PS I Hate You 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Epsiode starts by showing the golden temple of Amritsar..Narrator says that in Amritsar is famous for Dr singh’s daughters from one whole Amritsar is scared and another everyone likes..tells Dr sonu singh decided to shift from amritsar to Delhi…Dimple is introduced (Anjali)..full of attitude..honest..but little rude…loves hockey soo much that even can die…Represnt hockey in international leval…and simple is introducedn..whose life is complicated…Simple insists Dimple to come into fashion week. .but .Dimple says that today is her hockey match… .Dimple says that doing kilo”s of make up and walking on known as “horror show”..not fashion show….Simple says that neighbour pummy aunty was sayin dimple looks like a guy.. Dimple says she doesnt atleast look like ghost…Dimple says she hate Simple and both turns…Narrator says that when they were 6yr old love each other but suddenly they fought because pinko came in between….Dimple was soo desperate for pinko that she fought simple …Dr Sood is introduced…Simple and Dimple sits for breakfast…..and fights over the diet…Simple tells that its her dream to became Miss world…Dr sood tells to think again..Dimple tells its waste to explain Simple as she thinks that if she became miss world will get..fame social acceptance….Dimple tells that she could also get in other career’s…Simple asks what Career Both fight again…Dr Sood stops them ……Dr sood Goes….Dr Sood tells Dimple to go along with Simple in fashion week….He says to come fast at pummy aunty is coming ……At night 8″0 clock…Dr sood opens the door and suddenl a boy falls Dr sood holds him…he tells that Dimple will never be good…Dimple tells that boy was passing comments ….Simple comes and tells tht she have done a big mistake…Dr Sood tells that the boy must be in IcU for 5-6 days and surguries have to be done…The boy suddenly gets up and says he is fine and goes….Dimple and Dr sood laughs….Pummy maasi comes Dr Sood’s elder sister . ..Dimple throws all the clothes of Simple…and Throws hocky sticks…Suddenly pummy maasu comes and gets hurt…Simple and Dimple pack their bags .. A bag fall from Simple”s hand ..Pummy maasi scolds…In delhi..Dimple tells that only 3 colleges are best because it has world”s best hockey team..Simple says she like only one that is “River dale”…because it has first tells that Dad will never agree for the college. .. Dr Sood comes and tell congrats as they got admission In River dale…Dimple is shocked as there is no hockey team in that…Dimple throws the form..and says no tells she will not go ….. Simple says that she will go to River dale by anyhow…Dr Sood tells that Simple is not eating properly since one week tells Dimple to compromise as she is Simple.. Dimple tellss everytime why she should compromise. DR Sood tells he sometimes remembers his wife…..Dr Sood tells he will manage and gets upset….Dimple says not to be Senti she will take admission in river dale Dr sood appreciates….Dimple goes and tells Simple to eat… Simple gets happy…..
.Next morning Simple tells that she is confused what to wear .Monika daughter of pummy maasi comes….Pummy maasi tells Monika that Simple and dimple are spoilt ….Pummy goes.. .Monika says Simple and Dimple to be good infront of pummy….as she is little abnormal… Simple tells that she want to take part in diva club….Mounika tells its tough to get a member of parliament and Diva club…Mounika tells Ayesha is the hottest girl of river dale…the symbol of River dale….Simple tells that Mrs Wadia select the entries of Diva club…Mounika tells that Aisha’s mother and Mrs wadia are best friends…tells That Ayesha will select.. Mounika tells that she will try…..Dimple parks the Car…Aisha comes and argues says that it is her place…Dimple tells okey and sits in the car…Dimple reverses the Car…and the Car clases Aisha’s car….Aisha shouts…..

Precap::Dimple tells principal she want to setup a new hockey team

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. 1st epi 1 comment!
    Show was awsom guys!! Luv the luk of anjali as dimple!

  2. Anjali is doing great!
    Kiera is also there as aisha!
    I guess druv and amisha r also in the show!!
    Cant wait to watch todays epi!!
    Dimple and simple,luv u guys!
    I luvd it when dimple crashed her car!

    1. No. dhruv isnt there in d show!
      Vp is also dere as krishh in d show

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