PS I Hate You 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimple gets shocked seeing shadow from backside…Dimple tells if he touched she wil beat…The boy pulls Dimple…Dimple sees its Ayaan…Dimple thanks for coming..Ayaan tells to relax.. Dimple tightly hugs Ayaan while Ayaan too feels.. Dimple moves…Ayaan tells to come with put tent or something…Ayaan gives his jacket to Dimple..Dimple smiles and says thanks….At home..Simple tries new dress..Simple recives kabir sms saying “ready sweetheart comin in few hours”.Simple tells she have to be hurry….
Dimple tells Ayaan to do something…Ayaan tells what to do bhangda???.Simple tells many animals will be in forest…Dimple tells Ayaan to do salsa..bhangda..contemporary..all types of dances….Ayaan tells to enough..Ayaan tells he will put some fire…Dimple tells not to.leave alone…Ayaan tells Dimple to close her eyes and dance alll animals will run….
At another Simple sees in mirror and calls herself hot..Dr sood comes and asks where she is going..simple tells that she going for Dinner with her friends..Dr Sood asks where is Dimple…Simple tells that Dimple has gone to see match…Dr Sood asks why Dimple’s phone is of reachable…simple tells.may be Dimple is at highway thats why..Simple tells bye and goes….
Dimple tries to produce fire but cannot..ayaan shows a lighter…Dimple tells she did a lot of hardwork…Dimple asks if he smoke…Ayaan says no…Dimple tells thats what if Ayaan would have smoke could not play hockey..Ayaan says yess…
Anotherside kabir and Simple goes in car…kabir tells Simple that she is looking beautiful..Simple tells thankyou..Kabir stops the car in middle of road..Comes out of car and gift Simple a pendent..Simple gets happy..and smiles..thanks kabir..kabir places pendent in Simple’s neck..kabir and Simple feels..Simple and kabir looks at each other and smiles…kabir places his hand near Simple’s cheek tells..that she is very beautiful..Kabir and Simple are about to kiss…phone rings…Dr Sood tells Simple to come home as it is late and Dimple also didnt came…Simple tells she is doing dinner with her friends…Dr Sood tells to.come immediately..Simple tells kabir Sorry she have to her father is calling..Kabir tells its his father will be worried..Simple smiles..kabir and Simple looks at each other…
Ayaan tells Dimple to relax..Ayaan tells he have to became father of her mother…Ayaan eyes filled with tears..Ayaan tells to show her some mother is far from.him. Ayaan goes in flshback.Ayaan tells he was 5yrs old when his father expired..Her mother was behaving different way..Dr said that she was suffering from.incurable disease..memory.loss will happen..Dr asks if Ayaan put her in Mental hospital…Ayaan says that she cannot place in mental hospital as he love his mother…Ayaan cries and tells that he didnt said this thing to anyone..Dimple tells dont worry…Dimple tells it will remain secret…Dimple asks Ayaan if he collecting the money for her mother’s disease..Ayaan replies yes…..Ayaan recieves a call.of his friend but cannot talk due to network problem… Kabir comes at Simple’s house and peeps from window….Simple sees and tells to hide..

precap:Precap::Kabir and simple kiss each other…Dimple comes and gets shocked to see…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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