Protectors & Destroyers ft Naagin – The End

Hi all!!!!

It’s been a long time and finally after battling covid, I’ now resuming my normal works. So, I’m working for almost 11-12 hrs a day and I’m not finding time to write the episodes. So, I’m gonna take a break from writing for some months.

I’m really sorry. I have taken this decision after tyring out every possible way to update the episode. But some messages are really hurting and sure it will hurt more in future. The reason for stepping back from writing is due to these reasons.

  1. Lack of time.
  2. All my ff’s are long episodes with more scenes. I thought to make it a short episode but if I do that in a multi starrer then definitely some couple scenes will be missing in certain episodes, and their fans will start to bash me or the readers will drop off.
  3. And also, I don’t know how frequently I can update the episodes.

With these things in mind, I tool this hard decision to step out from Telly updates. These 8 years had been wonderful here. I got some genuine friends here. Thanks to everyone who had supported me in all my ff. Sorry to you all for disappointing you to end these ff’s.

And also, I’m thinking to explore other genres rather than couple’s love. For that I don’t think TU will be the correct place. As I always say, for me story is more important than the couple scenes. But recently I’m forced to have couple scenes for increasing the readers. So, I’m planning to write my stories in Wattpad. I might start after 3-4 months. If possible do follow me there @Supriya_R

For now, I’ll just give the gist how I planned the story…

Shivanya and Sesha plans to make Maanyata to stay with Keshav. They all go and stay with Keshav’s home. The family has a lovely time. Brinda’s marriage happens peacefully. Yamini proposes Shivanya’s and Rithik’s marriage. At first Maanyata doesn’t agree but Keshav convinces her. Maanyata gets a promise from Shivanya to consummate only after she becomes naagrani. Shivanya promises the same. Rithik-Shivanya’s wedding happens. Rocky makes a plan to get the naagmani and get close to Sesha. She believes him and falls in love with him. They have a beautiful love story. Meanwhile, Shivanya and Rithik consummate before she becomes nagrani. Vikrant gets to know this from Vish and with Sumitra attacks Shivanya on the coronation day. Shivanya realizes that she lost all her powers. Maanyata becomes angry on her. Bela helps Shivanya but Vikrant blackmails her that he will kill Vish and her baby in the womb. Vish also pleads Bela not to support Shivanya. Shivanya gets brutally injured and Maanyata abandons her. Brinda being a golden heart takes Shivanya and helps her in healing. Vikrant becomes the king. Mahir comes to know about Sumitra and breaks all the ties with her. Bela too breaks everything with Vish and goes with him. They both marry and consummate. After 1 year, Vikrant along with Vish and Sumitra rule the naglok ruthlessly. All other snakes plead Mahadev to do something. Manyata comes to know about everything and ask Bani to do a puja and become a naagin. Later, Rocky betrays Sesha and steals the half part of naagmani. He goes to Vikrant and makes a deal of money. While giving the money, Vikrant backstabs Rocky and injures him. He unites the naagmani and boosts himself as the biggest power. Sesha feels that Rocky is in pain and rushes to naaglok and saves him. Later they both realize that their relation is for 7 lives and they are made for each other.Bani transforms into naagin and fights with Virkant. Sesha too joins her. But they couldn’t beat Vikrant. Meanwhile, Shivanya does penance to Mahadev and he grants her a boon to become a naagin for one day. She becomes maha naagin and kills Vikrant and Sumitra and becomes Naagrani. Vish also dies leaving the baby to Bela. Then everyone live happily and Shivanya makes Vikrant-Vish baby as the prince and next king. She leaves the baby with pandit and leaves naaglok. Everyone become human and lives happily.

The end!!!

  1. Shesha485

    Amazing Story. Surprising that Vikrant and Sumitra would become so bad that even attacked Shivanya. Rocky betraying Shesha and in return he getting betrayed was a perfect Tit for Tat. Rocky getting enlightenment was good.

  2. It was good

  3. Jasminerahul

    Rocky betraying shesha was unexpected. Never expected sumitra vikrant to turn so evil.

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