Psycho Husband? (One Shot, Shivika)

Anika, a middle class girl, got married to Shivaay, a middle class guy. Today is her first night; she doesn’t know how he behaves. She is going to talk to him for the first time. She agreed for an arranged marriage because she has already fed up with her parents forcing her. She is not that type who doesn’t believes in love.

She had a boyfriend who cheated her for a girl with more money and wears short dresses. She doesn’t wear all those because her parents never allowed her. That b*t*h cheated her. He is a man without the spine of self – esteem. She was about to take their relationship to the next level – that’s when she came to know the truth.

Her husband didn’t even care for what she is. They got him married because of his behavior. Behaviour?

He always gets angry for silly reason. So, the astrologer and their relatives told his family that marriage is the only option. His anger is too much for this broken girl and she doesn’t know the truth. He literally got angry on the first night itself. But she dismissed it normally.

But this increased for longer time. It’s been three months. She couldn’t handle it anymore. She has been a good daughter-in-law, a daughter, a sister and a wife too. She at last confronted his mom Pinky on this. That’s when the truth came out.


Shivaay was a normal, happy to go guy, who even used to be the exact opposite of what he is now. He wasn’t that angry as he is now. It was on this day when he was riding on his bike when he met with an accident. He didn’t even regain his consciousness till 15 days. It was when he regained his consciousness; the family came to know the truth. He has gone mad like a psycho, a depressed and tempered one.

From that day, the family lost its happiness.

The house now filled with anger, tension, new rules and regulations.


P: My daughter, pls change my son.

A: I will try my best, mom.

Anika felt sad for her husband and is laughing at her fate. If she would have known this before, she would have eloped from her own wedding. She went back to home where they used to live. She went to the house and made the arrangements such that he won’t get angry. Days passed, he started changing. He doesn’t get that much angry as he was before. At last, they became one.

But all this was turned upside down, when her parents came to know the truth. They forced her to come back home and filed a divorce petition without even considering her opinion. Two months later, another truth came out, she is pregnant. She forced her parents to stop the legal procedures due to her conditions. To which they agreed.

Even though he was happy that she was pregnant, he was sad that he couldn’t be there for her. Again his condition became worse. His family admitted him to the rehabilitation centre.

Nine months passed, she tried to see him. But her parents never allowed. At last, a child was born to her. It was not her child but it is also his child. She begs her parents to show the child to him. It was him.The child had his bluish-green eyes. They didn’t allow her.

It was the day she got discharged, she got the chance. She called Pinky right away. That’s when she got the news that Shivaay tries to suicide and is admitted in hospital. She ran from her house with her child. She ignored her parents wish for the first time and ran out of her house with her two days old kid to the hospital – to where her Shivaay is. It’s true that he gets angry fast but he used to love her a lot. He used to take care of her a lot when she was ill, he never liked the tears in her face and he never allowed any other man to have a bad eye on her.

She reached there. His mom Pinky, dad Shakti, sister Prinku and brother-in-law Ranveer was outside his room, he was comatosed. She saw him through the transparent round glass. He had wires on his body, there were machines counting his heart beats which were less. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Pinky gave her his suicide letter. It was written there:

Dear Ani,

Does our child look like me? Anyway I know I won’t be able to see him. They won’t allow a psycho father to see his son. I don’t whether I will be alive when you read this. I wish God will be with you and our son.

Saying my last goodbye, Shivaay

She ran to the room but was stopped by his family. But she went after giving their new born grandchild to them.

Anika was in sobs, it’s as if the world she created for him is breaking down.

A: (cries) Shivaay, get up, pls, your Ani came. See, I ran from my house for you. Pls Shivaay, get up…..Shivaay (she started catching his hand). Shivaay, pls don’t leave me alone. I left everything which belongs to me just for you.

She gets out of the room that’s when he moves his hand but it was unnoticed by her. She goes out and takes her baby. She goes inside again. She does believe in miracles. Today, her faith will never leave her.

A: (cries) Shivaay, see, open your eyes. I brought our son here, just for you. I am here with our son – our life. Pls open your eyes, he is just two days old. I ran from my house with him. I won’t leave you again. I promise, whatsoever happens , I will never leave you. Pls open your eyes, try to take our son in your hands, pls….try. I know you will open.

The doctors, nurses, his family and her parents too were looking inside eagerly to know what happens. Her parents came to know that she was here. But they were not allowed by the doctors to get inside.

A: Shivaay, pls open your eyes, if not, I will leave you with our son. Pls open your eyes. (She cries, holding their son infront of him).

Suddenly, it happens! He opens his eyes.

S: (weakly) Anika.

A: Ma, papa, everyone, My Shivaay woke up. See, I told you.

Everyone was shocked. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The one who was said to be comatose, just woke up out of a sudden, this is indeed a miracle. The doctors checked him and confirmed that he was alright.

S: Ani, you came back. Our son, rt? (looks at the baby)

Anika nods.

S: I thought I won’t be able to see him. I came there to see him, but.

A: Don’t speak like that, now whatsoever happens, I will never leave you and go.

S: Can you help me in getting up? (to nurse who just came in, she helps) Can you give him to me? (to Anika)

Anika nods and gives him to her.

S: He looks like you except for his eyes, which is mine.

A: Yes, I didn’t even have time for him because of his father. His father is so jealous such that he tries to suicide.

S: Ani, I am sorry. I couldn’t control myself, what will my child think when the society taunts him to be a psycho’s son. I couldn’t control it.

Anika’s father comes in.

AF (Anika’s Father): It is the same even now. Stop your drama, you psycho.

A: Papa, watch your words. If you have any problem with him, then talk to me. I don’t mind, my decision is the same. I will be with him, thick and thin. Don’t you ever call him psycho.

AF: it’s the truth, rt?

A: No, he was. He is not now. See, in this situation, if he were really mad, he would have thrashed you up like he thrashed Daksh, did he do that to you? No, rt. That means Shivaay is alright.

He gets out as he knew now there is no use of calling his daughter.

Years after, Shivaay is had started his own business and is one of the successful businessman in the world. Anika and Shivaay have their son named Ansh.

*******THE END*******

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