PS I Hate You 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

PS I Hate You 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimple tells Ayan”s any plan is dere…Ayaan goes in gym and asks what is this…Ayaan asks if she is blind…Dimple asks if Ayaan is trying to impress..Ayaan says…Ayaan tells one ticket is his and one is Dimple…Dimple tells it means Ayaan is also coming..Dimple asks if it a date…Ayan tells just he wanted to see match..and dimple wouldnt be getting ticket thats why…Ayaan snatches the ticket..Dimple goes…Ayaan tries to stop but Dimple doesnt agrees..
Simple finds a yellow rose in classroom…reads note saying “look good with smile”…Simple tells that is amazing…Simple finds another and smiles..tells it must be kabir..Simple sees a person standing with a bouquet..
Dimple runs Ayaan comes behind…Dimple hides in washroom…Ayaan comes in washroom…Dimple gets shocked tells that if anyone will come it will be problem…Dimple.and Ayaan comes outside…Dimple tells to admit the truth..Ayaan tells he want to see match with a good person…
Simple sees the boy carrying bouquet who was teasing her..The boy tries to get close to with simple…kabir comes and tries to beat..but Simple stops…Kabir goes…
DIMPLE gets shocked not to find her car.Suddenly Ayaan brings..Dimple shouts..Ayaan tells to stop doing “Nautanki”…Ayaan says that riding on bike will be bored…
Kabir angrily beats the punching bag..Simple comes and tells to stop…kabir still beats..Simple tells again..kabir tells he doesnt like anyone teasing Simple..simple asks why,,,,Kabir tells “I love you” to Simple..Simple gets shocked..
Dimple and ayaan fights in car over Songs..Dimple.calls Ayaan and old man…dimple tells that ayaan doesnt have any youngster enjoying party…Ayaan tells Dimple also dances on useless songs…As car stops…Ayaan and dimple comes out…Dimple asks what happened to car…Ayaan tells to chill as he is mechanic..Ayaan checks the Car and tells that Carborator is gone..Dimple gets upset…
On another side simple tells kabir what he is saying..kabir tells he wanted to say from many days but cannot…kabir forwards his hand…Simple and kabir shake hand’s…Simple tells but Aisha…Kabir tells Aisha is his past…and she is future..kabir tells that he also know that Simple loves him..kabir and Simple looks at each romantically…Simple.thinks all the moment spent with kabir…Simple admits that she also love kabir..Kabir and smiles looking at each other…Both hugs each other…Aisha comes to college…Simple too comes ….Aisha tells that simple has guts as after being insulted also came to college…Simple and aisha looks at each other..kabir comes and holds Simple hands…Aisha sees feels jeoulous…kabir and Simple goes…
Till night Dimple and Ayaan still cannot repair the car…Dimple tries to stop the car…but car moves…Ayaan tells that hot people will get the lift…Dimple tells Ayaan to try…Ayaan stands..A car stops….Ayaan asks for lift the man agrees..Ayaan calls Dimple..Dimple tells that the people in car are goons..Dimple tells she is not having her hockey stiick also..dimple tells she is not coming..Ayaan sits and goes leaving Dimple.. Dimple shouts..Dimple feels cold..

Precap::Dimple gets scared seeing someome coming towards her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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