PS I Hate You 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayaan comes to his house and gets shocked to see the whole house decorated…Ayaan reads Dimple’s cheat saying “Everyone should feel special on Birthday..”…Ayaan’s mother tells that today nurse..(Dimple)..say that it is her birthday…Ayaan cuts the cake…and Ayaan’s mother eat…She tells that every year..his son Ayaan makes a card for her..Ayaan cries listening this…Dimple goes house…Dr sood asks what happened..dimple cries…Dr sood asks what happend…Dimple tells that her friend like a guy..but the guy insulted her…Dr Sood tells that Dimple’s friend is nothing but Dimple herself…Dr sood ask who is he….Dimple tells that he is very rude…and behaves as if the king..Dr Sood tells not to cry as she is tiger.. Ayaan gets shocked as how Dimple know about her mother..
Next day at college everyone laughs seeing Simple…Simple goes near her locker and sees a note “Boyfriend stealer”…simple goes back…3 boys tease Simple..Simple tries to slap..but goes crying..
Door bell rings…Dimple opens the door..Ayaan is there…Ayaan tells “Sorry” ..Dimple closes the door. …ayaan says sorry..Dimple says come in to have atleast coffee with her..Ayaan comes in..Dimple and Ayaan goes in..Dimple tells to make coffee for both of them..As she made very bad coffee..
Everyone taunts Simple…Simple feels Sad and sits with Krissh…Aisha gets up and tells everyone that Simple is ‘boyfriend stealer’..One boy tells to became her girlfriend…Krish gets up and shouts at him..but gunjan stops him..Simple goes..kabir comes holds Simple hand..Simple tells please and goes…
Dimple tells Ayaan that she lost her mother in childhood…and didnt feel loved..Ayaan tells he dont want to talk about that..Dimple asks ayaan how his mother became like this..Ayaan tells he dont to talk and goes..Dimple gets shocked…
Kabir stops Simple..Simple cries….kabir tells to ignore..and tells that people dont deserve tears…Kabir hugs Simple…three boys on Bike..comment kabir tells to shut..the boys and comes and stand infront of kabir..Simple hides back of kabir…One boy tells what he will do..kabir tries to beat..Simple stops kabir..Simple and kabir hug..Krrish sees..Gunjan tells krrish to do something..Krrish tells Simple is in love with kabir…Gunjan tells to admit tht he love..Kriish tells no..Mounika asks Dimple why she dint came to practise..Dimple tells that she was havin some work..Dimple tells Mounika and lara that hockey match is there in stadium..and they should go…Mounika asks who will arrange the tickets…Mounika tells that bollywood celebraties are also coming…Dimple tells why bollywood celebraties are coming??what is their work??for publicity spoiling the whole match…Dimple recives a cheat saying..”I am sorry”..Dimple smiles….
Next day dimple goes and sits in class reads a note saying “come to college favourite destination”…dimple recieves a note and goes near car…Near car dimple recieves a note saying ” “congratulations u won”…Dimple sees a envelope..opens and finds tickets of hockey match…Dimple gets too happy..

Precap::Ayaan tells he is also se match..Dimple asks Ayaan is it a date..Ayaan tells noo

Update Credit to: Ansari

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