and Aarti in their decision of punar vivaah.. will get Bauji and radha ji’s punar vivaah done.. Bauji and Radha ji, we are younger to you, we have made mistakes but we want to rectify it.. please Bauji.. please Radha ji..

Papa S says.. me and Radha dont want this marriage.. because at this age, we want to live with respect not with our heads down.. our society is such, that if at our age, one needs a partner, the person is seen bad.. who will explain this society, that at this age, u need a partner for complete emotions.. I have decided that i will leave Bhopal and go.. my family’s head wont go down because of me… i have decided, that i will leave the rest of my life in an old age home where i can live my life with respect with people of my age.. Radha will stay here and i want that everyone respects her.. because of me whatever she has seen, u guys have to rectify that.. this is not my order but its a request..

Pankaj says.. bauji.. forgive us.. dont go..

Pratik says.. u have always forgiven us.. this time too.. please..

Yash says.. we need you Bauji.. u dont have to go to an old age home with us being here.. please Bauji..

Pankaj says.. if u go.. Maa’s soul wont forgive us ever..

Papa S says.. i dont have any prob with anyone.. just let me go..

Aarti says.. Radha maa.. please stop him..

Radha says.. dont go.. dont take away the love of father from them.. i know how kids go wrong with their father.. kids might grow, but they always need the love of their parents.. dont leave your home like this..

Papa S with tears in his eyes look away.. looks back and says.. my family has always went on my decision and rules without questioning.. so ok.. for once even i wanna go on my family’s decision.. if that makes my family happy, i wont go..

All look smiling.. Bua ji looked relieved…

Ishita looks shocked and kinda angry..

Aarti hugs Yash..

All look down embarrassed..

Aarti whispers to yash.. see i told you , family will agree.. they did..

Vidhi coughs…

Aarti realizes and breaks apart..

yash says.. we should get this punar vivaah be done soon…

Ishita says.. lemme see how this punar vivaah happens…

Yash says.. thank you Mrs. Scindia for this huge happiness..

Aarti says.. for this huge happiness, only thank you wont work..

Yash says.. ok…

AarYa smile..

Ishita says.. now tell when will be the good time for Bauji and Radha maa’s punar vivaah..

Aarti says.. there is no good time for a good deed.. thats why we have decided to get their punar vivaah done today itself..

Akash shouts.. stop it.. i wont let this happen.. and what about you guys, changed sides..

Pankaj says.. we were wrong… now we are on the right path..

Vidhi says. we will get this punar vivaah done…

Akash looks at Bua and says.. and you.. all day and night, u take the name of God.. now take your bhagwan ki kasam and tell them about righteousness..

Bua ji says.. Bhaiya always does right.. and I wont get a bhabhi like Radha in the world..

Akash looks frustrated …

Bua ji thinks.. i have to live in this house only.. cant take differences from Radha.. anyways, i have said a lot to her.. i’ll be the first one she throws when she gets an opportunity…

Akash says.. i feel bad for your minds.. you two are atleast own blood of gayatri maa.. and you’re won daghter-in-laws.. U dont feel bad that Gayatri maa has gone just one month back.. and Bauji is marrying..

Yash says.. we can ask the same thing.. what did u do after Maa died.. day and night, patied with you friends..

Akash says.. so what i should shout out?

Yash says.. no.. it should have reflected in your behaviour.. u dont have to shout it out..

Akash says.. i wont let Gayatri maa’s soul feel bad…

Aarti says.. Gayatri maa always wanted to see Bauji happy.. she will be happy with this decision wherever she is…

Akash says.. i didnt expect this from you maa.. first you took me away from this house and now Gayatri maa..

Yash says.. one more word against Badi maa and there’s gonna be no one worse than me for you..

Akash says.. there’s sure no one worse than you who is doing such a bad deed.. i wont let my maa suffer, even if i have to leave this house..

Yash says.. ok go..

Akash thinks.. uff. this Yash wont listen but Radha maa is the epitome of motherhood..

Akash says.. see Maa.. i am going.. now dont say.. i left cuz of Yash..

Yash looks at Akash unmoved..

Akash looks down angrily and says to Ishita.. and you.. leavr the house like your husband..

Akash turns to leave..
Radh shouts.. Akash.. stop…

Akash stops and thinks.. yess.. now i will ask in return of my stay..

Akash enters Papa S’ room..
he opens the safe and picks out jewellery and money and says.. no one in this house has ever cared for me.. that is why i have to steal in my own house……

Update Credit to: Abby

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