PS I Hate You 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simple tells its tough to convince Dimple leave the party..Simple abuses Aisha infront of Mounika tells that she will kill Aisha..and doesnt like anymore..mounika tries to flirt with waiter….dimple tell that even Mounika is not sparing waiter’s..Mounika tells that waiters are like hot pakoda”s.asks whether there are not human beings..tells that they look hot in uniform..Dimple tells Mounika to think about party or boys…
Dimple sees Ayaan…kissing a girl…Mounika tell infact dimple is staring boys…Dimple tells she wanted to leave. ….. Dimple sees Simple… Simple and krissh looks at each other and blushes….Simple thinks that Krish is a gay thinks that she is safe. Simple is about to leave but krissh calls her… Dimple comes… krish friend stares dimple…Dimple shouts at simple that how she came without dad permission…Simple says the way she(dimple) came..Dimple tells that she came with Mounika not with a guy….
Another side kabir posess .A gal comes and says that like everytime Kabir will win Mr India title..this time also..Ayesha comes. Both kabir and Ayesha hugs each other…kabir moves. Aisha tells that kabir is her ATM machine ….driver…servent..and her boyfriend…Ayesha tells kabir to bring cold drink…kabir goes…On another side simple tells Dimple that ayesha want to dimple to get out of party… dimple calls aisha “lizard”………
Simple tells Aisha”a secretery that her second task didnt completed…tells her name is simple but Everthing is complicated…..Aisha”s secretery tells to be cool down and take a drink…..Simple drinks…kabir comes….Aisha”s secretery introduces kabir as hot..handsome..hunk and supermodel…boyfriend of Aisha.kabir tries to touch simple..But simple tells to try to be in limit..kabir tells he was checking just Simple’s jaw line..Aisha comes..kabir tells Aisha to do surgery as Simple’s jawline is perfect…kabir goes..Some girls teases Simple…Aisha takes simple”s side compliments her..tells that because pf simple her enemy dimple left the party..
Someone pull Dimple in a room and try to kiss..Dimple pushes him away and slaps…its ayaan..Dimple sees Ayaan and comes out..Dimples bumps into Aisha…Aisha is shocked too see Dimple..Aisha tells Dimple is shameless that came back…Dimple calls Aisha “makeup kit”…Aisha pulls Dimple and takes near swimming pool area….Aisha insults Simple tells that she is a liar…and tells all small townies are like that. ….Aisha tells that Simple’s dress is soo downmarket…….Dimple tells Aisha to shut up…calls her “chippad”…tells that how can she call her sister desperate….Everyone is shocked to know that Dimple and simple are sisters…

Precap::Dimple puts cake on Aisha”s face

Update Credit to: Ansari

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