PS I Hate You 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simple tells kabir to keep the phone..Kabir tells Simple that his friend is coordinator of a assignment..So he has given Simple’s name.. Simple asks what is brand Kabir tells its ladies brand..Simple gets happy..Another side Dimple tells Ayaan to take care of His mother to give medicine on time and go on regular check..Dimple tells she have to go..Ayaan”s mother tells Dimple to stay here only as she feel secure..Ayaan will be out everytime..Dimple tells she cannot stay But can come anytime she calls….
Dimple tells Ayaan its more difficult to take care of Aunty…Dimple tells he should place Aunty in special care..Ayaan tells to not to think even about it..Dimple goes…Ayaan”s mother asks Did Dimple gone…Ayaan gets shocked tells that in 3years first time she rembered name..she tells that Dimple is a very good nurse..Ayaan tells that Dimple is not nurse she is a his friend…
Dimple comes home..Dr Sood asks how is Ayaan’s mother..Dimple tells she is good..But Ayaan is tensed..Dimple tells how to relax Ayaan..dr sood tells not to worry.Ayaan will okey in a moment.Simple calls Dr Sood tells that she is doing dinner outside,,Dr Sood tells that everytime she is doing dinner outside..Simple tells that she is doin group studying..Dimple listens all this and says that Simple is everytime roaming with kabir Dimple tells she have to do something…
Ayaan introduces Simple to his friend..Yash ….Yash tells to see the pictures and get ready..Simple sees the pics and refuses to do the shoot..Aisha calls Yash and asks…Yash tells that Simple refused…Aisha tells to anyhow convince Simple…Kabir tells Simple to do the photoshoot as it is a reputated brand..Simple tells her father will not give permission..Dimple sees simple on the road and calls Simple asks where is she ..Simple tells that she having group studies…Simple cuts the phone…Kabir tells Simple that it is a international.brand and will.not realease in india…Simple agrees..Simple and kabir goes in the studio…Dimple follows them…Aisha sees Dimple and calls Ayaan…tells to do anything and distract Dimple as her plan will fail..Dimple sees Simple and kabir and tells something is going on…Ayaan calls dimple and tells to come..Dimple tells she have to meet Ayaan and let Simple todo whatever she wants…..while going Dimple listens some people talking about photoshoot..Dimple runs…
Simple is wearing a roab…Kabir tells dont it is a international.brand and Simple will become a super model…Dimple runs in the building..while security guards stop her..Dimple pushes and goes in..
Simple feels shy..and is about to remove the throb..Dimple comes in..kabir stops dimple..Dimple carries the camera and tells kabir that she will beat him..Dimple tells manager that she will beat him he spoiling innocent girls…
Dimple tells what Simple is doing.for fame…Simple tells to mind her own buisness and calls Dimple loser..tells that she will do whatever she want..Dimple calls Kabir “Good for nothing blo*dy cheapster”..Simple tells to shut up..Dimple tells that kabir is spoiling her mind..Aisha sees and enjoys…Dimple ask Simple that she dont have her own mind???…Simple tells that she will kill Dimple…Simple tells that Dimple’s life is gutter…Simple tells to get out..Simple calls dimple “small towni”…Dimple tells that Simple is gaining cheap publicity..Dimple tells that kabir will left him crying Kabir will use him..

precap:Precap:Simple and Dimple fight while Aisha takes the video

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. thnkz for update

  2. Thanks fr d update

  3. This simple is a little irritating bt cute :*

    1. thanks for update

  4. Why do I get a feeling that kabir is actually playing for ayesha. He seems to be faking it all up with dimple for ayesha’s game plan

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