PS I Hate You 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dimple goes…Aisha begs and tells sorry to Dimple…tells that her image will spoiled..Dimple tells its impossible..Dimple tells “Go to hell”..Aisha talks to kabir but kabir ignores and goes..All ignore Aisha and goes…Ayaan goes back of Dimple..tells that because of Aisha he was quiet..Dimple shouts asks what is his problem…
Aisha comes to college along with dad..Aisha feels guilty seeing her poster…Other girls tells Lara that Principal called Aisha’s father and Miss nadia is expelled…At night Simple gives Dimple coffee and tells sorry..Dimple tells not to tell Senti lines…..Simple tells she have done very bad things with Dimple..Dimple tells its okey…Dimple and Simple hugs…Lara and other girls discuss that who will be head of Diva club…As simple comes Girls tells that Simple will be the head..Simple laughs….Simple comes to home…Simple gets happy and tells Dimple..Dimple tells no trouble,,,Simple tells she brought gift for her…Simple gives the gift to Dimple…Dimple opens the gift and sees hockey stick…Dimple gets emotional seeing hockey stick,,,Dimple tells thanks gets upset and goes…Mounika tells Simple why did she gave Hockey stick…Simple asks what happened…Mounika tells that Dimple’s hockey team is not gave accepted…Dimple sits and thinks about Ayaan.. that Ayaan didnt signed the approval of hockey team,,,And her hockey team rejected…
At night Dr Sood comes and tells it will happend…Dr Sood tells Failure and success are part of life..Dimple tells she will not go college..Dimple tells that Simple grow elder and can take her decisions..Dimple tells that she want admission in another college,,Dimple hugs Dr Sood…Simple tells now its her chance to do something for DImple…
Ayaan comes to college and Sees Dimple…Song goes on background “Piya aaye naa” DImple thinks all the time she spent with Ayaan…while Kabir also thinks the time spent with Simple…Kabir is upset….Kabir eats noodles at canteen and thinks about Simple…Simple rest on bed along Pinko…is upset thinking about kabir…
Dimple comes out of car some Two people comes with covered face kidnaps her…Puts in a dark room…Dimple takes out her cover…..Dimple sees Simple coming…..All hockey team girls comes saying “Surprise”…DImple asks Simple is she was crazy…As it was very scary surprise..Simple tells that she have done good things for college and her…Lara and other girls tells that because of Dimple they realised that they can play hockey…Girls tells not to leave college…Dimple tells sorry as she shown them dreams and it doesnt fulfilled…All girl”S along with Simple and Dimple take Selfie…Simple tells someone is there who wanted to talk Dimple…Ayaan comes…Dimple sees Ayaan..
Dimple tells If she talk with few people they think that they are friends..
Ayaan asks a chance from Dimple….Dimple tells that she dont talk to people who take money and play with emotions…Dimple tells Ayaan to get out from morning as it is her last warning…Dimple goes,,,while Ayaan is upset..At home Simple comes and tells Sorry to Dimple she just wanted to stay alone,,,Next Day..Dimple wears her blue shoes and remembers Ayaan….

Precap::Ayaan hides and goes in Pricipal”s house..Principal sees Ayaan gets shocked

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. thnkz for the update

  2. aaan feeling bad our dimple simple hate story is ganna end

  3. aaan feeling bad our dimple simple hate story is gonna end

  4. Even i m feeling bad as this wil end so soon,2 more episodes 2 go n thn it wil turn into a histroy!

  5. Btw 16 dec epi was awsom

  6. ya read the written update of 16th dec

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