Protectors & Destroyers ft Naagin – Episode 4

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Episode 4

Scene 1

Sumitra gets emotionally happy to know about Vikrant.

Sumitra: Bela, I like you a lot. Would you please come to my house with your family?

Bela is nervous but Mahir is happy.

Bela: I have only my sister.

Sumitra: You can bring your sister’s partner too. 

Bela: No, that’s not possible.

Sumitra: Bela, please bring everyone. 

She convinces her and Mahir too pleads with her. So, she agrees.

Mahir: Bela, I’ll send you a driver. Where to pick you up?

Bela: Near this temple.

Mahir: Ok then fine. 

Sumitra and Mahir leave. Bela worries about how to inform everyone.

Scene 2

Dev and Veer reach the palace.

Dev: Brinda, what happened? Bani sounded worried in the call.

Bani shows them the photos. They too get shocked.

Brinda: We also founded this.

Veer: What’s this?

Bani: Don’t know, some kind of jewel.

Dev gets it and has a look.

Dev: I feel this is naagmani.

Other three are in disbelief.

Brinda: Dev, those stories are just for namesake. They are not true.

Dev: No Brinda, I still remember ma telling about naagins and naagmani. You know Yamini aunty right?

Bani: Yeah.

Dev: Her family was friends with a naagin family.

Brinda: What rubbish?

Bani: I believe jeju.

Veer: Bani, you too?

Bani: I do believe these things, Veer. Even I remember Vrushali aunty telling about naagins once.

Veer: Oh come on, don’t take her words seriously. She is no one way related to you.

Bani: She is my future saas Veer.

Veer: She is not my relative. So why do you appreciate your relationship with her?

Bani slaps him.

Bani: Are you mad? Your mother is the one who wrecked her home and life.

Veer: Bani mind your words.

Dev: Bani, leave it.

Bani: No jeju, we can’t hide the truth anymore.

Brinda: Bani….

Bani: I’m gonna tell you this.

Veer: What?

Bani: Your mother tricked your father and had a baby with him even before marriage. Then she left you when she got another rich man. Vrushali aunty was so heartbroken due to her husband’s cheating. But she brought you up with love. She loves you more than her own son. Why can’t you understand it? 

Veer is shocked.

Veer: But???

Bani: The story you heard was a completely false one. That was a planned one by your mother. She did it for wealth.

Veer is heartbroken and thinks about how much he humiliated Vrushali from his childhood. He is about to go and then sees Vrushali at the door. He runs to her and apologizes. Vrushali cries and asks him to stop apologizing.

Vrushali: Parents won’t get angry with their children, don’t cry.

They both hug.

Dev too joins them.

Vrushali: Bani, thank you so much. I thought you would take him far away from me but you gave him to me.

Bani: No worries aunty.

She then sees naagmani.

Vrushali: This is naagmani.

Brinda: Ma, are you sure?

Vrushali: Yes, I’m 100% sure this is naagmani.

Brinda: Then look at this.

Vrushali sees the photo and gets shocked.

Dev: Ma, what happened? Who is she?

Vrushali gets teary eyes.

Veer: Ma, what happened?

Vrushali: She is Maanyata. This means you both are her children.

Vrushali hugs Brinda and Bani.

Dev: Ma, please be clear.

Vrushali: She is Maanyata, a naagin, my friend. She, Yamini and I were very close friends. This is Shivanya and Sesha, her children from her first husband Adisesha, a naagin. I have seen him. But later after his death, she married a human and had twins but I haven’t seen him and the kids. But seeing this picture, I can understand that she is your mother.

Vrushali then tells them in detail about everything.

Bani and Brinda are emotional. Dev and Veer console them.

Brinda: Ma, we need to see her now.

Vrushali: Now???

Bani: Yes, we can’t stay away from our ma anymore.

Vrushali: Ok come, I’ll show you the way.

They all leave. 

Scene 3

Shivanya sits near the pool and thinks about Rithik and smiles.

Shivanya: Why am I blushing? Am I in love with him? But that shouldn’t happen.

Keshav: What shouldn’t happen?

She turns and sees Keshav.

Shivanya thinks that she has seen him before.

Shivanya: Who are you? I think I have seen you before.

Keshav then thinks of her childhood where he played with baby shivanya and sesha.

Keshav: Yes, I know you and I’m your relative.

Shivanya: Relative?

Keshav: Yes, come sit here.

Shivanya sits with him.

Keshav: Now tell me what is bothering you?

Shivanya sees him with emotion.

Keshav: Why are you looking at me like that?

Shivanya: Usually I won’t open up to anyone. But seeing you, something is happening with me. I like to share things with you.

Keshav: Then share.

Shivanya tells him about meeting Rithik.

Keshav: So you love him?

Shivanya: No, that shouldn’t happen.

Keshav: Shivanya, relax. There is no wrong in this.

Shivanya: No….

Maanyata sees them from afar but doesn’t hear what they speak and gets happy. Sesha comes and sees her become emotional and also Keshav and Shivanya.

Sesha: Ma, who is that? And why are you emotional?

Maanyata: Nothing beta.

Sesha: You are hiding something from me.

Maanyata: Nothing.

Sesha: Who is that man? Wait, I’ll go and ask him.

Maanyata: Sesha wait, don’t go.

But Sesha goes and asks him who he is and keeps on questioning him. Keshav is baffled. Maanyata comes and asks her to stop. Just then Vrushali comes there with the kids. Everyone is shocked to see them. Maanyata happily hugs Vrushali and gets emotional seeing her daughters. Bani and Brinda hug her calling as ma which shocks Keshav, Shivanya and Sesha.

Maanyata happily hugs them.

Shivanya: Ma, what is happening? Who are they? Why are they calling you as ma?

Vrushali: Maanyata, you can’t hide it anymore. Tell them everything.

Maanyata: Keshav ji, Vrushali is right. Shivanya and Sesha, after your father’s cheat and death, I was so heartbroken. Only then I met Keshav, the king. We both fell in love and married secretly. Only the pandit, his wife and my friends know. We had children and they are Brinda and Bani. I became a human and his family accepted me but not you both. Keshav loved you both a lot and he still cares for you. Also, I couldn’t leave you both here and I was sure that your father’s right should come to you. So I stayed here to protect you both. We got separated from our kids but we were connected all these years. We know every event in your lives.

Shivanya and Sesha cries and they try to remember the moments with Keshav.

They hug Keshav and also hugs Brinda and Bani.

Shivanya: Ma, I’m angry on you.

Maanyata: Why?

Shivanya: For the sake of us, you punished Keshav papa and your daughters.

Brinda: No didi, after hearing the complete story, we feel that ma did the right thing. 

Keshav: Shivanya and Sesha, I always come here and meet your mother. And we will see you both from far away.

Shivanya: Hereafter, ma should wear the mangalsutra and sindoor with full rights.

Maanyata gets happy. They come to the temple and Keshav marries her once again. All feel happy.

Maanyata: Vrushali, this happened because of you, thank you.

Vrushali hugs her.

Dev and Veer also have a chit chat with Shivanya and Sesha.

Dev: We have two beautiful sisters-in-law.

Vrushali: Dev, during childhood, you and Shivanya were very close friends.

Maanyata: Yes, she, Dev and Rithik played together.

Shivanya is surprised and looks at Keshav, he smiles.

Maanyata sees this.

Maanyata: What is happening between you, both father and daughter.

Keshav: That’s a dad-daughter secret.

Brinda: But sisters can know it right.

Bani: Yes didi, you should tell us.

Brinda, Bani and Sesha take Shivanya away, Dev and Veer also go behind them.

All smiles seeing them together.

Scene 4

Rithik and Rocky sit for dinner with Yamini. Rithik sits thinking about Shivanya. Yamini notices it.

Yamini: What happened Rithik?

Rithik: Ma, I need to tell you something.

Rithik tells about his meeting with shivanya and tells her that she loves her and asks her to unite them. Yamini is on cloud nine.

Yamini: I’m very happy that naagrani is going to become my bahu.

Rithik: Ma, I don’t believe in that. She is fooling me so that I will leave her.

Yamini: No Rithik, these things exist.

She tells them about Maanyata and Shivanya. Rithik is surprised and Rocky gets happy and he thinks of getting the naagmani at any cost.

Rithik: Ma I don’t care about her being naagin but I love her.

Yamini: I will try my best to unite you both. Now have dinner.

Rocky thinks about going to that place the next day.

The next day, he goes there and sees Sesha.

Rocky thinks why he feels strange whenever he sees her.

Sehsa comes to him.

Sesha: Why did you come here?

Rocky: Ma told me about everything. So, I was curious to see things in your place.

Sesha: There is nothing, you can leave now.

Sesha asks him to go and forbids him to enter into the cave.

Scene 5

Bela convinces Vish and Vikrant and takes them to Mahir’s house. Sumitra gets emotional seeing Vikrant.

Mahir: Bela, you look great.

Vish smiles.

Vish: So, when can I call you as jeju?

Mahir: That’ll happen depending on your sister.

Sumitra calls Mahir and he goes. He takes Vikrant with him and leaves.

Vish and Bela sit on the sofa.

Vish: Didi, the house is so beautiful. And he is so handsome. Please accept him.

Bela: Vish, stop it.

Sumitra comes and asks them to come for lunch. All sit, Sumitra serves.

Bela: I’ll serve you.

Sumitra: No, no you are our guest. Please sit and have lunch.

All have lunch. Mahir and Bela have eyelocks in between. Mahir and Vikrant get gelled. Seeing them, Sumitra feels happy.

Mahir takes Bela and Vish for a home tour. Vikrant sits on the sofa. Sumitra comes to him.

Sumitra: Vikrant, I know about you all being naagin.

Vikrant: Madam, please don’t reject Bela. She is too good.

Sumitra: I won’t reject her. Please stop calling me madam because I’m your ma.

Vikrant is shocked.

Sumitra: I’m your lost mother.

She cries, apologizing to him. He stands in shock. She tells him everything and also about the challenge with Maanyata.

Vikrant: Ma, please don’t cry. We’ll show them who we are. 

Sumitra and Vikrant feel determined.

!!!To Be Continued!!!


Maanyata, Shivanya and Sesha go to Keshav’s palace where Rithik comes with Yamini…

The sisters make Shivanya and Rithik get locked in a room…

Rocky befriends Vikrant…

Bela accepts the relation with Mahir…

Veer fights with Jai when he tries to misbehave with Bani…

Brinda and Dev’s haldi ceremony…

  1. Shesha485

    Amazing Chapter. Loved all the scenes. Surprising that Manyata, Yamini and Vrushali were friends long ago along with Sumitra. Shocking that Veeranshu’s mom betrayed his dad and Vrushali raised up Veeranshu. Veeranshu-Vrushali reunion was emotional. Bani making Veeranshu understand things and Vrushali accepting Bani was nice. Good that Brinda and Bani reunited with Shivanya, Manyata and Shesha. Surprising that Dev, Rithik and Shivanya were childhood friends🙂. Vikrant and Sumitra union is emotional. Everyone asking Bela to accept Mahir was humorous. Good that Shivanya felt her love for Rithik

    1. Shesha485

      Take Care of your health😊

  2. Jasminerahul

    Bani telling the truth to veer n veer apologizing to vrushali was emotional. Glad that vrushali accepted bani too.veushali recognising manyata’s daughters was nice.shivanya falling for ritik was nice.she sharing it with keshav without knowing anything about him was lovely.manyata keshav n daughters union was nice.guess finally ritik believed naaglok thing after yamini told him that these things do exist.sumitra revealing to vikrant that he is her lost son was interesting.but now both will turn against manyata.thats scary.eager to know why rocky feels connected to shesha.

  3. Nice episode good to see that veer accept vrushali their union was good keshav and shivanaya’s bonding was nice their family movement and marrige was cute so manyata , vrushali and yamini is friends that’s why shivanya, dev and ritik was friends roo but they don’t remember ritik falls for shivanya at the very first movement and now also he thinks she pranked him it it obvious na if normal human see this kind of think so he/she obviously think it’s shooting or some kind of prank but after knowing also his love for her didn’t change and I feel negative vibes from rocky he will do everything for naagmoney and this sumitra she need to happy that she found her son but no ruling is imp then her son for her she left him when he was born now came for naagmoney kindom etc. Vish teasing was cute waiting for next episode

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